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Green Music Festival (Replay)

The holiday Radio Ecoshock Green Music Festival. Best of eco-music, many you won’t find on Itunes. Some sent in by listeners, or the artists, not on albums, etc. Plus two Occupy songs (by Makana and David Rovics). A little inspiration for the heart.  …


Green Music Festival (Replay)

Blah blah blah. All those words fill our brain, and not our hearts. That is where the musicians step in, to move us along. I’m Alex Smith. Welcome to our annual best of green music show. You’ll hear the songs of activism, despair,  …



SUMMARY: Welcome to a power-packed Radio Ecoshock Show. I’m Alex Smith. My guests are George Kourounis, host of the TV show “Angry Planet”, and the solar-powered international musician known as Turtuga Blanku. But first, we’ll talk with a high-powered international lawyer who switched  …


WE CAN’T ALL GO BACK TO THE LAND (or we’ll kill what’s left)

SUMMARY: A journey to the “Ecoreality” post-peak-oil community, with UBC Campus Radio. Plus rap star Baba Brinkman’s new album “The Rap Guide to Wilderness”. We begin with a slice from the new album “The Rap Guide to Wilderness.” It’s called “Tranquility Bank” with  …


What Kind of Doomer Are You?

SUMMARY: From The Farm in Tennessee, alternative guru Albert Bates rates responses to predictions of doom. Film-maker Anne Macksoud on new movie “The Wisdom to Survive” Plus musical activist Rachelle Van Zanten. List your alternative speakers and writers – Albert Bates probably knows  …


Radio Ecoshock Annual Green Music Festival 2013

Talk, talk, talk about the end and new beginning. I’m Alex. This week we go for the best environmental songs, in our annual Radio Ecoshock green music festival. You will hear folk, rock, rap, a bit of dance, a bit of humor. Support  …


Dirty Activism

What happens when millions of urban Americans decide to grow food? Soil activist Nance Klehm on “dirty activism” – reclaiming a city waste stream to make new gardens. Why is it illegal? Plus: Fukushima update from Alex & stimulating new green music: after  …


Extreme Rain and Climate Collapse

The biggest climate-driven extreme weather event since Katrina – Boulder’s Carolyn Baker reports on fracking leaks, climate, economic hit. Plus Calif. songwriter Dan Imhoff on new album “Agraria”. —————— Make it rain for those in drought, but make it stop for those in  …


Annual Ecoshock Green Music Festival 2012

The Radio Ecoshock annual best of Green music festival. Eclectic mix of voices found or sent in by the artists, mood music for a climate-safe, species-friendly world. Radio Ecoshock 121229 1 hour. Download in CD Quality (56 MB) recommended for this music show.  …

GREEN MUSIC FESTIVAL Welcome to our annual best of green music show. You’ll hear the songs of activism, despair, and love of Mother Earth. So much “blah blah blah” in the media. All those words fill our brain, and miss our hearts. That is where  …

Bastards of a Dying World

Welcome to another packed show from Radio Ecoshock! This week we cover: * behind-the-scenes panic over reports of methane blowing out of the sea-bed in the Eastern Arctic. This could dramatically increase global warming. * activist resistance against a wave of gas frackin  …

NATURE AS KILLER: The Medea Hypothesis

From the edge of the Earth, broadcast, podcast, by cable and satellite, this is Radio Ecoshock with Alex Smith. Gaia – the great interconnected force of living things on a minor planet called Earth. British scientist James Lovelock wondered how life created it’s  …

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