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Is Global Collapse Imminent?

QUICK SUMMARY: “Is Global Collapse Imminent” by Australian academic Graham M. Turner. Linda Doman from US Energy Information Administration says world will burn 30% more oil and gas in 2040. Marc-Andre Parisien from the Canadian Forest Service tells us about record mega-fires in  …



The cultural taboo against talking about global warming – George Marshall. Report on world fires and global smoke July 2014. Review of movie “Snowpiercer” by Gerri Williams. New song: Time of Trials by Alex Smith. In just a few minutes, we’re going to  …


The Age of Super Fires

The new age of super fires in N. America, Europe, Australia, Asia. Silviculturalist John Betts explains strange unstoppable forest fires. Then Nicole Rycroft, Exec Dir of enviro group “Canopy”. Why they quit talks with industry, as logging ravages the Canadian Boreal forest. Plus  …

Can We Avoid A Collapse?

"Population Bomb" author & Stanford University biologist Paul Ehrlich on his Royal Society Paper "Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?" From Tasmania, forest expert Dr. David Bowman: wild fires drive more global warming. Economist John Talberth suing the U.S. Government over  …


Fire! In A Crowded World

http://bit.ly/JfocDr Wild fires from climate change cause still more warming. Three experts from American Academy for the Advancment of Science meeting February 19th recorded in Vancouver by Alex Smith. Michael Flannigan, U of Alberta on fire and climate. From UBC medical unit, Dr.  …

How A Far Away Island Can Rock Your World

FAR AWAY PLACES WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD I’m hoping my bank will still be open next Monday. Most of us are trying to get through the next week. Half of us can’t live without the next paycheck. Will Europe survive? Despite the smiling  …

U.S. Nuclear Scares, Fukushima Update, and De-Growth

Three nuclear facilities in the United States hovered on the brink of catastrophe in the last month of June 2011 – due to climate change. Nuclear reactors and labs depend upon a relatively stable climate. A single accident could permanently withdraw a large  …

FLOOD FIRE WIND – Climate Shift

Welcome to Radio Ecoshock, and a special welcome to Earthbeat listeners. This is Alex Smith. We’ve been broadcasting to college and community radio stations for over 5 years. Now I’m filling in for Earthbeat host Daphne Wysham while that great American green radio  …


Radio Ecoshock Show September 3rd, 2010 GO STRAIGHT TO THE TRANSCRIPT, with lots of links and downloads. [Radio show starts with a clip from “Fire” by Arthur Brown, 1968][plus news radio clips…] Welcome back to Radio Ecoshock. Thanks to the 22 college and  …


Everything in the techno-capitalist society forms us into separate atoms. We demand our own space, travel in personal metal boxes, and struggle as individuals. When disaster strikes, hardly anyone remembers how to respond. How will your community react to a major threat? Will  …

BE THE CHANGE Climate Conversion

This program explores how green leaders are converting to climate activism. And how you can move from spectator to citizen action. You’ll hear Forest Ethics co-Founder Tzeporah Berman in a moving speech, going to a new climate group Power Up Canada. United Church  …

The Economy of Climate Burn

The Australian wildfires – a warning to the world? I interview Dr. Barry Brook a climatologist from Adelaide. Brook was named one of the top 10 bright young scientists in Australia. His blog makes a strong case that the drying of Australia shows  …

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