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The High Arctic and Eco-Anxiety

SUMMARY: Disturbing climate news from high Arctic with Paul Beckwith. Handling eco-anxiety with Susie Burke of Australian Psychological Society. Radio Ecoshock 140903 kicks off new fall season. A hearty welcome back to another season of Radio Ecoshock. I’m your tour-guide, Alex Smith. In  …


Coping: Climate Anxiety. Preparing: Dehydrating Food

How to cope with climate despair. UK psychotherapist & co-founder of Carbon Conversations, Rosemary Randall. Then a practical alternative to industrial food: learn to dehydrate in season with traditional cooking expert Wardeh Harmon. Radio Ecoshock 130417 1 hour. Listen to/download this Radio Ecoshock  …


Living on The Edge

Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, is the father of “biodiversity”. He advises Presidents and the World Bank. Thomas Lovejoy visits Radio Ecoshock. Next science vs. spirituality with Dr. Carolyn Baker She says: go positive in a negative world. Alex investigates why millions of people in  …


Has The World Gone Crazy, Or Is It Just Me?

Journalist and scientist Andrew Freedman: what new science is saying about freaky 2013 weather. Plus Dr. Kathy McMahon “the Peak Oil Shrink.” Kathy tells us about Nicole Foss, “sucky collapse”, and a surprising turn in her own life. Radio Ecoshock 130206 Remember normal  …

Peak Oil Vs. “Pathological Optimism”

PEAK OIL VERSUS “PATHOLOGICAL OPTIMISM” – Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock – on “the Peak Shrink”, Kathy McMahon. [Find links to free mp3 recordings of Kathy’s full speech in Vancouver, plus an interview with Alex Smith – at the bottom of this post.]  …

Post Climatic Stress Disorder – Climate Psychology

Friends did a month of rain that fall last night? Did rivers flood in the Fall? Did you know 214 all-time heat records were set in the U.S. September 24th? It was 30 degrees in Toronto, feeling like 37 with the humidity –  …

From Occupied Earth

This Ecoshock program features two interviews. We start out talking about South America, and how changes to the Amazon rainforest could impact the climate of the whole world. I also cover two jaw-dropping stories this week: #1. the complete fake-out as General Motors  …

Coping With Climate Change

Ecoshock Show 080725 How can we face it? 2 interviews: Pulitzer prize winner Catherine Ellison, and climate/nuclear historian Spencer Weart. Catherine Ellison is one of America’s top reporters. She caught me attention again when she wrote about the difficulty of telling kids about  …

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