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Uninhabitable Earth – David Wallace-Wells

New York magazine journalist David Wallace-Wells warns of shrinking livable space as the world warms. It is time to rethink everything. Is it time to panic? That depends…says Toronto clinical psychoanalyst and activist Judith Deutsch in our second interview. LOTS OF AUDIO FOR  …


The American Shadow

Author and resilience barnstormer Carolyn Baker takes us into the American shadow – and tools to cope with our own dark side. Then scientist and author Naomi Oreskes on the future if Trump wins and we all do nothing about climate change. Her  …


Do-It-Yourself God Power

Hey kids, let’s go out to the garage and make some new life forms! Get ready, because it’s already happening. We’ll talk with Pat Mooney, founder of the ETCgroup about crazy new technology on the loose. Then well-known journalist Steven Kotler takes us  …


Mobilize to Save the Climate!

SUMMARY: Psychologist Margaret Klein Salamon on movement to mobilize to save the climate – a total shift in society. The transformative power of climate truth. Plus scientist Paul Beckwith on chemtrails and geoengineering. She’s an American clinical psychologist and host of Now  …


How to Avoid Thinking About Climate Change

In this week’s show: * Norwegian eco-psychologist Per Espen Stoknes tells us why public concern about climate may be falling, even as the science becomes more certain. How to avoid thinking about climate change. * Alternative energy expert Robert A. Stayton says “yes  …

THE CRUNCH – Are You Ready?

From US Dept of Energy lab, Dr. Steven J. Smith says we will get hotter faster. Paul Goddard on why sea level went up over 2 inches in New England in 1 year. Carolyn Baker: preparing our minds and hearts for the coming  …


Abrupt Climate Change – Again!

Summary: Dr. James White, Arctic specialist at U of Colorado, says abrupt climate shifts happened in the past, happen now, and will come again. Huge changes possible. Then UK psychotherapist Ro Randall on how to talk to a denier. Clip of Robert Kennedy  …


Near-Term Human Extincton: Making the Case

SUMMARY: Retired ecology Professor Guy McPherson says extreme climate change will wipe out humans before 2050. Psychologist Carolyn Baker says grieve now for lost future. Environmental Horticulturist Kim Eierman on eco-beneficial home planting. Radio Ecoshock 140910 LISTENER WARNING: If you are feeling depressed  …


The High Arctic and Eco-Anxiety

SUMMARY: Disturbing climate news from high Arctic with Paul Beckwith. Handling eco-anxiety with Susie Burke of Australian Psychological Society. Radio Ecoshock 140903 kicks off new fall season. A hearty welcome back to another season of Radio Ecoshock. I’m your tour-guide, Alex Smith. In  …


Coping: Climate Anxiety. Preparing: Dehydrating Food

How to cope with climate despair. UK psychotherapist & co-founder of Carbon Conversations, Rosemary Randall. Then a practical alternative to industrial food: learn to dehydrate in season with traditional cooking expert Wardeh Harmon. Radio Ecoshock 130417 1 hour. Listen to/download this Radio Ecoshock  …


Living on The Edge

Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, is the father of “biodiversity”. He advises Presidents and the World Bank. Thomas Lovejoy visits Radio Ecoshock. Next science vs. spirituality with Dr. Carolyn Baker She says: go positive in a negative world. Alex investigates why millions of people in  …


Has The World Gone Crazy, Or Is It Just Me?

Journalist and scientist Andrew Freedman: what new science is saying about freaky 2013 weather. Plus Dr. Kathy McMahon “the Peak Oil Shrink.” Kathy tells us about Nicole Foss, “sucky collapse”, and a surprising turn in her own life. Radio Ecoshock 130206 Remember normal  …

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