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There are three parts to this program:

#1. I interview Jeff Masters. Millions of people check with “The Weather Underground” for the latest. Last week, it was #56 for traffic, out of all the sites on the Net. It’s huge.

Visitors want the color charts, maps, satellite photos, – and – the big picture from Dr. Jeff Masters. As a Meteorologist, Jeff was a “Hurricane Hunter”, flying with the National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration planes out of Miami. He flew right into the big ones, like Gilbert, and finally Hurricane Hugo. In 1995, Masters co-founded a web site, to make real-time sense of raw data pouring out of the National Weather Service.

We talk about the relationship of wetter and warming winters to the blizzards that hit the U.S. and Canadian Northeast, the wild winter heat wave in the Arctic, and floods in Australia. What does the future hold?

#2 A few energy tidbits. Oil burning has jumped significantly in 2010, the biggest jump in over 5 years. Bad news for the planet’s atmosphere. With a bit more energy news, involving Russia (now the world’s largest oil producer, bigger than Saudi Arabia) and China (likely the world’s biggest oil consumer, or heading that way). Why this impacts the U.S. dollar and American government ability to borrow.

#3. Why China went the standard American-style consumer route, complete with an unsustainable oil path. Hear the interview with Karl Gerth, who teaches modern Chinese history at Oxford. His new book is “As China Goes, So Goes the World. How Chinese Consumers Are Transforming Everything.”

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