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Oil Versus Light: the Jeremy Leggett interview transcript

SURVIVING THE TRIPLE CRUNCH An interview with Jeremy Leggett, by Alex Smith. From the Radio Ecoshock Show Feb. 25, 2011. Alex Smith: This civilization uses oil for its blood. Almost everything we make, buy, and use has oil in it’s food chain. You  …

PEAK TROUBLE: Navigating the Chaos

Don’t you hate it when a shadow comes into another nice day? All my weather worries are far away. The East Coast is grumbling under more snow. The deep South may be freezing the Canadian “Snow Birds.” There is another crazy cyclone over  …

Transition in America – Michael Brownlee Transcript

THE TRANSITION MOVEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES (and “Deep Transition”) Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock interviews MICHAEL BROWNLEE on February 18, 2011. Transcript. ——————————— Alex Smith: The Transition movement has spread from the United Kingdom to North America. Michael Brownlee is a gateway  …

TRANSITION – The West Coast Scene

Finally, a shaky roadmap toward sustainability, in troubling times. I’m Alex. This week we go for the Transition movement – West Coast style. What started with Rob Hopkins in the village of Totnes,England, is evolving in North America. We hear from early adopters  …

Paul Ehrlich – Humanity on a Tightrope

Radio Ecoshock interview with Alex Smith, February 11, 2011 When it comes to population, the name Paul Ehrlich inevitably comes up. In 1968, Dr. Ehrlich published “The Population Bomb”. About 40 years, and 40 books later, this distinguished scientist comes to us with  …


Welcome, welcome, to the house of Ecoshock. Last week we tried a little shock therapy: a modest proposal from Dr. Jack Alpert to sterilize everyone, to bring about Rapid Population Decline. Birth permits, just 350,000 a year, would be awarded to the lucky  …


Radio Ecoshock February 4, 2011. Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. I’m Alex Smith. When it comes to “the population bomb”, our feature speaker today makes Paul Ehrlich sound like an optimist. Now that it’s over 30 years into the tragedy of exploding humanity on  …

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