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Thank you for caring about our world!

CORPORATE CATASTROPHE From the BP spill, by California songwriter Dana Pearson, first released on Radio Ecoshock.

THE OIL SONG Steve Forbert’s sad list of spills, updated with the BP gusher May 2010. 13 minutes in Hi-Fi.

ECOSHOCK GREEN GOLD Best Enviro Music Special All the tunes we’ve used on Radio Ecoshock – full versions and how to contact the artists. Ecoshock 081226 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB (recommended) or Lo-Fi 14 MB

Playlist: “Endless Summer” Ghostly Penguin Display; “Runaway Train” Eliza Gilkyson; “Alternative Energy” Combat Wombat (Australia); “Mother Earth” Shane Philip (Canadian); “What If You Knew” David Rovics; “Is That What It Will Take?” Bryan Wood; “Swimmin In D’Nile” Dana Lyons; “High Water Rising” Joel Zifkin; “Our Ocean” Te Vaka (Polynesia); “Slow Down Fast” Bruce Cockburn (Cdn); “Power From Above” Dan Berggsen (#1 from our site); “Good Planets Are Hard to Find” Steve Forbert; “Dirty Town” Mother Mother (Cdn); “It’s Not Easy Being Green” Kermit the Frog; “House of Trouble” Clatter; “Gamma Ray” Beck.

Power from Above Dan Berrgren catchy eco-spiritual

Endless Summer climate surfer take-off from Ghostly Penguin Display

House of Trouble rock from Clatter

We Are the Rainbow Sign Linda Allen

Is That What It Will Take? Bryan Wood

High Water Rising short Southern blues by Joel Zifkin

In Truth Mark Lucas and the Dead Settlers

Low Carb from folksinger Mike Delaney

Before It Begins haunting vocal by Rosa Minstrels

Top Six Climate Songs surfer, folk, rock (from this page) 24 MB 26 min

Some (Atomic) Misgivings Gerry Dempsey

So People! (Climate Rap) Pollination-X

Our Ocean Te Vakka

Radiation Babies Die Warzau

The Climate Mash

When the Oil Runs Dry Dave Rovecs

Hummer Man Andy Sloan

Betty’s Back in Jail (78 year old activist Betty Krawczyk) by the Bottom Feeders

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