We’ve just had major, major heat waves in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere. It’s not just the Middle East and Pakistan, it’s New York, London, Paris, and Los Angeles sweltering under road-melting temperatures. But that’s just the 30 second weather report. The rest of the news goes on – as though we haven’t shifted the climate way off course!

New science reveals mega-drought could drive up to 100 million refugees out of North African Sahel – and Greenland melt is the cause! From France, and published in PNAS, Dr. Gilles Ramstein.

Joanna Kerr, Executive Director of Greenpeace Canada on the Tar Sands and whether climate action is stalling.

Then from Germany, activist Jorg Schellenberg explains why 2 old Belgian reactors send fear and protests into Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium itself. The long human chain coming June 21st. Radio Ecoshock 170621 – Download or listen to this Radio Ecoshock show in CD Quality (57 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB)

I’ll be adding more info to this blog tomorrow. Please check back for links and more comments. In the meantime…you can listen here.

Download or listen to this Radio Ecoshock show in CD Quality or Lo-Fi


And here’s a little nuclear gossip for you. Ex-General and ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had to disclose his business venture flogging lots and lots of nuclear reactors in the volatile Middle East. In Newsweek June 9th, journalist Jeff Stein reported Flynn was flown to Egypt and Israel to feel out, quote “a fantastical plan for a joint U.S.-Russian (and Saudi-financed) program to get control over the Arab world’s rush to acquire nuclear power.” endquote. As the American nuclear industry is dying, somebody wanted Flynn to go where the money is. More nukes, for our own safety, of course.

Tck, Tck, Tck. That’s it for Radio Ecoshock. Please join me again next week, for the final show of this season, before my summer break. I’ve got a couple of great interviews for you, including the brilliant Clive Hamilton on his new book “Defiant Earth”.