BETTER IN BAD TIMES Interview with former psychologist and teacher, now crisis counsellor and author Carolyn Baker. Do we need spiritual answers to survive personally? Radio Ecoshock 130213 26 min. CD Quality 24 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

GETTING READY FOR COLLAPSE – ON THE INSIDE Clinical Psychologist (“the Peak Oil Shrink“) Kathy McMahon returns to Radio Ecoshock. We talk mass worry and personal resources. From Radio Ecoshock 130202 38 min CD Quality 34 MB or Lo-Fi 9 MB

DYING CORAL TO A DYING WORLD According to Peter F. Sale, 25% of all marine species inhabit coral. But 20% of reefs are dead. From new book “Our Dying Planet” talk of the Holocene Mass Extinction (going on now). From Radio Ecoshock 111012 29 minutes CD Quality 14 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

The Crisis of Civilization Interview with Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed on six threats. Do we need separate movements for climate, Peak Oil, economy, etc – or is this one interacting problem of humanity? 29 min in CD Quality or Lo-Fi

TALKING APOCALYPSE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY Author and editor of Brain,Child magazine Tracy Mayor on the problems of talking about climate change and Peak Oil to friends and relatives. And what do we say to the kids? Interview from the Radio Ecoshock Show 101126 18 min. CD Quality or Lo-Fi

THE WATCHMAN’S RATTLE Successful hi-tech businesswoman, sociobiologist Rebecca Costa on “The Wathman’s Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction” Interview from Radio Ecoshock 101105 19 min CD Quality 17 MB or Lo-Fi 4 MB

Paul Kingsnorth Deep green British author and broadcaster says governments and climate conferences will never stop fossil fuel use. We make climate change – and won’t stop until a crumbling economy and climate chaos force us. Revisioning the new ecology with The Dark Mountain Project. 28 min CD Quality 26 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB From 091218 Ecoshock Show.

COPENHAGEN DIGEST: Obama’s America vs. Africa From climateradio – How Obama can act without Congress. The impacts on Africa (as told by Africans). Amy Goodman, Naomi Klein, Cassie Siegel, Nnimmo Bassey, Sylvia Wutchara, Phil England, Frederika Whitehead. 29 min 30 sec CD Quality 27 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

THE MEDEA HYPOTHESIS Scientist Peter Ward disputes Lovelock’s “Gaia” image of life saving life. Ward says the record shows “Nature” can be biocidal. Says geoengineering can stave off final extinction. Lo-Fi 25 min 5 MB from Ecoshock 091016

THE LONG THAW – DAVID ARCHER Chicago scientist says our carbon lasts 100,000 years. Your gas, the lasting legacy, that reshapes the long future. From Ecoshock 090918 27 min CD Quality 25 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

GLOBESITY: A PLANET OUT OF CONTROL Interview with co-author Michelle Holdsworth. 1 in 12 on Earth now obese – more than the starving. Adds to greenhouse gases with big cars and more agricultural emissions. Lo-Fi 4 MB 17 min

Dr. Anthony Barnosky on his new book “Heatstroke, Nature in an Age of Global Warming” Impact of climate on rest of natural world. From Radio Ecoshock 090619 18 min CD Quality 17 MB or Lo-Fi 4 MB

HEAT WAVE Welcome to New Heat Age. News plus predictions by James Lovelock. 16 MB 17 min

MONBIOT Bring on the Catastrophe Ecoshock interview August 2008 on new book. Lo-Fi 6 MB 23 min

Africa Eats Our Exhaust Our pollution wrecking African economy and ecology. w hot music. 18 min.

PETER WARD scientist, author “Under A Green Sky” explains past extinctions and why we are heading there now. Important Ecoshock interview. Lo-Fi 6 MB 26 min

JOSEPH ROMM climate blogger “Climate Progress” 2009 update on climate news. Startling. Lo-Fi 4 MB 16 min

MONBIOT – A Man for All Climates George outlines new book “Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning” 25 Mb 26 min

GAIA’S REVENGE Is it already too late? 9 min 8 MB

James Hansen 10 Years to Act speech Feb 20, 2007 New York 32 MB 34 min; Digest of clips from speech (w music) 9 MB 9 min

Methane Primer What you need to know about this climate killer. 15 MB 15 min

Big Brown Cloud – Global Dimming Can pollution stop global warming? 18 MB 19.5 min

LET’S TALK ABOUT SMOG One of most downloaded broadcasts… 16 MB 17 min

THE POLLUTED WOMB Increase in Asthma, Autism, Learning Disorders. 20 MB 21 min.

Smog and Climate Interview w cloud specialist Dr. Phil Austin 17 min

END COAL NOW (or Earth burns) 12 MB 13 min

THERMAGEDDON Greenpeace Founder Robert Hunter says we have 25 years to avoid Hell.

Climate Change A to Z 5 min – from

ABC’s OF CLIMATE CHANGE – Will Miami Flood? Blame Oil Whitehouse says TV. 6 MB 6.5 min

GLENN BECK: CNN’s Climate Quisling 21 min

Climate: Canada Gives Up Baird’s new plan “complete fraud” says Al Gore. Kyoto dead, democracy bypassed, CO2 to rise.

CLIMATE SCAMS Seven Roads to Hell on Earth (Ecoshock special) 37 MB 40 min

Climate Solutions Mix Ideas for Earth Day 12 MB 13 min

IPCC Censorship and Apollo Gaia project to replace it? Ecoshock 20 min

The Methane Fix America’s alternative to carbon control. Will it work? 14 MB 15 min.

Climate Economics of Acting/Not Acting Sir Nicholas Stern testimony to US Senate Feb 13, 2007 (also China and carbon capture) 28 MB 30 min

Mark Lynas British author/activist on new climate book: “Six Degrees” … 23 min.

Stormy Future Cross continental storms warn of climate change 12 MB 13 min

WARREN BUFFET Where is the world’s richest man when it comes to climate change? MIA. 11 MB 12 min

ALEXANDER COCKBURN CLIMATE DENIER Famous lefty author from “Counterpunch” goes loopy with climate denial. 21 MB 23 min

ICE QUAKE Ice shelf breaks off in Canada – start of big breakup in the Arctic. 4 MB 5 min

JAMES HANSEN, SCIENTIST Look at NASA’s climate warning with 2007 clips and digest. 8 MB 9 min.

JAMES HANSEN WITH TUC – TUC Radio San Francisco interviews Hansen at a climate conference, 2007. 15 MB 16 min

INHOFE’S GREATEST HITS Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma calls global warming the biggest scam ever. 4 MB 4 min

MAP OF DOOM Sir James Lovelock explains maps from UK research showing band of deserts forming due to climate shift. Includes Australia, Africa and Southern U.S. 11 MB 12 min

IPCC in CLIPS from the 2007 report launch, media and scientists report Intergovenmental Panel on Climate Change. 7 MB 8 min

CLIMATE CODE RED The case for emergency action. Ecoshock interviews author David Spratt from Australia. Lo-Fi 5 MB 20 min

Six Best Climate Songs 24 MB 26 min


SOLAR STORM CAN KNOCK OUT CIVILIZATION – NASA announced “Solar Shield” project – a plan not yet implemented – to reduce damage from next solar storm. Academy of Science report says 130 million Americans, and more cities around the world, could lose electricity for months, or longer. Major threat, almost unknown to public. From Radio Ecoshock 101105 15 min CD Quality 13 MB or Lo-Fi 3 MB See Show Transcript for details and links.

Consumerism Killing the Planet Interview with project director Erik Assadourian on Worldwatch State of the World 2010 report. Plus my review. Suggests how to use institutions to transform consumer culture into sustainability. See also this blog entry for reactions from Monbiot and others. From Ecoshock Show 100212 30 min CD Quality 28 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

CRASH THEN AND NOW Andrew Marshall explains how banks, not governments, create money. Ingo Schmidt compares “dirty 30’s” to present economic crisis. Brown Bagger 1 hour Lo-Fi 14 MB

Economy of Happiness Prof. John Helliwell Why some communities grow stronger, while others fail, after disaster or hard times strike. 2009 UBC Forestry Lecture 090917 Radio abridged Lo-Fi 1 hour 14 MB

PROSPERITY WITHOUT GROWTH Professor Tim Jackson, advisor to UK gov’t. New book on “Economics for a Finite Planet” Does’t duck challenges of peak oil, climate, economic crisis. Redefining “prosperity” beyond GDP. Interview from Ecoshock Show 091120 22 min CD Quality 20 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

Dying American Empire. Now What? Dave Cohen, analyst with Assoc. for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO) on bleak economic reality. Interview from Ecoshock 091120 18 min CD Quality 16 MB or Lo-Fi 4 MB

HOW COMMUNITIES REBUILD – RIKI OTT Author of “Not One Drop” and surivor of Exxon-Valdez spill, researches disaster recovery around the world. Will your community fight, fail, or regroup? What works. Lo-Fi 5 MB 20 min

JOE BAGEANT Poverty and Ecocide. Famous author of “Deer Hunting With Jesus, Dispatches from America’s Class War,” Joe Bageant is a gonzo truthseeker. Joe covers our over-populated, midget-minded plunge into a damaged world. Lo-Fi 28 min 7 MB

DEAD MALLS, DEAD CONSUMERISM Howard Davidowitz says 200,000 stores will close. American consumerism will never return. Lo-Fi 4 MB 17 min

Getting Started in Canning. Alex’s 1 day project to get spring rhubarb at half the cost. Tips for buying canners. Complete how to. Lo-Fi 3 MB 10 min

IN BEANS WE TRUST Jason Bradford, host of radio show “The Reality Report” on local currency based on food, in Mendicino California. Lo-Fi 5 MB 20 min

LIVING IN YOUR CAR Tips for the last resort (before homelessness) 4 MB 15 min

FOOD STORAGE TIPS Alex’s audio blog on long-term food storage for very bad times. Lo-Fi 3 MB 13 min

RE-INVENTING COLLAPSE Ecoshock interviews Dmitri Orlov. Compares American crisis with Soviet collapse – lessons learned. 6 MB 20 min

WILL WORK FOR FOOD Trading city skills with farm food producers. Interview with Valerie Gates. Lo-Fi 2 MB 8 min

From Solutions to Survivalism digest of Ross Gelbspan speech, author of “Boiling Point” 20 MB 22 min

MIKE WHITNEY The economic crash predicted in 2007. 18 MB 20 min

THOMAS HOMER-DIXON Podcast host KMO interviews author of “The Up Side of Down” Canadian professor sees possibilities in catastrophe. Lo-Fi 6 MB 25 min

Global Finance Campaign RAN Rainforest Action Network against Wall Street Banks financing forest death. Matt Leonard 2008 15 MB 16 min


Fish Farms Kill Wild Salmon Catherine Stewart, The Living Oceans Society tracks aquaculture damage from big Norwegian companies to Scotland, Chile, and British Columbia, Canada. Sea lice, escapes, pesticides and pollution. Supermarkets, negotiations. 20 min Lo-Fi 5 MB

FARM ANIMALS AS OCEAN PREDATORS Dr. Jennifer Jacquet says pigs and chickens get 30% of fisheries catch. Cleaning out the oceans for agribusiness. 20 min CD Quality 19 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

Ocean Acidification Interview with Dr. Richard A. Feely of NOAA. Acid seas kill ocean life and geo-engineering makes it worse. 5 MB 19 min

Fish Collapse by 2048 Seafood going … gone, scientists say. 16 min.

MURDER in the DEEP Trawling killing up to 98% of ocean life. 11 min

EXXON’S GHOSTS – TOXIC OIL with Riki Ott 20 min 18 MB

Disappearing Fisheries: Ecoshock review and highlights of speech by Dr. Daniel Pauly 45 MB 48 min

Steve Shallhorn, Greenpeace Australia plus news on burned out ship and whaling in sanctuary. 15 MB 16 min


LOSING FAITH IN THE FUTURE IS BAD FOR YOU Donald B. Louria, the medical doctor who says loss of faith in the future can kill. Clip from intro at NYC Fukushima Symposium March 2013 plus reading from his page for book “reThink: A Twenty-First Century Approach to Preventing Societal Catastrophes.” From Radio Ecoshock 130501 11 minutes CD Quality or Lo-Fi

YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL ROAD TRIP Interview with Ben Evans of YERT film finding green solutions all over America. Filled with personalities and ideas to check out. 24 min from Ecoshock 130201 CD Quality 22 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

EXIT ENVIRONMENTALISM Green law professor Michael M’Gonigle say it may be too late for classic environmentalism. He outlines a new strategy. Special to Radio Ecoshock 120509 by hosts of “The Extraenvironmentalist” podcast 37 min CD Quality or Lo-Fi.

THE GREAT EXTINCTION – E.O. Wilson says half of species may disappear. 18 MB 19 min.

THE BIG CRUSH Populuation 6.5 Billion – 10 MB 11 min

MAD COW LURKING Exploding Alzheimer’s, Deer Wasting Disease, BSE – a new plague from factory meat? 37 min 34 MB

BRUCE STERLING Sci-Fi million seller on consumer junk, climate change and solutions. 27 MB 29 min.

Kick It Over – Derrick Jensen Environmentalism of Despair 26 min

The Music of Dying Forests Climate change releases bugs 7 min

Toxic Babies testing on newborns, plus CDS report on chemicals in your blood.

Pollution in the Womb Speech by Dr. Perera of Columbia. 41 min 39 MB

STEVE IRWIN Good-bye to Australian protector of alligators, reptiles, and all species. 8 MB 7 min

TERRY JACKS – CONCRETE SEA Interview with one of 1st enviro musicians, award-winning Canadian Terry Jacks. 24 MB 27 min

MICHAEL BYRON Through Infinity’s Rainbow spiritual and green transformation. San Diego professor interview. Lo-Fi 4 MB 18 min

CLIMATEER INVESTING Interview with top NY investor on alternative energy markets 2008. 17 MB 20 min

GREENPEACE CHINA Interview from Beijing of Tamara Stark, then head of Greenpeace China. 10 MB 11 min

PROTECTING CANADA’S FORESTS Richard Brooks of Greenpeace Canada interview 2006. Boreal forests 10 MB 11 min

PAUL GEORGE Founder of Western Canada Wilderness Committee on his book. 14 MB 16 min

ECO MIGRATION Dr Norman Myers, Oxford. Expert in migration due to climate, scarcity and other eco causes. 11 MB 12 min

REPORTING THE WORST Ecoshock interview with enviro journalist Stephen Leahy of IPS. Why mainstream misses it. Lo-Fi 4 MB 15 min


From UK Transition Town movement, Shaun Chamberlin‘s fresh thinking on climate and Peak Oil. Author of “Transition Timeline” and advisor on Tradable Energy Quotas. Blog “Dark Optimism“. Stimulating interview 24 min CD Quality 22 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

John Michael Greer Author of “The Long Descent” (and 19 other books) explains the myths and realities of collapse. Could it be good for us? His blog. Interview Lo-Fi 25 min 6 MB from Ecoshock 100305

DMITRY ORLOV Author of “Re-inventing Collapse” returns for a fresh Radio Ecoshock interview. Always original, thought-provoking. Lo-Fi 21 min 5 MB from Ecoshock 100305

Carolyn Baker Adjunct Prof History and Psychology, author of “Sacred Demise, Walking the Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization’s Collapse”. Blog “Speaking Truth to Power“. We talk collapse and rejuvenation. 20 min CD Quality 18 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

KURT COBB Indie journalist on collapse, peak oil, climate and cultural survival. From Ecoshock 100319 and 100326. His blog. Part 1: 21 min CD Quality 20 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB, Part 2: 25 min CD Quality 25 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

Blackout – Richard Heinberg Ecoshock interview with author of “Party’s Over” and “Powerdown”. Now book on peak coal and our climate. From Ecoshock Show 091106 19 min CD Quality 18 MB or Lo-Fi 4 MB

CANADA’S TAR BABY Oil sands suck up cleaner fuels to power America and climate change. 11 min.

Coal Plant Radiation Tons of Uranium from Coal 10 min. 12 MB


The Coal Dirge details on new coal plants binge set to Chopin’s Funeral March 8 MB 8 min

Sustainable Fossil Fuels? Dr. Mark Jaccard on real energy future and carbon capture. 28 MB, 29 min

JULIAN DARLEY Interview with founder of the Post Carbon Institute and author of “High Noon for Natural Gas” Lo-fi 7 MB 30 min

ECO INTERVENTION Ecoshock parody of A&E TV show “Intervention” – this time for carbon addicts. Serious fun. 8 MB 9 min


David Barsamian in Vancouver. Founder of Alternative Radio on unreported geo-politics of the Middle East and East Asia. Recorded by Radio Ecoshock April 15, 2012. 1 hour 14 min in CD Quality 70 MB or Lo-Fi 18 MB

Ritter, Hersh vs. Mad Iranian War Stop Bush/Cheney before they kill again. 22 min

FOUR PLOTS TO NUKE IRAN – Israel, Cheny, Hersh, Ritter, Tarpley 20 MB 22 min.

Weather Weapons and Climate Modification 13.5 MB 14 min

PIT OF MADNESS: Uranium Mining – Are Mine Tailings Bigger Threat Than Spent Fuel? 17 MB 19 min

GREEN QUAKERS When you know the cost of Freedom of Assembly, you’ll fight to keep it. The Quakers won it with non-violence. They were early proponents of free thought, women’s rights, an end to slavery, care for the mentally ill. Quakers named, funded, and founded Greenpeace. 16MB 17 min 34 sec. Click here to listen or download.

THE STRANGE CASE OF WILHELM REICH – Life and death of a social pioneer. Part 1 (17MB 19 min) Part 2 (17MB 19 min)

The Birth of GaiaPart 1, Part 2, Part 3

CHEMICAL WEAPONS – A Civil Defense Primer. What your government doesn’t tell you.

Shocking Climate News 6 MB 7 min

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