It’s the double whammy: the economy and the climate crash at the same time.

Outgoing President Bush is exercising his scorched Earth policy on BOTH, as he slides out the door.

This is Radio Ecoshock with Alex Smith. The news is pouring in with changes too big for the imagination. In this program, you’ll hear a quick clip from Barack Obama, his climate promises.

A Toronto Professor explains the links between economic and natural crashes. Peter Victor’s book launch for “Managing Without Growth, Slower by Design Not Disaster” this past November 18th. The book describes an economy that does not depend on growth. Unreasonable demands for endless growth is killing off both the capitalist economy and the planet. The launch was attended by famed environmentalist and broadcaster Dr. David Suzuki and Toronto Mayor David Miller. Mayor Miller described that city’s plan to “reclad” tower buildings – to finally add an outside layer to these energy inefficient giants built when energy was cheap. There’s a make-work project for every city in the world – as oil and natural gas decline.

My thanks to listener John-Paul Warren of Toronto for recording the book launch and sending it in to Radio Ecoshock.

Then our feature presentation: the latest climate science from NASA’s James Hansen, and Tom Helweg-Larson of the Public Interest Research Centre. I recorded the live webcast for you, from You can download the 68 minute testimony from our Climate Page at

I’ll recap Hansen and Helweg-Larson with lots of clips, in less than 24 minutes – and point you to a free download of the full audio.

They testified to the Environmental Audit Committee in the United Kingdom on Wednesday November 26th. The climate news is horrific.

As George Monbiot wrote in the Guardian newspaper, we may already be too late. He claims the Iraq War is just number two on the list of crimes against humanity carried out by George W. Bush. Number One for all time is the Bush administration’s stalling of real action on climate change (while helping make it worse). This article by Monbiot is one of his most powerful, check it out.

We get a bit of that, plus an argument from blogger Sharon Astyk, in a controversial article titled “A New Deal or a War Footing? Thinking Through Our Response to Climate Change.”

Sharon takes apart the new energy program proposed by Al Gore in the New York Times on November 9th. She counts up the carbon costs of building the new solar heat plants, wind farms, the new power grid for America, converting our rolling stock to electric, and retrofitting all our buildings.

The only thing Gore doesn’t mention is changing our wasteful lifestyles. Just like the free money Paulson pulls out of a hat, we developed people don’t have to give up a thing. We’ll just build our way out of it, using fossil powered machinery, and more gigatons of carboniferous cement, and steel. Just the urge to save ourselves will generate more new greenhouse gases than the atmosphere can withstand.

Sharon Astyk, says the better alternative is to cut our own energy consumption now by at least 50% – whatever that takes. Whatever it takes.

Also in this show: Robert Pollin describes a real green recovery plan, based on his new book. Our four minute clip comes courtesy of Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg of WBAI’s Building Bridges radio show – great progressive radio from pro journalists. They are at

And we hear how carbon can stay in the atmosphere – forever! Dr. David Archer’s new book “The Long Thaw” describes the ugly truth about CO2.

The show is loaded with references and quick clips, from places like and It’s a radio journey. Even a bit of Monty Python to lighten the load.

Our music theme this week is “Fasten Your Seatbelts” from Pendulum, with a close-out tune “This Is Your Captain Speaking” by Laurie Anderson (who just married Lou Reed last April!)

Who knows what wonders will appear next week – and how many more trillions will disappear, as Bush-Paulson and company make the largest U.S. Treasury raid in history.

Alex Smith
Radio Ecoshock