We are transfixed in the global accident. Guests Michael Dowd and scientist Michelle McCrystall. After drought and fires come flooding rains, record tornadoes – in December. A novel virus sweeps the world. How can we cope and continue? Eco-minister Michael Dowd shares post-doom conversation. Then to hidden climate threats: new science finds there will be more rain than snow in the Arctic, decades earlier. A new feedback loop emerges. From the University of Manitoba, our guest is lead author Dr. Michelle McCrystall.

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Most of you come to hear climate scientists. But science doesn’t tell us how to bear the horrible stress of these times, does it? Materialism cannot heal us.

After strange and violent weather, and two years of pandemic just getting worse, maybe it is time to ask: do we still have a prayer? Michael Dowd is an ordained Minister who marries science and belief. Dowd and his wife author Connie Barlow, travel from community to community spreading a gospel of ecology. They host interviews, zoom conversations on “Post-Doom”, and 175 YouTube videos. Dowd’s latest video “Collapse in a Nutshell” ( see links below) garnered well over 125,000 views.

As we talk, there are a number of crises, with two foremost with our listeners: the pandemic and continuing climate-driven disasters. I think the pandemic will be cresting in millions of minds when our interview is broadcast. Neither mega-problem seems to have a solution using tools of rational planning or economic-industrial power. So where can our “salvation” come?

Michael Dowd is an evolved Christian minister, with a Master of Divinity degree from a Baptist Theological Seminary. He served congregations in the mid-west for 9 years. Then Michael and his wife Connie Barlow traveled in their van making guest presentations and ministries on the road. After 19 years of van life, they settled near family in Michigan.

Michael Dowd

The couple taught “the Gospel of Evolution”, where science and faith unite. Unless you have heard Michael Dowd before, or read his many works, you have never heard anything like Michael’s religious language describing climate change and our relationships with all life. Listen to the interview.

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His videos offer us assigned reading, with guide posts for developing thoughts in concert with his own. Although Dowd has many original ideas, he knows he is also a mediator, traveling throughout North America. He is a sort-of Linked-In for what was “alternative” thought, religion, and activism, that is now becoming more accepted, though not yet mainstream. Perhaps now, the pandemic has forced him more online than in person, like the rest of us.

Michael is also an interviewer and broadcaster in his own right, making use early of online media, especially but not limited to YouTube, and now with his Zoom meet-ups.


WEB SITE: http://michaeldowd.org/ The site also links to: https://postdoom.com/ offering “Regenerative conversations exploring overshoot grief, ground, and gratitude.” Michael hosts a series “The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness” with interviews of 55 “experts” “Who’s Who of prophetic inspiration.”

Michael also hosts thegreatstory video channel 175 videos! includes the 55 experts above… He also he refers to his Reverend Reality Youtube channel Michael and Connie also offer courses for K-12 kids, college and university, Christian churches, environment centers, men’s groups, and Unitarian Universalists.


Collapse in a Nutshell: Understanding Our Predicament (33 min)
120,543 views Nov 15, 2021


In this video “Collapse in a Nutshell”, Dowd show studies of 80 examples of human civilizations during the last 8,000 years. All of them expand until they collapse, usually in a few hundred years. It sounds like acceleration and collapse are built into human ecology. That is just the kind of animals we are: building fantastic nests that fall apart.

Part 2
Overshoot in a Nutshell: Understanding Our Predicament