QUICK GUIDE AND LINKS – RADIO ECOSHOCK PROGRAM June 6, 2008 Voices on this program: ANTHONY PERLE Simon Fraser University Urban Studies Program, Co-author of “Transport Revolution” Download that book launch speech Here. Download 20 minute presentation at “Our Transportation Future” 080522 Here. RICHARD REGISTER Clip from “A Sustainable World” on KCSB radio, in Santa Barbara. Download full interview Here. LARRY FRANK J. Armand Bombardier Chairholder in Sustainable Transportation at the University of British Columbia in the School of Community and Regional Planning and Institute. “Our Transportation Future” Presentation at SFU Downtown Vancouver, 080522 21 minutes 5 MB Here. SIR NORMAN FOSTER Grand old man of green architecture, based in Britain, major buildings all over the world. Audio from DLD Conference Munich Jan 2007. See full video at: www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/174 DERRICK JENSEN Deep green author of “Endgame: Volume 1: The Problem of Civilization and Volume 2 Resistance”. Activism Beyond Hope interview on Wild Earth Radio 29 min 27 MB or “Kick It Over” Ecoshock intro to Derrick Jensen 26 min GUIDO WIMMERS Austrian architect now in Vancouver, Canada. Expert on “Passivhaus” super low-energy building design and retrofits. His workshop next week on Radio Ecoshock. AL GORE Clip from 2006 speech on Zero Emission Buildings. RADIO SHOW TRANSCRIPT: Another evening downtown, another forum. This one is called “Our Transportation Future”. The usual suspects are on stage: three professors and a city engineer. Smugness about our city invades the room. We have reached our goals for cars downtown, years early. The new buzz-word “eco-density” makes all the glass-walled condos sound so green. The local joke: the city has a new symbolic bird: the crane. The mayor is pro-development. The Premier or Governor is a friend of developers. Everybody seems to feed on campaign donations from building bigger and bigger cities. Pedestrians are still run down regularly in this model city. A two bedroom condo downtown sells for a quarter million dollars. Glossy full page advertisements show the new suave bourgeois couple luxuriating in their tiny mansions, with granite counter-tops, piled sixty stories high. It’s all set up like a magnet for the rich. Working class people can’t afford anything in this planner’s dream. Down below, not shown on the slides, a growing swarm of homeless people dig through the dumpsters for pop cans. I’ll bet half the population is on drugs, legal or illegal, just to kill the pain. The gnawing sense of disconnection. Everyone is part of the growth agenda. They either work for the developers, or struggle clean up their mess. The city tries to add enough bushes, and strips of grass, like billboards to remind the prisoners of by-gone nature. Lost in a memory of real hills, with real seasons, something in me snaps. I interrupt the dream with a rude question….