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CRITICAL MASS FOR POPULATION Film maker Mike Freedman set out to document the really big picture, the forces that could culminate in disaster for humanity, and most living things. Includes discussion of his earlier Vimeo film on Occupy London, then his new feature film “Critical Mass“. From Ecoshock 121121 26 min CD Quality 24 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

FROM 6 BILLION TO 7 BILLION Robert Walker, author of report for the Population Institute. In 1999, at 6 billion prospects were brighter. Now Peak Oil, broken economy and stalled climate action promise severe problems ahead. From Radio Ecoshock Show 111019 21 minutes CD Quality 18 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

Population Overload Three voices for solutions for the population crisis. Lisa Hymas, (15 min) cofounder and Senior Editor of on GINKs, Green-Inclined No Kids. Clinical psychologist Dr. Ellen L. Walker (19 min) – the good and bad of going childfree. Plus the grand-daddy of population movement, and author of “The Population Bomb” Dr. Paul Ehrlich (21 min), with a surprising new tool for handling world crisis. Radio Ecoshock 110211 1 hour CD Quality (56 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB.) Song clip “2525” by Venice Beat. Transcript of Ehrlich interview.

RAPID POPULATION DECLINE – OR BUST Dr. Jack Alpert, from the Stanford Knowledge Integration Laboratory, says over populaton will bring riots, chaos, and billions of deaths in the next 10 years. We must slash world population. Alpert explores the maximum naturally sustainable number for Earth, and radical ways to get there. With 3 follow-up interviews with Greenpeace co-founder Rex Weyler, ecologist Vandy Savage, and Dr. Bill Rees, co-inventor of the “Ecological Footprint”. Radio Ecoshock 110114 1 hour CD Quality (56 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB) Bed music: “Unrestrained Growth” by Buckethead, “Crying Eaarth” by Dana Pearson.

Population, Climate and Other Threats Paul Ehrlich in Perth, Australia Nov 26, 2007 33 MB 36 min

Plan B: Rescuing the Planet
Lester Brown (excellent overview)
Part 1 18 MB 19 min
Part 2 19 MB 20 min

Paul Ehrlich on Population
leading authority
Part 1 20.5 MB 20.5 min
Part 2 21 MB 21 min

Population and Conservation – Jane Goodall 31 min

Meadows: Limits to Growth
update to famous 1972 study
Part 1 18 MB 20 min
Part 2 21 MB 24 min

Is Immigration an Environmental Issue? with Paul Watson and Elizabeth May 20 min

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