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Healing Green Despair?

Summary: A new green biography of eco-billionaire Ted Turner, with author Todd Wilkinson. Kathleen Dean Moore offers a medicine for green despair. Writer and owl biologist Tim Fox sees humans as the unstoppable flood. Radio Ecoshock 141119. Download or listen to this Radio  …



On 3rd anniversary of Fukushima, two authors report American reactors are unsafe at any speed. Shocking risk. Plus audio from March 2 XL Pipeline dissent protest in D.C. & letter from youth, via Bobby Wengronowitz. Radio Ecoshock 140312 http://tinyurl.com/lerpc6j Yes, despite a punishing  …


Dirty Activism

What happens when millions of urban Americans decide to grow food? Soil activist Nance Klehm on “dirty activism” – reclaiming a city waste stream to make new gardens. Why is it illegal? Plus: Fukushima update from Alex & stimulating new green music: after  …


Shopping the Planet to Death

Growthbusters producer Dave Gardner on municipal growth ponzi schemes. Plus hot green “sermon” on direct action vs. consumer stupor – by Reverend Billy Talens of the Church of Stop Shopping. Radio Ecoshock 131112 1 hour Download/listen to this Radio Ecoshock show in CD  …


Climate Catastrophe Past and Future

SHOW SUMMARY Washington University’s Peter Ward specializes in the 4 past extinctions from global warming. He’s appeared on TV, author of 14 books, and warns rising seas will change America forever. Dr. Morgan Schaller of Rutgers tells us about a sudden heating event  …


Power Down or Power Shift?

Did fracking kill off Peak Oil? Or just the world’s hope of alternative energy? Coming up, energy guru Richard heinberg on his new book “Snake oil, How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future.” But if conventional society can’t power down, maybe  …


The Age of Super Fires

The new age of super fires in N. America, Europe, Australia, Asia. Silviculturalist John Betts explains strange unstoppable forest fires. Then Nicole Rycroft, Exec Dir of enviro group “Canopy”. Why they quit talks with industry, as logging ravages the Canadian Boreal forest. Plus  …

Green Medley: Climate, Population, Off-Grid

American scientist Virginia Burkett: violent weather threats to coastal energy. Activist Dave Foreman on population & immigration. Sheri Koones “Prefabulous & Almost Off-Grid” green building. Radio Ecoshock 130403 1 hour. FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS Listen to/download this “Green Medly” Radio Ecoshock in CD Quality  …


5 Years to Climate Hell

BONUS AUDIO: TELECONFERENCE with Lester Brown by Earth Policy Institute (recorded by Alex Smith) Download full conference in CD quality (22 minutes) here. Welcome. This week we have a show packed with good news, horrible news, and crazy news – all about the  …

Live From the Occupy Oakland General Strike!

Remember this? The chaotic scene in Oakland, California on the night of October 25th. Former Marine Scott Olsen received serious head injuries after being shot at very close range by police clearing the Occupy Oakland site and streets. An investigation has been called  …

DURBAN Conference of the Polluters

This week is our first broadcast in the UK. Join us every Tuesday Noon on Resonance 104.4 FM, London. Radio Ecoshock is now carried by 48 stations on 3 continents. This program is about the upcoming “Conference of the Polluters” in Durban, South  …

Fighting Fossil Goo – Activism

This program features environmental activists and action. We begin with iconic anti-globalist author Naomi Klein, interviewed by Daphne Wysham from Earthbeat Radio. Naomi was outside the White House, September 2nd, on the Indigenous Peoples day of protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline proposed  …

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