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Transition Through A Fracked Climate

We made a mistake that will crash the two degree warming guard-rail not by 2100, but before 2030. That is coming right up with Professor Anthony Ingraffea from Cornell. Our second interview is with the co-founder of the Transition Town Movement, Rob Hopkins,  …


David Fleming & Dark Optimism

How can we go on living with impossible problems? Green writer David Fleming influenced the UK Green Party, the Transition Towns movement, & new economics. Fleming passed away in 2010, leaving an unpublished dictionary for our survival. Writer & editor Shaun Chamberlin picked  …


What to Do While Waiting (for the Crash)

SUMMARY Author Richard Heinberg on geopolitics, finance, and environment of the slow crash. Global Crossing and Green Festivals President Kevin Danaher on transition to green economy. Unicyclist for climate Joseph Boutelier. Radio Ecoshock 140507 1 hour. Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. I’m Alex and  …


Victory Gardens Past and Future (with LaManda Joy)

Food prices are rising due to climate, peak oil & poor economy. Best time to start your city on Victory Gardens. Speech by LaManda Joy to Great Lakes Bioneers tells how. With intro on food prices in Canada, UK, Australia, USA, clips from  …


Three guests. Rob Stewart, Director of movie “Sharkwater” and now his latest “Revolution” – is the ocean dying? An international media briefing by Lester Brown of Earth Policy Institute about rising food prices & his new book “Full Planet, Empty Plates”. Wes Regan  …

Tough Transition

From “The Farm” in Summertown, Tennessee, deep green thinker and activist Albert Bates on Tough Transition. Then one of the pioneers of localization and sustainable community, Dr. Mark Roseland. Alex reports on new ocean/climate movie to save… us. Rob Stewart’s film “Revolution”. Radio  …


Transition Yourself

Ideas from America on starting a Transition Town. Ruah Wennerfelt, Steve Chase & host Mark Helpsmeet in live stage conversation. Plus Greg Pahl, author of “Power from the People, How to Organize, Finance, and Launch Local Energy Projects.” Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert  …

Winter Gardening, Guerrilla Gardening Master winter gardener Eliot Coleman grows year round in Maine, USA. UK, guerrilla gardener Chris Tomlinson secretly plants food. “HumptyDumptyTribe” warns global famine from climate change comng soon. Winter greenhouse interview from “Locavore,” with Martin Ronda at the U. of Guelph Centre  …


READ THE NEW ALEX SMITH INTERVIEW IN GRIST MAGAZINE. Please pass that link, or this short link to all your email contacts, or post it in blogs. Add it to comment sections. Help get the word out, so we can get more  …

Wicked Problems & Solutions

Is it time for the lifeboats? Are there any lifeboats? I’m Alex. Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. We face “wicked problems” like climate change, peak oil, or an economy depending on … call it “make-believe” or call it “fraud”. Science cannot provide the answers.  …

PEAK TROUBLE: Navigating the Chaos

Don’t you hate it when a shadow comes into another nice day? All my weather worries are far away. The East Coast is grumbling under more snow. The deep South may be freezing the Canadian “Snow Birds.” There is another crazy cyclone over  …

Transition in America – Michael Brownlee Transcript

THE TRANSITION MOVEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES (and “Deep Transition”) Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock interviews MICHAEL BROWNLEE on February 18, 2011. Transcript. ——————————— Alex Smith: The Transition movement has spread from the United Kingdom to North America. Michael Brownlee is a gateway  …

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