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Climate Change Impacts on America

Ecoshock Show 080815 Top IPCC organizer & U of Arizona Professor Jonathan Overpeck speech at Washington U. given on April 1st, 2008. After updating the world climate report, Overpeck predicts climate impacts on North America. His focus, on the two worst climate problems  …

Methane Burps & Tele-Everything

Ecoshock Show 080808 Guest host KMO from C-Realm podcast interviews David M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist from NASA Langley Research Center. Lots of doom, but really good solutions too. Thanks to KMO for sharing this rare interview. 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or  …


Ecoshock Show 080801 Surf is up and the heat is on. We begin with a review of the UK climate activist scene. Hear a representative of “Rising Tide” describe British climate protests, including boarding coal trains headed for a massive polluting power station.  …

Coping With Climate Change

Ecoshock Show 080725 How can we face it? 2 interviews: Pulitzer prize winner Catherine Ellison, and climate/nuclear historian Spencer Weart. Catherine Ellison is one of America’s top reporters. She caught me attention again when she wrote about the difficulty of telling kids about  …

CHANGE OR BURN The Australian Experience

Ecoshock Show 080718 Speech by top climate/economic adviser to new Australian government, Prof. Ross Garnaut. His report is an update of the famous Stern Report in the UK – with even better accounting for China and all Asia. Professor Garnaut was the Australian  …

FIRESTORM – Carbon Rising

Ecoshock Show 080711 We begin with a first hand report from climate front-line – the California fires, with Maria Gilardin. Maria is the host of the TUC radio program, originating from San Francisco. This time she is sending out last emails, from her  …


This week’s Radio Ecoshock broadcast is about past greenhouse worlds, quick climate shifts, and mass extinctions caused by changes to the atmosphere. Dr. Andrew Glikson studies comet/asteroid impacts, volcanoes, and past climates. He’s been doing it for 40 years. While studying the oldest  …

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