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LOGGING THE BOREAL FOREST Executive Director of paper group “CanopyNicole Rycroft explains why they left the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, and what must be done to protect nature’s treasure house in the North. From Radio Ecoshock 130501 22 minutes in CD Quality or Lo-Fi, or Youtube video version here.

Forest Canopy and Climate 28 min

NO RAIN IN THE AMAZON Interview with author Nikolas Kozloff, author of “No Rain in the Amazon: How South America’s Climate Change Affects the Entire Planet.” The series of droughts in the Amazon continue – with frightening possibilities of conversion of the forest to grasslands – releasing gigatons of carbon dioxide, and killing off species. Ecoshock 100430 20 min in CD Quality or Lo-Fi

BURNING DOWN THE WEST Wildfires stoke the carbon load. Ecoshock Show 071116 (1 hr) Dr. Tom Gower: fires in N. Canada make positive feedback; Rainforest activist Pat Rasumussen – now a climate activist as well. Adrien Rheimer of the Wilderness Committee. New research on the Rockies burning by Lara Kueppers; were California fires climate change? And a bit of George Monbiot.

Pine Bark Beetle wipes out Rocky mountain forests. Global Warming? Dr. Clive Welham, UBC 15 MB 17 min

Great Bear Rainforest Saved? Amanda Carr of Greenpeace on new wins and worries. 12 MB 13 min

New Roads in U.S. Forests 7 min

Randy Hayes on Old Growth 5 min

KEN WU Ancient Forests Campaigner in B.C. to Vancouver Degrowth Conference April 30, 2010 Lo-Fi 12 min 3 MB

Drying of the West with National Geographic author Robert Kunzig; the first Carbon Tax in North America in B.C. (and what it means for the U.S.); censored Canadian scientists – speech clip from Dr. John Fyfe, IPCC author. Oh yeah, and some hope. 1 hour. Ecoshock show 080222 – CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

Boreal Forest Now A Carbon Source Ecoshock interview with Dr. Tom Gower, article published in ‘Nature’ Nov.1st 07 10 min

Logging beetle-killed pines – more CO2? New science says clearcutting makes climate worse. 8 min

Greenpeace Boreal Campaign with Richard Brooks 12 min

Borneo Rainforest Loss 5 min

Great Bear Rainforest Update – CFRO Vancouver 10 MB 10 min

Forests Save CO2 and Climate, Deutche Welle 5 MB 5 min

WHY I SWITCHED TO THE CLIMATE CAMPAIGN Forest Ethics Exec Dir Tzeporah Berman realizes climate now the biggest threat to world’s forests. From Be The Change conference Vancouver 090523 16 min Lo-Fi.

RISING SEAS, DRYING WEST Ecoshock Show 080815 Top IPCC organizer and U of Arizona Professor Jonathan Overpeck speech at Washington U. After updating the world climate report, Overpeck predicts climate impacts on North America. 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

Why Forest Activists Are Climate Activists from speech by Pat Rasmussen, Temperate Rainforest Network, Vancouver Aug 07. 7 min

Future Forests under global warming. Rare gov’t insider planning with Dr. Del Meidinger speech 070619 24 MB 27 min

Massive Illegal Logging China 2 min

Desertification in China 9 min

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