July 26 Show

Is Humanity Unsustainable? (Replay)

What makes a mild-mannered biology professor call for a planned collapse of the economy? Canadian scientist Bill Rees would know. He was an inventor of the ecological footprint concept, and has been measuring our impact on the planet for decades. Now he’s worried about survival. Ours and all living systems.

In this program, you will hear a mile-stone lecture by Dr. Bill Rees. About our three brains: the reactive reptile stem, mammalian emotions, and the late-coming attempt at rationality. Which wins?

Rees was invited to address a meeting of World Federalists in Vancouver, Canada. Conspiracy theorists and New World Order freaks can relax. The venue was almost incidental to this summary of four decades of research into the human predicament. Rees is also a Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute, and Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia.

Even here, technology intervened. The mouse cord was too short to allow Dr. Rees to stand near his computer. The professor, inspiration to more than one generation of ecologists, stood by my bare microphone, speaking 53 minutes without notes. His delivery was perfect, the message pressing and clear.

From a room in the Unitarian Church in Vancouver Canada, April 15th, 2010, here is Dr. Bill Rees, as recorded by Alex Smith. The title is “Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable?”

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After explaining years of research showing humanity has passed a biological condition known as “overshoot” – Rees is examining an evolutionary weakness in the human brain, which may explain our failure to react to dangerous threats to our own survival.

As the BP oil sank into the American shoreline after the Deep Water Explorer blow-out, we ended this show with a song by California song-writer Dana Pearson, heard first on Radio Ecoshock. “Black goo goo (is bad for you)”. Find his other music on Soundclick here.

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July 19 Show

Facing the Harsh Realities of Now (Replay)

The most downloaded Radio Ecoshock show ever!

David Wasdell, head of the Apollo-Gaia Project, returns to Radio Ecoshock with devastating revelations about how climate science has been manipulated or ignored by the IPCC, and by the leaders meeting in Paris.

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July 12 Show

Will Fantasy & Anger Sink the Climate? (Replay)

Top UK scientist & truth-teller Kevin Anderson: the dangerous fantasy built into the climate narrative. Plus the awful story of the Texas nuclear parking lot with Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear, and Trump’s secret backer for climate wrecking. Radio Ecoshock 161116,

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July 5 Show

Climate Hope & Despair Revisited

From “the Climate Despair and Empowerment Roadshow” – Australia’s Kelly Tudhope’s inspiring presentation at Vancouver, Planetarium August 15th 2007, with clips from Al Gore (!), and Ross Gelbspan. Feel the wave. A Radio Ecoshock replay for July 5, 2017.

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The original flyer for this tour is here.

Kelly Tudhope is a practising solicitor in New South Wales Australia, and is also licensed in New Zealand. In addition to her many climate talks, Kelly has advised grass roots groups, and co-authored a book comparing organic agriculture to genetic engineering.

Kelly Tudhope

This program was retrieved from my CD archive collection, in full radio quality, after it was broadcast on my original home radio station of CFRO 100.5 FM “Co-op Radio” in Vancouver, Canada.

I replay this program looking back, almost wistfully, this is Radio Ecoshock from August 24, 2007 – ten years ago, when our chances looked better.

Those were the days when I packed 3 microphones and 100 feet of cable into my backpack to record authors and activists appearing in Vancouver, Canada. Now most book promotion is done online, and there are fewer talks around town.

So what do you think? Were we too hopeful ten years ago, when I made that show? Is there still grass roots climate activism?

In 2017, I’m haunted by the idea we had a chance. Now, according to a new study by some of the world’s top climate scientists, we have just three years left, until 2020, to change. After that, they say, Earth will be committed to climate catastrophe. Three years. What can we do? What can you do?

Thanks for listening to Radio Ecoshock in this summer of 2017, as we dig out the classics and hear again the best speeches and interviews.