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GM in Crops of China 7 min

Diet for a Dead Planet 30 min

MutaGenics – 7 min

Drugs in Your Cornflakes Bio-pharmaceuticals conference Vancouver, Canada Feb 5, 2007. Josh Brandon of Greenpeace on corporations and risk (15 min); Pat Howard on science of bio-pharma (17 min); Colleen Fuller on bio-tech insulin safety (20 min); Herb Barbolet Bio-pharma in Canada (22 min)

The Global Food Chain and GM – Quotes and Music 7 min

Terminator Seed Moratorium? – 14 min

Update on GM in UK 10 min

GM and Future of Food 15 min

Terminator Seeds Enviro View 24 min

GMO Soy in Brazil 13 min

Global Warming and Diet 13 min

Toxic Chemicals in Food – Combinations never tested 5 min

Dangers of Meat Howard Lyman Speech Vancouver June 6, 2006 29 min

Howard Lyman Interview with Ecoshock 7 min 7 MB

Factory Farming Animal Suffering – with Bobby Kennedy 10 min

Deconstructing Dinner: Factory Pork
Part One 36 min
Part Two 25 min

PETA on Factory Farming
Part One 29 min
Part Two 27 min
Part Three 35 min
Part Four 19 min

Save animals:
Growing Meat in Vats 5 min

Mercury in Your Fish? 12 min

MAD COW LURKING Exploding Alzheimer’s, Deer Wasting Disease, BSE – a new plague from factory meat? 37 min 34 MB

Real Cost of Wasting Food 12 min

Natural Chickens No Antibiotics 4 min

Antibiotics in Chicken 4 min

Dark Side of Bottled Water 12 min

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