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Feed Yourself

QUICK SUMMARY: Oil guru Richard Heinberg on life after fossil fuels. Marjory Wildcraft: why you may want to grow your own groceries. Radio Ecoshock 150408 Five percent of the world’s oil tanker capacity is waiting to load up near Basra Iraq, where production  …


Green Dreams – Future or Fantasy?

SUMMARY: UK guest host Greg Moffitt interviews scientist David Fridley, from Berkeley National Lab and the Post-Carbon Institute. Radio Ecoshock 150114 We will switch away from fossil fuels sooner or later, because they will run out. If it’s later, our kids get  …


SUMMARY: UK “eco-horror” novelist Joseph D’Lacey living after the Apocalypse. Stanford’s Dr. Mary Kang: oil & gas pipes leak methane after shutdown. Scientist Michael Mann’s take on “The Newsroom” climate doom. Radio Ecoshock 141210 Download or listen to this Radio Ecoshock show  …

Is Global Collapse Imminent?

QUICK SUMMARY: “Is Global Collapse Imminent” by Australian academic Graham M. Turner. Linda Doman from US Energy Information Administration says world will burn 30% more oil and gas in 2040. Marc-Andre Parisien from the Canadian Forest Service tells us about record mega-fires in  …


What to Do While Waiting (for the Crash)

SUMMARY Author Richard Heinberg on geopolitics, finance, and environment of the slow crash. Global Crossing and Green Festivals President Kevin Danaher on transition to green economy. Unicyclist for climate Joseph Boutelier. Radio Ecoshock 140507 1 hour. Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. I’m Alex and  …


The Awful Truth About Fracking

True stories from Walter Brasch, author of”Fracking Pennsylvania”. An update from Friends of Earth UK campaigner Helen Rimmer as government makes new “dash for (fracked) gas”. With clips from American biologist/activist Sandra Steingraber. Don’t buy into fracking! Radio Ecoshock 140108 FUKUSHIMA FRAUDSTERS Just  …


Is This Peak History?

A joint study between the University of Maryland and a Barcelona University digs deep into our energy future. From Berlin, guest Christian Kerschner. Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV interviews Alex Smith. Radio Ecoshock 131106 1 hour. Listen to/download this program in CD  …


Climate Catastrophe Past and Future

SHOW SUMMARY Washington University’s Peter Ward specializes in the 4 past extinctions from global warming. He’s appeared on TV, author of 14 books, and warns rising seas will change America forever. Dr. Morgan Schaller of Rutgers tells us about a sudden heating event  …


Power Down or Power Shift?

Did fracking kill off Peak Oil? Or just the world’s hope of alternative energy? Coming up, energy guru Richard heinberg on his new book “Snake oil, How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future.” But if conventional society can’t power down, maybe  …


In These Latter Days

Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. It’s summer: the time on the new planet Earth for more high temperature records in the Northern Hemisphere. Others nearly drown in global wetting. We are all at the mercy of the great stalled waves of the Jet Stream  …


Start Something to Live For

American author of Aquaponic Gardening Sylvia Bernstein on union of fish and veggies. Publisher of Mother Earth News Bryan Welch’s optimism of non-partisan activism. Canada’s oil capital shut down by climate change. Radio Ecoshock 130626 1 hour. Get ready for your new food  …

WILD HUMANS (doing wild things)

National Geographic reporter Scott Wallace on trips to deep Amazon for his book “The Unconquered”. How oil, gold, and illegal logging chase the last un-contacted tribes. Plus reports on Canadian Boreal failure, serial climate hacker Russ George, and shaping Nature in the city.  …


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