July 5 Show

SUDDEN HEAT (replay)

With record heat in North America and Europe – this is a great time to review what we know about how heat kills. Dr. Robert Kopp explains why humans die in heat waves, and why that will get worse as climate change develops. Then the incredible Dr. Jeremy Leggett on “Winning the Carbon War”. Plus climate music from Melody Sheep in this classic Radio Ecoshock replay.  Find the full blog with all the guest bios and follow-up links right here.

July 11 Show

Welcome to the Dark New Climate (replay)

50 scientists warn official predictions don’t include a feed-back as large as all U.S. emissions: the warming soil. From the Netherlands, Dr. Thomas Crowther. From Maine, paleobiologist Dr. Jacquelyn Gill says abrupt climate change hit species before us. We’re next.  Full blog with all guest info and links to follow up here.