NASA scientist James Hansen shakes up Capitol Hill (and the media) with explosive testimony to the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Climate Change. For one thing, he thinks oil industry executives who purposely (and secretly) fund groups to confuse the public about climate science – should be charged with crimes against humanity. Here are the links to supplement this week’s Radio Ecoshock show: James Hansen Testimony to Select Committee (June 23, 2008) as a .pdf file.
Title: Global Warming 20 Years Later: Tipping Points Near James Hansen interview on NPR’s Diane Rehms show (080623) audio file mp3 Other Hansen speeches. Beyond Zero Emissions Melbourne Australia interview with James Hansen Top US scientist says carbon emissions must stop.
30 min 5 MB JAMES HANSEN SPEECH Mind-blowing, must-listen speech in Texas, on the new hot-state planet. Part 1 27 MB 30 min Part 2 27 MB 30 min Courtesy TUC Radio, San Francisco. Part 3 Questions & Answers 30 min “The White House Climate Report” (actually from NOAA)
Weather and Climate Extremes in a Changing ClimateNOAA Press Release explaining this report. June 19, 2008. Democracy Now “IRS Audited Greenpeace at Request of Exxon Mobil-Funded Group”
March 24, 2006. Text and download available. Greenpeace database of anti-environmental groups secretly funded by Exxon Mobil
( This week’s Radio Ecoshock show is a fast-moving collection of Dr. Hansen’s quotes this week, plus a few other recent ones – woven in with media reaction to his comments on oil exec’s heading for trial. There is a lot more to Hansen’s message though. Pick up some solid science – and why at 385 parts per million of CO2 we have already PASSED the danger point. Emissions must go down, not up. Dr. Hansen makes two key suggestions:

  1. Stop building any new coal plants, and stop using coal altogether by 2030
  1. Build a new power grid. Our current electricity distribution system wastes as much energy as consumer use. Think about that. Hansen says with a new low-loss system as a national priority, then alternative energy really could power the nation.

For fun, I’ve tossed in a fight between Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and conservative CNN talk show host Glenn Beck, CNN’s climate Quisling. Then Democracy Now does real investigative reporting, to show how Exxon has funded climate deniers, just like the tobacco industry denied cancer. One Exxon front group even sent the IRS against Greenpeace (likely with the help of the Bush Administration, my guess…) And so it goes. A fine mix, with a touch or Reggae. Clip bonanza to bring you up to speed on the debate – and shocking truth about our climate emergency.
Alex Smith
Host Radio Ecoshock