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In These Latter Days

Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. It’s summer: the time on the new planet Earth for more high temperature records in the Northern Hemisphere. Others nearly drown in global wetting. We are all at the mercy of the great stalled waves of the Jet Stream  …


Unburnable: Risky Fossil Fuel Investments Vs. Climate Crisis

Two new reports say climate change could cause the next financial crisis. From London, Bob Ward, LSE lead author of “Unburnable: Carbon 2013: Wasted capital and stranded assets.” From Australia’s Climate Institute, John Connor on coal’s risky future. Plus Nancy LaPlaca: why does  …


Fracking: Sacrifice Zones of the American West

Fracking: Sacrifice Zones of the American West. What can other countries expect? Four voices from the Bakken shale lands. Polluting oil & gas extraction impacts in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana & North Dakota. The dark side of the fracking boom. Radio Ecoshock 130508 1  …


How Will We Power the Future?

In-depth interview with Nobel Laureate Robert B. Laughlin on his book “Powering the Future: How We Will Eventually Solve the Energy Crisis and Fuel the Civilization of Tomorrow.” Dr. Rose M. Cory’s new science on positive feedback loop discovered in the melting Arctic.  …


Dirty Overload – Overpopulation to the Tar Sands

Film-maker Mike Freedman says we’ve hit “Critical Mass” toward extinction by over-population. Bill McKibben tells me why everybody in the world needs to battle the Tar Sands. Council of Canadians founder Maude Barlow links dirty energy to dirty politics. And native leader Caleb  …


Fracking – The Rest of the Story Gasland director Josh Fox arrested at U.S. Congress Hearing on Fracking Feb 1, 2012. Speakers Rep Harris (R-MD), Rep Miller (D-NC), Kathleen Sgamma (Industry), John Fenton (well poisoned, Pavillion Wyoming), Theo Colborne (on air pollution health impacts of fracking, for Great Lakes  …

Fracking Gas = Climate Crash

For years, governments, industry, and TV ads told us natural gas is the safe bridge fuel while we move away from dirty coal and oil. Cornell University scientist Robert Howarth wondered “Is that true?”. When Howarth found no science to back up big  …

Bastards of a Dying World

Welcome to another packed show from Radio Ecoshock! This week we cover: * behind-the-scenes panic over reports of methane blowing out of the sea-bed in the Eastern Arctic. This could dramatically increase global warming. * activist resistance against a wave of gas frackin  …

Gas Pump Blues – for 100,000 Years

They’re on practically every corner. Some people feel nervous at the gas pump. Others are outraged. Everybody knows prices are going nowhere but up. Did you know a gallon of gas weighs about 6 pounds – or 2.7 kilos? Almost all of it  …

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