Dr. John Campbell, UK teacher of nurses and YouTube guide explains how the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) hurts us, who and how many. What medical science and experience can tell us as we enter uncharted territory both economic and social. Plus 1918 Epidemic survivor with a warning, and new music by David Rovics: Corona Virus Climate Catastrophe Fascist Empire 2020 Blues Massacree”.

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I begin this show with American song writer David Rovics. Find more and support David at davidrovics.com. This new song is called “Corona Virus Climate Catastrophe Fascist Empire 2020 Blues Massacree”

With his daily briefings on the novel Corona virus, Dr. John Campbell has become a YouTube teacher for the world. Recently John has appeared on media from Germany to Australia. He is a man made for the hour. John is a British retired Nurse Teacher. He understands lung disease, the exact target of the COVID-19 virus. After teaching nurses in several countries, John got his doctorate on open learning for medical training. No wonder he draws it all out so professionally for hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewers.

Dr. John Campbell, Nurse teacher UK.

The Chinese government apparently had the authority and compliance of the people to order cities more populous than London to shut down entirely for weeks. In America we have millions of armed citizens, many who fear the government and swear to rebel. I doubt America can follow the containment that China managed.

Here in Canada, we are miles behind. Flights from Iran, Italy and China are still arriving daily. Passengers are politely asked to self isolate on arrival – but where? We presume they take transit, stay with families, and some will not comply. I worry being too polite will lead to many more deaths here. Plus, Canada has not published any plan, so we are all in the dark as to whether the government has a plan.

Millions of people are already leaving Africa and the Middle East, going to Europe, or staying – badly fed – in refugee camps along the way. That suggests (a) if this virus becomes endemic in Africa, we can never stop it from returning to Europe without a vaccine or a cure and (b) the refugee camps could become death camps, where there are already a lot of cases of diseases like malaria and even tuberculosis. Is it possible the developed world may be helpless to save millions of people?

Bill Gates saw all this coming. His foundation and John Hopkins even ran a simulated outbreak game last October, where the threat was a Corona virus. Still, most of the world did not prepare, and America was the least prepared. Personally, I wonder if this outbreak is really a test for something even worse in the future. Do you expect disease could reshape our economy and social life? John says that has already happened in history, and gives examples.

John Campbell’s web site is campbellteaching.co.uk. You can order his two books ‘Campbell`s Physiology Notes’ and ‘Campbell’s Pathophysiology Notes’. Tune in daily to John’s YouTube channel for updates on COVID-19, as I do.


For this key interview, I have tried to get it out on as many platforms as possible. That should make it easy for you to share it widely. We need the broader public to wake up and get on board with the stern actions needed to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the ways you can find and share this interview:


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The latest John Campbell video as I go to press, March 11: “Tuesday 10th March Research and update”. It is a must see! Especially new research from China on how long the virus can last on surfaces, and how it can be airborne for 30 minutes in enclosed spaces (like bus, train, plane or car, or any air-conditioned space). The virus can live in temperatures up to 98 degrees F, or 37 C. for up to 3 days! That is why it can spread in hot places like Singapore or the Middle East. That is also why it seems less likely that warmer spring weather will end this pandemic, as it tends to end the flu (which is an unrelated virus).


In that video, John also releases new study by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (US showing up to 10,000 Americans infected by March 1st, probably up to double that by now.



This thing went from practically zero cases in Italy three weeks ago, to a total country-wide shutdown. One of Europe’s richest areas (Lombardy) with very modern medical systems, is now completely overwhelmed. They are down to triage, deciding who can really survive with ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds, and who has to be let go.

That is all in this video “Coronavirus ‘worse than a bomb’ on Italy, says doctor coordinating response”. The news report is from Channel 4 News in Britain, talking with Giacomo Grasselli – a senior Italian government health official who is coordinating the network of intensive care units in Lombardy.


We all could be three weeks away from an overwhelmed medical system and total lock-down. It depends on the luck and skill to avoid becoming a central hot spot, like northern Italy or Wuhan China. BTW, Wuhan is just another Chinese city of 15 million people (there are lots of them) – but its greater metropolitan area contains 60 million people!

Three weeks

I think it’s time for my wife and I to stop contacts with other people until we see how this goes down. As seniors, we are the most at risk for intensive care and/or death. It is time for us at least, to pull the plug and self-isolate. We had our last visits with family, made sure they were stocked up and aware. Our friends are already withdrawing. Our basement contains enough food and supplies to wait it out. My geothermal greenhouse is getting loaded up with new greens . Hopefully we can make it through to spring planting of the back garden before getting sick.

One of the main challenges if we do get sick, even if we do not need a hospital, people with this illness may get very, very tired. That makes it harder to get anything done, even cooking. We have food that does not need cooking, or just a little heating up – easy stuff to eat and digest. Soups may be good.

Think about what you might have to do to survive, even when tired and quite sick. Plan that out. It is also possible we could be depressed for a month or two after recovering. If we feel worried, we have to remember it is not just our personal lives, but a group thing, almost a herd state of mind. We must realize that too will pass as we get better. When I feel worried, I find myself trying the “Om” chant, listen to music and take deep breaths. Go outside, walk (where there are no people if possible). Find little things that help you feel better (my thanks to our cat).

Super thanks to the listeners who support this program. This disease has been a strain on my own finances, and comes just after I had to replace the main studio computer. It cost $57 to get John Campbell’s interview transcribed. It seemed so important to get that Coronavirus information out there, that I spent your money on it. Radio Ecoshock supporters make that kind of thing possible. Please help – find out how here.



There is all kinds of Corona virus news breaking all the time. But we need to hear this witness from 100 years ago. 1918 influenza pandemic survivor Mrs. Edna Register Boone was interviewed in 2008 in Mobile by the Alabama Department of Archives & History. This was recorded in 2008, when Edna was 100 years old. She tells us about surviving the last great pandemic to sweep humanity. Words for the future, as well as the past.


Mrs. Edna Register Boone from Mobile Alabama was a 10 year old in the 1918-19 Spanish influenza, which they called the Asian Flu. I notice in Edna’s story that her father planted a small area of sweet potatoes that helped feed the community. Her mother prepared mason jars of soup to leave on peoples’ doorsteps. If the system breaks down for a while, we will have to find a way together.

Check out this important interview by Joe Rogan (!!) with Michael Osterholm, an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. Joe Rogan Experience #1439.


Osterholm just briefed 400 finance experts on Friday Mar 6, before the markets crashed Monday. Despite a bit of wandering (like deer wasting disease) by Rogan, there is a ton of good and real info in this interview.

I’m Alex Smith. Be well, and please join us again next week, for more Radio Ecoshock.