Is it just me… or is the world falling apart?

The Radio Ecoshock Show 080516

Worried? Need a hole to hide in?

All through Western history, the human herd has reached panic points. Civilization was expected to end. And sometimes it did.

In this program, we’ll take the bullet train through global defrosting, climate adaptation, rogue capitalism, economic crash, selling out, capital flight, and the food crisis.

You will hear samples from a conference call with world food expert Lester Brown, and clips from a tell-all speech by the radical Canadian nationalist Mel Hurtig. Top Harvard environmental teacher James Gustav Speth says environmentalism has utterly failed. An expert in the hidden economy, Loretta Napoleoni explains Rogue Capitalism. Bill McKibben says we have one last chance.


Here are some links to the full interviews and speeches referenced in this show:

Lester Brown press call conference on the causes of the world food crisis (34 minutes in a tiny fast-downloading file). Brown, of says this isn’t a passing crisis, but a new trend which will cause mass starvation from here on out.

Mel Hurtig “The Truth About Canada” book launch speech (1 hour) on sell-out, corporate concentration, merger with U.S. and capital flight.

WNYC Leonard Lopate interview with Yale’s James G. Speth

Loretta Napoleoni book launch speech “Rogue Economics” (1 hour)

Here is the best spot to find Bill McKibben’s “Last Chance for Civilization” article – with some really intelligent blog reader comments – at


You can find the whole thing tied together in this rough and ready transcript for the show.
Learn how the billionaires are skipping out on taxes – and on paying for the energy and transportation transformation we will need to confront climate change.

This includes a brief profile of one rogue corporation: the Swiss banking giant UBS. Just after we went to air, a former UBS executive was arrested, charged with helping a California billionaire avoid U.S. taxes. Just one of many.

American listeners will also be interested in Mel Hurtig’s description of secret meetings – a real-life conspiracy among the business elite (and your elected representatives) to sell out America, Canada, and Mexico to create the North American Union (that nobody voted for, and nobody wants…)

You have to get that from the audio of the program. Blogger readers, click the title above, or get the one hour program (14 MB) at:

There is a hilarious bit on biofuels from John Oliver (the “Senior Correspondent” on Jon Stewart’s “Today Show”) and Andy Saltzman in this program. Find their running series “The Bugle” at the Times Online site here.

The whole food crisis is so sick we need to poke black fun at our wasteful fat selves, to see through our thick lenses. Then Lester Brown tucks into the real issues, including a call for an end to the heartless process of using up food for SUV fuel.

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