I need your help now to keep Radio Ecoshock going. The Ecoshock bank account is down to a couple of hundred dollars, and I have monthly bills to pay to make the show.

Over the summer, a small group of monthly supporters has kept it all rolling. But now the show needs a burst of financial support. If you can spare $10 a month to keep the raw science of climate change getting out there, plus the voices of our activists and authors – please sign up now. There’s a button below.

I know some of you have a decent income. I don’t – because I’m putting all my time creating Radio Ecoshock. The non-profit stations who broadcast this show do NOT pay me anything. I don’t ask or get money from guests. No one can buy their way on to Radio Ecoshock. We have no annoying ads in the program or on the web site.

All that freedom of expression only happens if I can get enough support from you, the listener. If you can afford a larger donation, now is the time! There’s a button below to make donations of any size. All are appreciated.

A few have written saying they don’t want to use Paypal. I looked into VISA, but the costs and paperwork are prohibitive. That leaves the option of mailing a check if you prefer that over Paypal. Please make the check payable to “Ecoshock” (not Alex Smith).

Remember, I don’t give, sell or trade your personal information with anyone. With Paypal, I don’t even see it.

I hate asking, and I’m pretty poor at fundraising. My real goal is to get these warnings and solutions about the environment out to as many people as possible. Your donation also supports free downloads for people anywhere in the world. More than a million programs have been downloaded!

If you can, please step up now to help keep Radio Ecoshock going!



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