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Climate Change Action One of the most useful climate blogs on the net…

SAVE THE CLIMATE: EAT THE ROOS? Kangaroos don’t create methane like cattle or sheep. Should Australians switch to eating their national icon? ABC National Science Show 080809 19 min, CD Quality 18 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

IS IT TOO LATE FOR CLIMATE? Not according to NASA’s James Hansen. His testimony, along with Tim Helweg-Larsen of PIRC to UK gov’t Environmental Audit Committee November 26th, 2008. 68 min 16 MB Lo-Fi. Scary need-to-know info, along with a way out, if we act fast.

Climate Change Drove Past Extinctions Dr. Peter Ward, author of “Under A Green Sky” interviewed by Alex Smith, Radio Ecoshock. 26 min CD Quality 24 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

GOOGLE CEO ON CLIMATE TECH Eric Schmidt speaks to top Corp CEO’s at Corporate Eco Forum Sept 8th, 2008. 33 min CD Quality 30 MB or Lo-Fi 8 MB

Climate 20 Years Later James Hansen Testimony to Select Committee on Energy Independence and Climate Change with intro by Chairman Edward J. Markey. Not recorded by the House, and not run on mainstream media. First Net posting on Radio Ecoshock. Testimony 32 min CD Quality 30 MB or Lo-Fi 8 MB and Q and A 42 min Lo-Fi only 10 MB

HANSEN: CLIMATE CRIMINALS NASA Scientist wants oil exec’s who fund deniers tried for crimes against humanity. James Hansen warns we are past the danger point already. Stop coal, build new power grid, REDUCE CO2! Also: how Exxon hit Greenpeace with IRS, and Robert Kennedy Jr. vs. Glenn Beck. You be the judge. Ecoshock 080627 1 hr CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB Go to show blog HERE for links to Hansen’s testimony and much more.

Collapse and Regeneration Thomas Homer-Dixon speech to Sydney Ideas festival, August 2007. On book “The Upside of Down” – dealing with extreme climate change and other security threats. Prepared for non-profit radio rebroadcast. 1 hr CD Quality (56 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB)

ROSS GELBSPAN Who If Not Us Famous journalist on denial and resistance by fossil fuel industry. Toronto 080320. 28 min CD Quality 27 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB Gelspan website:

Does Ocean Control Climate? Interview with climate modeler Andreas Schmittner, Oregon State U. He suggests Earth could keep warming for centuries, even after we stop polluting. 12 min CD Quality 11 MB

Sudden and Disruptive Climate Change new book from Earthscan. Interview with Dr. Michael MacCracken, editor, from Climate Institute CD Quality 17 MB 18 min or Lo-Fi 4 MB

Previous Greenhouse Worlds Dr. Robert Spicer, Open University, UK on past abrupt climate change. 29 min. CD Quality 27 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

Too Late? “Past the Point of No Return” journalist Ross Gelspan at JP forum 080104 34 min CD Quality 32 MB Lo-Fi 8 MB

911 Expert on Climate Crisis Nafeez Ahmed excerpt from “The Hidden Holocaust, Our Civilizational Crisis” London 071120 climate excerpt 8 min 2 MB. Full two hour speech (Lo-Fi 18 MB).


THOMAS HOMER-DIXON Who If Not Us? Author/scientist outlines new climate science. IPCC outdated. Some scientists panci as carbon blooms out of control. Toronto Envirofest 080320 36 minutes CD Quality 38 MB or Lo-Fi 9 MB See:

TIM FLANNERY Author of the Weathermakers, Australian of the Year 2007 speech in Toronto, Canada 080404 recorded by John-Paul Warren, prepared by Radio Ecoshock. 47 min CD Quality 44 MB or Lo-Fi 11 MB

Glacier Melt and Abrupt Climate Change Dr. Lonnie Thompson on disappearing glaciers and what it means. 30 min 13 MB from TUC Radio, San Francisco

How Warm Is Too Warm? Princeton’s Dr. Michael Oppenheimer in Australia, July 07. Lecture 1, 56 min CD Quality 53 MB, Lo-Fi 13 MB; Lecture 2, 55 min CD Quality 51 MB, Lo-Fi 13 MB

Climate Doomsday Clock Ticking Charles, Prince of Wales to the European Parliament 080214 29 min CD Quality 27 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

How do we know warming is happening? From the U of Utah, Dr. David Chapman says the surface of the Earth is a heat recording mechanism. His unique research proves global warming, again. Recorded in a Church in Vancouver, Canada, on February 5th, 2008. 41 min CD Quality 37 MB or Lo-Fi 8 MB Also: Q and A (raw Lo-Fi) 37 min 9 MB

Climate: A Runaway Train California scientist Nate Lewis on the disaster of growing CO2 emissions – and why solar is the only answer. ABC National Radio, In Conversation with Robyn Williams. CD Quality 15 MB 15 min

Beyond Zero Emissions Melbourne Australia interview with James Hansen Top US scientist says carbon emissions must stop. Lo-Fi 30 min 5 MB

Garnaut Report Australia Says 90% Cuts Gov’t report by economist Ross Garnaut says Australia will be worst hit by climate change. Says world needs 90% cut for a 50-50 chance. CD Quality 8 MB, 9 min

Farming Wrecking Climate – Greenpeace New report “Cool Farming” Ecoshock interviews w Dr. Pete Smith, U of Aberdeen and IPCC lead author; plus Greenpeace agriculture campaigner Josh Brandon 30 min CD Quality 27 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

Climate Update Dr. John Fyfe, lead IPCC author and Canadian gov’t modeller, says reducing carbon won’t help until 2025. Speech 080124 Vancouver 28 min CD Quality 27 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

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