This is Alex Smith, your host on Radio Ecoshock. I have an important message for my beloved podcast subscribers.

You may have noticed that the most recent program for May 16th, “Crisis in Confidence” arrived in the “Lo-Fi” format. That is more compressed – a much smaller file at 14 megabytes (instead of 56). It arrives on your computer faster, and takes up less space for those who collect the programs on their hard drives.

By popular demand, I have switched this podcast to the smaller Lo-Fi format (32 Kbps, mono).

The only downside is slightly less quality, if you are into good stereo sound for your Ipod or sound system. And you can’t burn this LoFi version direct to older style CD’s. It will burn to CD as an mp3 file, which can be played by newer CD players, computers, DVD players, etc.

If you are a radio station getting the podcast from this source, you should switch over to the podcast found at our radio support site: www.ecoshock.net

That site will continue to podcast the full 56 MB 44 Hhz version. There is an easy sign-up podcast subscription button at ecoshock.net. Then you can burn direct to CD from the podcast, and toss it into any station CD player. This is handy for late night, or unattended play.

Other listeners who want to continue receiving the higher quality 56 MB version are quite welcome to sign up for the podcast coming from www.ecoshock.net as well. You don’t need to be a radio station to use that podcast.

I know some of you are burning certain Ecoshock programs to CD, to listen to on the way to work, or to pass around to other friends. There is no copyright on our programs, and we encourage you to get them out to as many people as possible. CD distributors of the program should also sign up for the “CD quality” 56 MB 44 Hhz version at ecoshock.net.

One final note: we need more stations! As the number of stations go up, it gets easier for me to bring on the big name authors and scientists. Although, I have to say, we have had no problems so far!

We also need to wake up and inform as many people as possible, while there is still time to take sensible action to save the ecosphere.

If you can contact your local non-profit college or community radio station, please ask them to add Radio Ecoshock to their programing. I realize there is a lot of competition for local air space, but we need one big environment program with the world view. Things like climate change are too important. We can’t just say “Oh sorry, we don’t have time to tell listeners about that…”

Please write or email requests to your local station. If you get some contact with a program director or station manager, can you forward it to me? My address is
radio [at] ecoshock.org.

I’m also trying to find more Low Power FM stations to broadcast the show. Your suggestions (and their contact info) are also very welcome.

We need a revolution to save what’s left. I’m hoping podcast listeners, and blog readers, will help out. Judging by the emails I have received from you – we have a really intelligent bunch here, as ecoshock podcast subscribers! A lot of activists, scientists, professionals, and even government people listen to Radio Ecoshock this way.

I appreciate the tips and help people send in. Some programs, including next week’s “Too Hot to Handle” – come from listener tips.

This has become a group effort – thanks so much! Let’s keep rocking the world, until it tips into sanity.

Alex Smith
your host on
Radio Ecoshock