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Desperately Seeking Solutions

SUMMARY: A medley of ways. From New Zealand, green alternative economy with Laurence Boomert. Dr. Sharon Gourdji, U of Fla. on crops & climate. Josh Fox (Gasland) riff on fracking. Pacific growing expert Lorene Edwards Forkner. QUICK WRAP: Laurence Boomert green business and  …


Can We Escape?

From U. of Arizona, Gary Nabhan growing in hotter drier times. Ecoshock correspondent Gerri Williams on getting out of town. From Boulder, Carolyn Baker on the flash floods. Radio Ecoshock 130918 1 hour. Plus Voices for Climate Change from Jamaica. Ready for climate  …


Preparing Personal Solutions

Are your clothes safe? Alina Bartell, owner of The Natural Clothing Company advises on fabrics, chemicals, and organic clothes. Dr. Joe Alton, MD on learning emergency medicine “when help doesn’t come”. Woody Tasch helps develop local food with “slow money”. Radio Ecoshock 130703  …

Civilization: Change It or Leave It

Can we return to the primitive? Miles Olson on personal rewilding. Asoka Bandarage on “middle way” out of collapse. Organic grow and cook with Barbara Damrosch of Four Season Farm. Radio Ecoshock 130612 1 hour Could you leave civilization and survive? Are we  …

Fracking: Sacrifice Zones of the American West

Fracking: Sacrifice Zones of the American West. What can other countries expect? Four voices from the Bakken shale lands. Polluting oil & gas extraction impacts in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana & North Dakota. The dark side of the fracking boom. Radio Ecoshock 130508 1  …


Growing Food Indoors Under Lights

From herbs to food under new high tech, low-energy lighting. Inventor Philip Be’er. We can lower emissions by growing our own. Plus small scale farmer, author & anthropologist Walter Haugen. Song by Australian band Pagan Love Cult. Radio Ecoshock 130306 Part of doing  …


Survivor Soul Food

African American culinary historian Michael W. Twitty interviewed by Gerri Williams on black crops, climate change, & safe seeds. K. Rashid Nuri from Truly Living Well urban farm in Atlanta, Georgia. Music by Mavis Staples (“Down in Mississippi”) & Memphis Gold (“Mississippi Flatlands”).  …


Victory Gardens Past and Future (with LaManda Joy)

Food prices are rising due to climate, peak oil & poor economy. Best time to start your city on Victory Gardens. Speech by LaManda Joy to Great Lakes Bioneers tells how. With intro on food prices in Canada, UK, Australia, USA, clips from  …


Three guests. Rob Stewart, Director of movie “Sharkwater” and now his latest “Revolution” – is the ocean dying? An international media briefing by Lester Brown of Earth Policy Institute about rising food prices & his new book “Full Planet, Empty Plates”. Wes Regan  …

Forever Planting (for Peak Oil & Climate Change) Speech by Wes Jackson of the Land Institute to ASPO 2011 (the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas USA) in Washington D.C. Recorded by Gerri Williams for Ecoshock. Plus, carbon-cycle Australian scientist Dr. Michael Raupach of CSIRO on carbon  …

Winter Gardening, Guerrilla Gardening Master winter gardener Eliot Coleman grows year round in Maine, USA. UK, guerrilla gardener Chris Tomlinson secretly plants food. “HumptyDumptyTribe” warns global famine from climate change comng soon. Winter greenhouse interview from “Locavore,” with Martin Ronda at the U. of Guelph Centre  …


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