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Climate in the Sixth Extinction – Resend

Hi there, Most of you received only the interview with Dr. Patz, and not the full show (with Thomas Lovejoy etc). I’m not sure why Blogger is just picking up links further down in the text, instead of sending the proper “enclosure link”.  …

Climate in the Sixth Extinction

NASA just declared 2009 the second hottest year since modern measurements began in 1880. The warmest year was 2005. And the past decade was the warmest on record. Global climate change is upon us. In this program, you’ll hear two of the world’s  …

Atomic Dreams, Climate Nightmares

In this program you’ll hear about the new nuclear renaissance. The lobbyists, and the greens, who want you to accept more reactors, to prevent catastrophic climate change. I’ll toss in one slightly tarnished hero, Dr. James Hansen, and a new interview with another  …

CONSPIRACY! Turning 911 Truth to Climate Denial

Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. We’re going to plunge into the fevered world of dark conspiracy. We’ll find the men who hate greens, the fringe media voices who call us to commit suicide. If they are to be believed, we must arrest hundreds of  …

The Coming Climate Panic

Should we arrest our best climate scientists? The denier fringe is calling for investigations and criminal charges. On today’s Radio Ecoshock Show you’ll hear one of the world’s top scientists answer those charges. I’ll digest the best from a stunning speech by Professor  …

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