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Fire! In A Crowded World

http://bit.ly/JfocDr Wild fires from climate change cause still more warming. Three experts from American Academy for the Advancment of Science meeting February 19th recorded in Vancouver by Alex Smith. Michael Flannigan, U of Alberta on fire and climate. From UBC medical unit, Dr.  …

How A Far Away Island Can Rock Your World

FAR AWAY PLACES WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD I’m hoping my bank will still be open next Monday. Most of us are trying to get through the next week. Half of us can’t live without the next paycheck. Will Europe survive? Despite the smiling  …

The Myth of the Industrial Forest

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL STATIONS AND TREASURED LISTENERS: SUMMER RADIO ECOSHOCK PROGRAMS I will be uploading 8 programs to Pacifica Audioport, and the publicly available radio4all.net this week, to cover my annual vacation. Load up, and you are set for the Summer. All  …

BE THE CHANGE Climate Conversion

This program explores how green leaders are converting to climate activism. And how you can move from spectator to citizen action. You’ll hear Forest Ethics co-Founder Tzeporah Berman in a moving speech, going to a new climate group Power Up Canada. United Church  …


American cities in decay. Refugees not from New Orleans after Katrina. This is a different kind of Hurricane. A trifecta of climate change, high oil prices and the real estate bubble leaves abandoned holes from Detroit, Philadelphia, Phoenix and beyond. I’m Alex Smith,  …

FIRESTORM – Carbon Rising

Ecoshock Show 080711 We begin with a first hand report from climate front-line – the California fires, with Maria Gilardin. Maria is the host of the TUC radio program, originating from San Francisco. This time she is sending out last emails, from her  …


[In Blogger, to hear the show, click the title above.] When we purchase carbon offsets, or companies claim to be “carbon neutral” – are we kidding ourselves? In the first of a two-part radio series, we look at one of the best-known “green”  …

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