We revisit predictions for this winter for the northern hemisphere – from expert forecaster Judah Cohen. Then an answer for supply chain problems, food inflation, and our sanity. We visit a special farm outside Kansas City, where city mice learn how to grow their own food. But first, this timely song from America’s troubadour, David Rovics: “Busking in the Metaverse”. Show image courtesy of WeatherBell and The Weather Network.

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This has been difficult for David, as it is for all of us. David performed his original songs in Copenhagen, the UK, all across America and Canada, everywhere. Now he must sing without the faces, trying to make a living in cyberspace. We are all buskers in the metaverse now. Find David Rovics at davidrovics.com.

During the stress-filled days of pandemic, millions are struggling with weird winter weather as well. Not you Australia, where a record 50 degrees C, 122 Fahrenheit was expected in Pilbara.


In the New Year we will investigate winter heat waves. But outside my studio on the West Coast, It is bitterly cold outside. There have been cold waves in Russia and Eastern Europe, with more predicted for northern Europe. We return to weird weather and the question: how can we get extreme cold events when the world is supposed to be warming. This interview is prediction and explanation from Radio Ecoshock September 15, 2021.

Judah Cohen’s prediction appears to be holding up so far this winter. But remember, weather is destabilized toward the extremes. We might expect a winter heat wave too! The Weather Network says:

For the first time this season, a temperature below -51°C (-59.8°F) has been recorded in Canada… A portion of the polar vortex that has wandered south from the North Pole has continued to reside over these areas in Canada and cause temperatures to plummet.

It has been a wild, wild winter so far this year. While folks in the West were freezing, there were summer-like days in Texas, going to 80 degrees F. (26.6 C). It was warmer than usual throughout the Southeast. It all depends on which side of the big Jet Stream bulge you are on. Again, Greenland had crazy warm temperatures, above freezing in mid-December along some Greenland coastal areas. It was like the tropics went north while the Arctic weather went south. That will all change as the historic bulges slowly waddle around the globe.

Take Alaska! According to BBC News December 29, 2021:

The coldest US state of Alaska has recorded its hottest-ever December day, amid an unusual winter warm spell. Temperatures soared to a record 19.4C (67F) on the island of Kodiak on Sunday – almost seven degrees warmer than the state’s previous high.

But elsewhere in Alaska temperatures have been plunging to record lows. In the south-eastern town of Ketchikan, temperatures dropped to -18C (-0.4F) on 25 December – one of the town’s coldest Christmas Days in the past century. The weather extremes have prompted warnings of an “Icemageddon” from authorities, as torrents of rain and snow have left ice as hard as cement coating the roads.

As they said in the old Wobbly labor song: “Which Side Are You On” – but now for an out-of-whack Jet Stream. Canadian climate scientist Paul Beckwith nailed the situation call our time living in “the climate casino”. Paul recent round-up of strange winter weather is here on YouTube. It is titled: “My Christmas Message on Abrupt Climate System Mayhem and on What is Likely to Happen Soon…”



In this Radio Ecoshock program, Dr. Judah Cohen explains why waves of extreme cold and snow are more likely – BECAUSE the world is warming. Find my extended notes and links for this interview here in my September show “Climate Disruption: Extreme Cold This Winter?”

Climate Disruption: Extreme Cold This Winter?



Over the years I have produced many programs supporting local food, and re-learning how to do it. We are about to hear a great model from a community farm school near Kanas City. This new and original radio comes from EcoRadio KC, as broadcast on KKFI FM Kansas City Community Radio. We will hear selections from the one hour program. Get the whole thing from EcoRadio KC here. My thanks to Producer Brent Ragsdale and his team.

Growing Out of This Horrible Crisis




Even now in the dead of winter (in the N. Hemisphere) – this could be the time to “plot” your growing experience for next year (don’t forget to include kids if you have any). What can you do with your back yard (and front yard!). Can you get something growing on a balcony? Maybe you can help organize a community garden, or support an existing one. January would be a good time to order seeds this year, when there could be a shortage in some species due to pandemic, supply chain, etc. I will be ordering a month earlier than usual.

Growing food is an ancient way, it literally grounds you, helping to rebuild during and after stressful times. Plus: a large portion of human-induced greenhouse gases come from the atmosphere. And commercial farming can be energy intensive. I appreciate the discussion in Brent’s EcoFarm tour about how their growing can be more sustainable and planet-friendly. They and thousands of other aware growers are the leaders in how we need to move forward, if we want a livable future. Everyone needs to raise awareness of agriculture, the stability of health of food supplies, and our farming impact on the rest of nature.

Next week, we go back to the place where Earth is tipping most rapidly into a new climate and a new world: the Arctic. Twila Moon, at the National Snow and Ice Data Center is one of our guests. We will also explore winter heat waves. This assumes I don’t break down and insert a special on COVID. So much to tell there. Be sure to tune in for our opening show of 2022.

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