The holiday Radio Ecoshock Green Music Festival. Best of eco-music, many you won’t find on Itunes. Some sent in by listeners, or the artists, not on albums, etc. Plus two Occupy songs (by Makana and David Rovics). A little inspiration for the heart. First broadcast 2011.

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Climate Disruption: Extreme Cold This Winter?

Posted on September 15, 2021, by Radio Ecoshock
Dr. Judah Cohen explains why waves of extreme cold and snow are more likely – BECAUSE the world is warming.  Well, here it is: the storm the National Weather Service (NWS) in Buffalo, New York, termed “a once-in-a-generation storm”


“Change Change” Thistle CANADA

“Dirty Town” Mother Mother CANADA

“My Water’s On Fire Tonight” DavidHolmes/DeanBekker AUSTRALIA

“Fukushima Song, Talkin End Game” Michael Montecrossa GERMANY

“Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth” Neko Case USA

“Alternative Energy 1” Combat Wombat AUSTRALIA

“Our Ocean” Te Vaka NEW ZEALAND

“Hallowed Be Thy Ground” Casey Neill USA

“Earth” Imogen Heap USA

“Where We Going To Go?” Ellis Music Productions USA

“Don’t Killowatt” Million Dollar Nile USA

“Run Away Train” Eliza Gilkyson USA

“We Are The Many” Makana USA

“Occupy Wall Street” (We’re going to stay right here) David Rovics USA

“Power From Above” Dan Berggren USA