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BROKEN FUTURE NEWS Two of world's top climate scientists speak out about severe challenges we face right now, and in the future. From the University of Manchester, Dr. Kevin Anderson, who pulls no punches. Then Rutgers scientist Alan Robock tells us why geoengineering might not be a good idea.  Radio Ecoshock 150325 in CD Quality (56 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB). Show blog here.

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 Alex Smith video with Janaia Donaldson on Peak Moment TV  Alex explains threats from climate change and the Fukushima nuclear melt-downs.

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March 25th 2015
Welcome to another round of Radio Ecoshock. I'm Alex Smith, with two of the world's top climate scientists talking about the severe challenges we face right now, and in the future. From the United Kingdom, we have Dr. Kevin Anderson, who pulls no punche…
March 19th 2015
SUMMARY: In this program we talk with one of the world's top experts on geoeningeering to cool the planet, Harvard's Dr. David Keith. Then from the UK, Dr. Rose Cairns investigates the internet phenomenon of chemtrails, the belief that aircraft are alread…
March 11th 2015
Coming up in this Radio Ecoshock show: what you and your government are not being told about the threat of rising seas. Plus, how climate change was a driver of civil war in Syria - and Yemen. We finish up with a frank talk about thawing permafrost and…
March 4th 2015
SUMMARY: Dr. Jennifer Francis of Rutgers: Jet Stream waves & Polar Vortex. Dr. Daniel Brooks: parasites survive warming better than we do. Radio Ecoshock 150304 We thought global warming would be gentle and kinda nice. Instead it's weird and extreme…
February 25th 2015
SUMMARY: America's famous scientist Michael Mann unloads climate reality. Kristin Ohlson says "The Soil Will Save Us". Frances Moore: climate stalls European food production. Radio Ecoshock 150225 Listen to or download this Radio Ecoshock show in CD Qual…