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NICOLE FOSS: How I Prepared Economic expert & blogger Nicole Foss (“Stoneleigh” from The Automatic Earth) on her preparations for Peak Oil, climate change and economic crash. From 2010 International Conf. on Sustainability, 101112 Nov 12 2010 38 minutes CD Quality or Lo-Fi

THE CARBON CONTROL KNOB Prof Richard B. Alley speech to American Geophysical Union Bjerknes Lecture Dec 2008 San Francisco 57 min Lo-Fi 13 MB

Paul Hawken – author of “Ecology of Commerce” “Natural Capitalism” & “Blessed Unrest” on “A Resilient Future” 39 min CD Quality 36 MB or Lo-Fi 9 MB

Anita Burke, former Shell Oil exec., “Shifting Corporate Culture” (activist delight) 26 min, CD Quality 24 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

TIM FLANNERY Author of the Weathermakers, Australian of the Year 2007 speech in Toronto, Canada 080404 recorded by John-Paul Warren, prepared by Radio Ecoshock. 47 min CD Quality 44 MB or Lo-Fi 11 MB

A Sustainable Future: Jonathon Porritt, founder of UK Green movement, ex-Director of Friends of Earth, Chair of UK Sustainable Development Commission Speech at Vancouver May 2, 2007 (58 min); followed by round-table Q and A, Part One (48 min), Part Two (49 min)

TOM HAYDEN IN VANCOUVER Activist icon on social movements, wars vs. poverty, the struggle for justice. For UBC students 080703 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. See also Radio Ecoshock feature “Tom Hayden the Birth of Social Movements” 081017 1 hour 14 MB Lo-Fi for a Hayden review and retrospective with an aim for a new social movement.

James Howard Kunstler speech Vancouver 080124 for SFU urban Studies program. Challenges to cities and agriculture from Peak Oil. Full speech CD Quality 1 hour 19 min (74 MB!) or Lo-Fi at 19 MB

James Lovelock
A Change of the Living Earth” To Royal Academy, UK Oct 29 2007. Definitely one of most important climate speeches of the year. Our future described. 56 MB 1 hour.

US Intentions for Iran Seymour Hersh Amnesty International Lecture October 24, 2007 New Yorker reporter who revealed My Lai massacre and Abu Ghraib, portrays madness in Bush land, as they prepare to bomb Iran. Edited for radio 55 MB 58 min

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. ON KILLER COAL RFK delivers blockbuster speech to Commonwealth Club of California June 2011. Coal has poisoned all Americans & all fish. Kennedy offers a vision of renewable power & new energy grid. His bitter assessment of corporate rule and corporate-controlled media. Courtesy of Climate One project of Commonwealth Club with host Greg Dalton. From Radio Ecoshock Show 110921 44 minutes CD Quality or Lo-Fi

AMY GOODMAN IN VANCOUVER After being grilled by Canadian border guards, violating press & civil rights, host of Democracy Now! let loose at Vancouver Public Library Nov 25th 2009. Full 1 hour 22 in speech in Lo-Fi 19 MB

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson – new green plan at Resilient Cities conference 091020 10 min Lo-Fi 2 MB

Growing Up Green Severn Cullis-Suzuki, once youth spokesperson at the UN, now a scientist. Rare speech, Vancouver 080124 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

JAMES HANSEN SPEECH Mind-blowing, must-listen speech in Texas, on the new hot-state planet. Part 1 27 MB 30 min Part 2 27 MB 30 min Courtesy TUC Radio, San Franscisco. Part 3 Questions & Answers 30 min

THE OLD FUTURE IS GONE Progressive Politics in Cascading Crisis and the Struggle for Strategy. Dr. Robert Jensen, author & Professor of Journalism at Texas U Recorded in Vancouver 080811. Speech 42 min CD Quality (38 MB) or Lo-Fi (10 MB) plus Q and A with activist audience 68 min CD Quality (62 MB) or Lo-Fi (16 MB)

What Will We Eat After Oil? Richard Heinberg to Soil Association, London, 071122. Essential listening from author of “Party’s Over” and “Peak Everything”. 56 min. Remastered to fix original recording flaws. CD Quality 52 MB or Lo-Fi 13 MB

Population, Climate & Other Threats Paul Ehrlich in Perth, Australia Nov 26, 2007 33 MB 36 min

Cory Doctorow The Totalitarian Urge. SFU Leonaro Lecture March 9, 2007. Part One (55 Mb, 58 min) Part Two (18 MB, 18 min)

EPIGENETICS Cafe Scientifique Panel on “How the Environment Gets Under Our Skin”. Genes may last a lifetime, but experiences and nutrition determine which genes are turned on or off. And may be passed on for several generations. Four scientists plus host Marie LeRose at Roundhouse, Vancouver, Canada 100408 Part 1 Panel Discussion 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB Part 2 Rest of panel talk, plus Q and A 52 min CD Quality 48 MB or Lo-Fi 12 MB

DR. SUZUKI Speech at launch of “Age of Stupid” courtesy of The Other Side of the News (with Maggie Hughes) 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB

Dr. Bill Rees, co-intentor of “ecological footprint” – “What If Can Do – Can’t?” RESILIENT CITIES 091021 38 min CD Quality 36 MB or Lo-Fi 9 MB

ROSS GELBSPAN Who If Not Us Famous journalist on denial and resistance by fossil fuel industry. Toronto 080320. 28 min CD Quality 27 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB Gelspan website:

New Great Transformation Paul Hawken to Long Now Fdn. sees new wave of green consciousness. Finally, some real hope. Speech (42 MB 46 min) Q & A (24 MB 26 min)

NAOMI KLEIN – SHOCK DOCTRINE NOW! Latest from author of “No Logo” & “Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism“. As broadcast on Free Radio Santa Cruz. Speech 70 min CD Quality 67 MB or Lo-Fi 17 MB Q and A 23 min. CD Quality 22 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

THOMAS HOMER-DIXON Who If Not Us? Author/scientist outlines new climate science. IPCC outdated. Some scientists panci as carbon blooms out of control. Toronto Envirofest 080320 36 minutes CD Quality 38 MB or Lo-Fi 9 MB See:

Climate Doomsday Clock Ticking Charles, Prince of Wales to the European Parliament 080214 29 min CD Quality 27 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

How Warm Is Too Warm? Princeton’s Dr. Michael Oppenheimer in Australia, July 07. Lecture 1 56 min CD Quality 53 MB Part 1 Lo-Fi 13 MB; Lecture 2 55 min CD Quality 51 MB or Lo-Fi 13 MB

NOAM CHOMSKY: THE POISONED CHALICE Media & the Use of Force. speech May 17, 2007 at “20 Years of Propaganda?” Conference U of Windsor. Radio-ready version, 59 min with intro; Full speech 107 min.

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