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True Green (book review) 12 min

Eco Suicide 8 min

WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH STEWART BRAND? – Former Whole Earther Stewart Brand has move drastically away from community and self-sufficiency. Now he promotes nuclear power, genetic engineering, and geoengineering as “the new green”. Really? Radio Ecoshock host Alex Smith responds. Will his billionaire “friends” really save the climate and ecosphere? From Radio Ecoshock 101015 Lo-Fi

Paul Kingsnorth “We are climate change.” Deep green British author and broadcaster says governments and climate conferences will never stop fossil fuel use. We’re addicted. We make climate change – and won’t stop until a crumbling economy and climate chaos force us. Revisioning the new ecology with The Dark Mountain Project. 28 min CD Quality 26 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB From 091218 Ecoshock Show.

JANE STERK Leader of B.C. Greens to Vancouver Degrowth conference April 30, 2010 Lo-Fi 8 min 2 MB

Global Warming for Dummies: Elizabeth May, leader of Green Party of Canada at book launch, Victoria B.C. 081122 Recorded by Janine Bandcroft 42 min CD Quality 40 MB or Lo-Fi 10 MB

Green Sisters Catholic women’s environmentalism Sarah Taylor McFarland “Missionaries to the Planet: Green Sisters, Catholic Environmentalism, and the Renewal of Religious Life.” 10 years of research. Recorded in Toronto, Canada by J.P. Warren, on May 22nd, 2008. 54 min CD Quality 50 MB or Lo-Fi 13 MB

David Suzuki: Wild Things With Wings Music Hall, Toronto 080503 recorded by J.P. Warren. 30 min CD Quality (28 MB) or Lo-Fi (7 MB)

Capitalism – Enemy of Nature – Joel Kovel on Terra Verde 080303 53 min CD Quality 50 MB or Lo-Fi 12 MB

Growing Up Green Severn Cullis-Suzuki, once youth spokesperson at the UN, now a scientist. Rare speech, Vancouver 080124 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

David Suzuki at 70 34 min

David Suzuki Blasts Polluters mad as Hell scientist and broadcaster to Real News 7 min

A RAY OF HOPE Ecoshock 071102 (59 min) Paul Hawken’s speech to Long Now Foundation, on his new book “Blessed Unrest.” Progressive groups are the largest unseen movement in history. Plus Canada’s Maude Barlow on hope, in desperate times.

Ecosocialism or Barbarism speech by Ian Angus at Vancouver 071116 author and editor of 44 MB 48 min

Activism Beyond Hope: Derrick Jensen 29 min interview with Deep Ecologist, author of “Endgame” by Wild Earth Radio 27 MB

ECOFEMINISM Ecoshock show 070720 (1 hr) theologian Rosemary Ruether speaks in Vancouver July 3rd, 2007. What is eco-feminism? Examples from India and Brazil.

ECOSOCIALISM Ecoshock Show 070928 (1 hr) Joel Kovel says capitalism must fall to save the planet. Author of “Enemy of Nature” His full speech here. Peruvian Indigenous activist Hugo Blanco (35 min) depicts environmentalism in the South (with quick translation by Alicia Barsallo). Six Nations activist Lindsay Blomberry (18 min) on protests, violence at Caledonia, Ontario. And “Left on Venezeula” – Blanco and Kovel appraise the passions and problems (10 min)

Betty Krawczyk Senior Activist (78) faces more jail time. 17 min

Tzeporah Berman Forest campaigner, Bioneers Oct 21 06 23 min

Amory Lovins: Tech Solutions 38 min

Eco-Justice – Van Jones Why green revolution needs to spread wealth 29 min

Laurie David Climate Campaign Eco Talk 7 min

Pete Seeger as Green Musician 32 min

Health and Environment Latest speech by Dr. David Suzuki to B.C. Public Health Assoc., Part One (30 min) Part Two (30 min)

“Eco-Terrorism” and “Patriot” Act 9 min

FBI Spying on Greens – Living on Earth 9 mi

Green Scare Lawyer Explains – Unwelcome Guest – 46 MB 50 minutes

FBI Green Scare 13 min


CEH NOTE: LINK WAS REMOVED? Petra Kelly’s Message for US – LA Greens 4 MB 4 min

Ken Livingston London’s green Mayor 5 min

Who is an Environmentalist? – Living on Earth 6 min

Mental Health for Activists – Against the Grain, Part One 29 min, Part Two 22 min

Religious Greens Terra Verde 29 min

Green Guru Edward Abbey BBC4 bio 28 min

Petra Kelly’s LegacyPart One 36 min Part Two 20 min

Rachael Carson WPR Univ of the Air – Part One 21 min, Part Two 20 min, Part Three 11 min

John Sellers Ruckus Society 6 min

Paul George founder Western Canada Wilderness Committee 16 min

Tamara Stark – Greenpeace in Beijing 10 min

Re-inventing Green Politics NPR Town Hall 40 min

Greenpeace Germany 25 Years Deutche Welle 5.5 MB 5.5 min

Apollo Alliance on Energy Policy (labor group) Eco Talk 8 MB

Rainbow Warrior 20 Years After Greenpeace 5 MB 5 min

Green Book Reviews Living on Earth 5 min

Hunter Lovins Natural Capitalism 5 min

Julia Butterfly, Tree Sitter 28 min

Jane Goodall: Why I Hope 16 min

Ralph Nader and the Greens TUC Radio 30 min

John Seed: Despair and Empowerment 9 min

Terry Jacks Singer/songwriter/activist (“Seasons in the Sun, Concrete Sea) 27 min

Paul Watson Sea Sheperd Society 6 min

Latino Greens – Living on Earth 6 min

Green Gospel – Churches for Env Action – EcoTalk Part One 10 min, Part Two 7 min

Green Republicans – Living on Earth 7 min

Euro Greens Re-Assess 8 min

Chinese Green Dissident – Living on Earth 7 min

Cory Doctorow The Totalitarian Urge. SFU Leonaro Lecture March 9, 2007. Part One (55 Mb, 58 min) Part Two (18 MB, 18 min)

Children’s Voice Severn Suzuki at the UN 5 MB 7 min

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