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How Will We Power the Future?

In-depth interview with Nobel Laureate Robert B. Laughlin on his book “Powering the Future: How We Will Eventually Solve the Energy Crisis and Fuel the Civilization of Tomorrow.” Dr. Rose M. Cory’s new science on positive feedback loop discovered in the melting Arctic.  …


The Coming Greenhouse World

“Look. I’m going to do my best to end up in a kind of hopeful optimistic place. But – I am by nature, by sort of profession, I am kind of a professional bummer-outer of people. So we’re going to have to deal  …

The Unknown Climate

In the Spring of 2010, the East Coast of the United States was nearly drowned in an extreme precipitation event. Ditto parts of Australia, and Rio in Brazil. This is the other half of “global warming” – global wetting. Scientists have been warning  …


NOTES AND LINKS FOR THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Why do media run “scandals” about climate science? They get full page ads from car and oil companies, and they don’t give a damn about our future. It’s all in the latest ratings, the quarterly profit  …

Gas Pump Blues – for 100,000 Years

They’re on practically every corner. Some people feel nervous at the gas pump. Others are outraged. Everybody knows prices are going nowhere but up. Did you know a gallon of gas weighs about 6 pounds – or 2.7 kilos? Almost all of it  …

BURNED OUT: Crops and Climate Change

Food and climate change with two speakers: Dr. Geoffrey Heal, an eco-economist from the Columbia School of Business, NY, speaking at the London School of Economics; and author/food activist Wayne Roberts at McMaster University, Canada. Wayne Roberts courtesty of Maggie Hughes “News from  …

ENJOY YOURSELF (It’s Later Than You Think)

It is already too late to stop rampant climate change? An emailed blog posting asks: “Do we just enjoy the time we have left?” Scientist James Lovelock thinks so. He wanted the sub-title of his new book “Vanishing Gaia” changed from “Final Warning”  …


The star of today’s Radio Ecoshock Show is the American climate. We’ll start with the most important Press Conference of 2009: the release of the multi-agency report “Global Climate Change Impacts In the United States”. It’s the list of violent storm warming, heat  …

Climate Catastrophe – Can the Economic Crash Save Us?

News can be a poison sometimes. Newspaper owners learned years ago that people buy frightening headlines. The motto of TV news: if it bleeds, it leads. The most horrific stories get top billing. We all need to turn away from time to time,  …


Some big icons like General Motors go crash, but most of it just goes quietly, with little announcement. I’m talking about all the small shops going dark, the once-famous magazines gone and hardly remembered. Just a couple of years ago, I wished I’d  …

Forget the Economy – Is It Too Late for Our Climate?

This is the Radio Ecoshock Show. I’m you’re host and tormentor, Alex Smith. Yes I know the economy is crashing around the world. Eastern Europe threatens to bring down the Austrian and Italian banking systems. Britain is in the tank, along with Spain,  …


[opening Quote from John Kerry on the looming catastrophe in climate change] That is Senator John Kerry, Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This is Radio Ecoshock. I’m Alex Smith, and you are about to get 20 minutes of the latest from  …

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