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Chasing Molecules Elizabeth Grossman on unseen chemicals going around the world – and into your bloodstream. 19 min CD Quality 18 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

Ban styrofoam in NY Sen Liz Krueger’s bill 7 min

Big Companies Rethink PVC
Eco Talk 12 MB 12 min

Toxic Mercury Transmission, GLRC 4.5 MB 4.5 min

Backyard Dioxin Burners, GLRC 5 MB 5 min

Pthalate Sex Changers for You, Living on Earth 4.5 MB 4.5 min

UK Pesticides & Prostate Cancer, Living on Earth 5 MB 5 min

Toxic Chemicals Lead to Obesity, Living on Earth 8 MB 8 min

Toxic Chemicals in Your Home, (Eco Talk) 13 min

Pharmaceuticals Flood Our Water, CKUT 20 min

Toxic Consumer Products, Against the Grain 33 min

Environmentally Caused Cancer 20 min

EPA Conflict regulating tox industry 12 min

Toxic Portfolio Don’t invest in polluters 8 min

Children’s Chemical Burden (Harvard Medical) Part One 27 min Part Two 30 min

Testing Pesticides on Kids, EcoTalk 8 min

Waste USA BBC One Planet 23 min

Toxic Time Bomb: Endocrine Disruptors BBC4 28 min

Waste in the Philippines 30 min

Green Chemistry w John Warner, WUML 22 min

Waste in China (ABC Australia & BBC) 30 min

Toxic Arctic Orcas Are Us, Deutche Welle 9 MB 9 min

Dangerous Chemical Cosmetics, A World of Possibilities 13 min

Toxic Nation – Chemicals found in Canadians’ blood 13.5 min

American Lung Vs EPA, E & E TV 27 MB 27 min

DuPont Fined for Teflon Risks, Eco Talk 8 MB 8 min

Mad About Mercury, Eco Talk 7 MB 7 min

Arsenic in Drinking Water BBC4 5 min

DOW Nemagon Poisons 3rd World, Real World Radio 2 min

Newborns Toxic at Birth, EcoTalk 7 min

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