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TALK IN TWISTED TIMES Frank Rotering's desperate strategy to split the rich and plunge the world economy into steep contraction.  Gail Zawacki campaigns against ozone smog.  Radio Ecoshock 141022 in CD Quality (56 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB).  Show blog here.

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 Alex Smith video with Janaia Donaldson on Peak Moment TV  Alex explains threats from climate change and the Fukushima nuclear melt-downs.

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October 22nd 2014
SUMMARY: Deep thinker Frank Rotering introduces his desperate new strategy to split the rich and plunge the world economy into steep contraction. Then Gail Zawacki savages what's left, while she campaigns against the unknown threat of ozone smog. It's a…
October 15th 2014
SUMMARY: Bojana Bajzelj of Cambridge finds raising food for 9 billion will take all our carbon emissions. Benjamin Blonder tells us how the current plant world was shaped by the last big meteorite hit. Eelco Rohling: sea level rose 5 meters (16 ft) in the…
October 13th 2014
Quick summary: WWF report: 52% of wildlife lost since 1970. Cost of climate change forum with Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Jack Lew. Update on climate march and results. Plus climate poetry and new song by Neil Young. Radio Ecoshock 141008 ***THI…
October 1st 2014
Welcome to another packed Radio Ecoshock show. I'm your tour guide, Alex Smith. This week we look into why the U.S. government, and governments around the world, continue to kid themselves about the power of methane, the number two global warming gas in …
September 30th 2014
QUICK SUMMARY: "Is Global Collapse Imminent" by Australian academic Graham M. Turner. Linda Doman from US Energy Information Administration says world will burn 30% more oil and gas in 2040. Marc-Andre Parisien from the Canadian Forest Service tells us ab…