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New Age of Super Fires

Three key interviews on new role of fire during global warming. John Betts on super fires and what we can do. Tom Gower on science of burning north lands. Marc-Andre Parisien on mega-fires in Canadian North. As forest fires rage across the Western  …



SUMMARY: Pacific Northwest fights becoming a carbon colony. Vancouver protests American coal expansion (Kevin Washbrook, VTACC). Daphne Wysham: Oregon kicks out Canadian propane peddler. The unreported stories. Radio Ecoshock 150617 Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. This week we investigate attempts by the fossil fuel  …



SUMMARY: Author and finance guru Jeff Rubin “The Carbon Bubble: What Happens To Us When It Bursts”. Science journalist Emma Marris on re-crafting the wild. Radio Ecoshock 150610 “Look we recognize that climate change is happening. The dilemma for society is addressing climate  …


WILD HUMANS (doing wild things)

National Geographic reporter Scott Wallace on trips to deep Amazon for his book “The Unconquered”. How oil, gold, and illegal logging chase the last un-contacted tribes. Plus reports on Canadian Boreal failure, serial climate hacker Russ George, and shaping Nature in the city.  …


Burying the Future: Tars Sands, Pipelines, & Melting Arctic

Canadian scientist Paul Beckwith explains how the Arctic warming emergency is changing your weather. But first, the story of an anti-pipeline media warrior, John Bolenbaugh in his own words. The leaks, scandals and deaths behind Tar Sands pipelines. Radio Ecoshock 130424 1 hour.  …

Dirty Overload – Overpopulation to the Tar Sands

Film-maker Mike Freedman says we’ve hit “Critical Mass” toward extinction by over-population. Bill McKibben tells me why everybody in the world needs to battle the Tar Sands. Council of Canadians founder Maude Barlow links dirty energy to dirty politics. And native leader Caleb  …


Covert Geoengineering & Women Against Tar Sands

Jim Thomas of ETC Group on rogue geoengineering off Canada’s West Coast by Russ George, former CEO of Planktos. “She Speaks: Indigenous Women Speak Out Against Tar Sands“. Eriel Deranger & Freda Huson + Suzanne Dhaliwal co-founder of UK Tar Sands Network. World’s  …

Free the Climate Scientists! Dr. John Mashey investigates right-wing billionaires & corporations who pay alleged “charities”, bloggers, & old weathermen to deny climate science. Canadian journalist Margaret Munro on government muzzling scientists, plus update by UCS Francesca Grifo on science freedom in U.S.———- The fossil fuel  …

Oil to Occupy: The Restless West Coast “Oil Free Coast” 3 speakers against Tar Sands pipelines and tankers in Canada, including First Nations. Then on-scene audio from Occupy Wall St West in San Francisco Jan 20th. Awaiting arrest, and crowd microphones against corporate takeover. Two weeks ago on Radio  …

Plane Justice – Banned In America

BONUS AUDIO THIS WEEK: The complete interview with Dan Glass, the famous “Plane Stupid” campaigner from the UK. The crazy actions that highlighted the serious impacts of expanding airports and air travel. 32 minutes Lo-Fi 7 MB. Rockin’ out with the Steve Miller  …

When the World Is Running Down

This week on Radio Ecoshock – the losing game. One in seven Americans are now officially poor. Millions are losing their homes. The “Recovery” was just a fantasy: if we all believed hard enough – the empty shell economy could stumble on forever.  …

The Economy: Dinosaurs Will Die

Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. This week’s program is about schizophrenia: the state of hoping the system will crash before it kills the planet, while counting on all the usual creature comforts of home, jobs, and a well-stocked supermarket. Yes, I know the Western  …

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