Ecocities? Don’t make me laugh… Just as Green Mayors finally arrive, the financial collapse is draining cities into poverty. San Francisco has almost half a billion dollars in revenue shortfall. Vancouver is slashing, starting with a 40 year-old plant conservatory. The only stimulus left is for the banksters and dinosaur highway projects.

It’s time to call in Richard Register, one of the inventors of the ecological city concept. He knows the time is late. The climate is damaged. Energy is declining, along with the economy. Now Richard is going to take you on a lightening tour around the world, with visions from even the poorest people, with better ways to live. Maybe the big change will give us back living spaces to love.

I’m Alex Smith, for Radio Ecoshock. In our second half hour, we’ll explore the currents of microscopic toxins that swirl around the globe, right into our homes and bloodstreams. We’ll go chasing molecules with investigative author Elizabeth Grossman.

We’ll also get expert tips on cutting your personal footprint up to 40%. That’s The Economical Environmentalist, Prashant Vaze from London. He’s an economist, formerly a top advisor to the British Prime Minister’s office, on climate change policy. But don’t expect boring wonk talk – Prashant walked the walk. He ventured to cut his personal carbon footprint drastically, while still working, seeing his extended family, and trying to live in the big city. Like the rest of us. How did he do it?

And bulldozing suburbia? Well, yes – eventually. That’s the way Peak Oil and climate change take us, beyond the landscape that cheap oil and cheap money built. Read about it here.

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And if my blog sucks this week, it’s because I have the swine flu…and it ain’t pretty. Still, I think it’s a good program for you again this week.

No point getting into the Copenhagen mess yet. I’ll save that until we see the results, if any.