This is a message for radio stations and listeners of the Radio Ecoshock Show,

I’m Alex Smith.

You should have already received our four new programs for the month of July.

They are: Kill the Car, The Myth of Industrial Forests, Oil and Coal – How Much Left, and The Machinery of Climate Denial.

If you missed any of those, in a minute I’ll tell you where to download them. These were posted on in the first week of July.

While I am on vacation, Radio Ecoshock is offering 4 replay programs for the month of August. These are the most downloaded shows from the past year – a kind of listeners’ choice.

Those titles are:

Beyond the Tipping Point

Legacy: David Suzuki

Growing Sane – Local Food


Transition – the West Coast Scene.

These programs are not time limited, you could run them in any order.

Download any of the July or August programs from our web site at:

Look on this page.

Just select the programs you want, either as a full one hour program in CD Quality, or Lo-Fi.

I will be out of email contact until the third week of August.

Thank you, and I’ll be back for another whole new season of Radio Ecoshock starting August 31st.