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GREEN ENERGY SUCCESS IN GERMANY Former Earthbeat host Daphne Wysham interviews German Green Party Member of Parliament Hermann Ott. The new wind energy & grid face old challenges. What works. From Ecoshock 121107 14 min CD Quality 13 MB or Lo-Fi 3 MB

Climate Solutions Mix Ideas for Earth Day 12 MB 13 min

An hour with George Monbiot Uprising radio May 21 07 Part 1 (28 min) Part 2 (25 min)

Ghandi and Climate Change Satish Kumar Radio Ecoshock digest version (16 min); full speech (27 min)

Smaller Footprint – Fewer Feet! Climate and Population Control with Dr. John Guillebaud, UK 16 MB 18 min

CLIMATE SOLUTION: FROM AIR TO SOIL Desperately looking for a clean way to remove carbon from the atmosphere, Alex interviews Allan Savory (24 min mp3) of the Savory Institute. His project to capture carbon into soil, demonstrated in Zimbabwe, is short-listed for the Virgin Earth Challenge. We follow up with Vermont carbon farmer Abe Collins (17 min mp3). Plus organizing for local food in North Carolina – Aaron Newton (14 min mp3) from ASPO 2011. Radio Ecoshock 111130 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB Blog with tons of links here.

RENEWABLE ENERGY FOR YOUR HOME Radio Workshop with Bill Kemp, author of The Renewable Energy Handbook. Loaded with tips and ways to save energy, wherever you are. From Radio Ecoshock 111019 36 minutes CD Quality 32 MB or Lo-Fi 8 MB

Alternative Climate Summit at Cochabamba, Bolivia. Arthur Girling with political debate, music, and talk of revolution. Interviews w. North American Indigenous movement, Via Campesina, Working Group 18, Ecuadorean government, Climate Justice Action & Jubilee South 48 min CD Quality 68 MB or Lo-Fi 11 MB

BLACK CARBON Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming Hearings (3 scientists: Shindell, Bond, Ramanathan plus Schneider) 100414 Part 1 45 min Part 2 42 min

Rush to Alternative Energy Suprising good news from Lester Brown, founder of both Worldwatch and Earth Policy Institute, as interviewed by Richard Heinberg of Ecoshock 100326 9 min CD Quality 8 MB or Lo-Fi 2 MB

Four Ways to Combat Climate Change Introductory level overview from Prof. Robert B. Evans, UBC Engineering. Recorded 100309 in Vancouver. 51 minutes CD Quality 48 MB or Lo-Fi 12 MB

AL GORE TESTIMONY to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Jan 28, 2009. Chair John Kerry. Loaded with warnings, facts and solutions. His testimony 27 min 6 MB Lo-Fi. Part 1 of Q and A with Committee Members 20 MB 1 hour 24 min; Part 2 of Q and A 9 MB 38 min.

GREEN BUILDING WORKSHOP Save climate and economy with green buildings. Standards like LEEDS and “Living Buildings” explained. Workshop with Jessica Woolliams of Cascadia, in Vancouver 081004 59 min; CD Quality 54 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

THE CLIMATE DIET Why wait for governments? Straight tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint – and save money. Prof. Jonathan Harrington from his new book. 1 hour as broadcast on CFRO Radio Lo-Fi 14 MB

TIDAL POWER Is it real? Review of world projects and speech by Martin Burger, CEO of Blue Energy. Subtext: do we need a wave of mass conciousness to bring carbonless energy? Burger also touches on “lost” technology. Original recording at SFU Vancouver 090126 presented by New Energy Movement Canada. Ecoshock Show 090206 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

The Road to Green Jobs Testimony to U.S. Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming on initiative to fund alternative energy. Intro by Chair Ed Markey, testimony of Bracken Hendricks and Dr. Robert Pollin. 25 min CD Quality 23 MB of Lo-Fi 6 MB

AL GORE: REPOWER AMERICA Speech 080717 Replace oil with alternative energy, creating a green economy. His challenge to both candidates – and the American people. 27 min CD Quality 25 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

David Korten: The Great Turning From Empire to Earth Community. Speech at Seattle Green Festival April 2008, set with music by Virtual Renderings. 45 min, CD Quality 40 MB or Lo-Fi 10 MB

Solar: What’s Hot, What’s Not Proprietor of Climateer Investing blog on solar market, subisidies, new tech, Nanosolar, global update. From Ecoshock Show 080411 27 min CD Quality 25 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

Denmark’s Electric Car Network Tim Flannery explains how Copenhagen is replacing gas-powered cars. Real alternative, on the ground, powered by wind. From speech 080404 Toronto. 3 MB 3 min

Agrichar Described by Tim Flannery Author of “The Weathermakers” describes how agriculture can remove CO2, while producing better crops. From speech 080404 Toronto 3 MB 4 min

PEAK OIL = TRANSPORT REVOLUTION “Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight Without Oil” Authors Richard Gilbert and Anthony Perl. Speech plus Q and A. Real facts and figures on future transpo and how to get there, sustainably. Finally, some answers. From Ecoshock show 080328 48 min CD Quality 45 MB or Lo-Fi 11 MB.

Sahara Solar Power for UK? Project for massive solar power for Europe BBC Costing the Earth 080207 28 min CD Quality 26 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

MARK JACCARD 20 years of failed climate policy. It is time to look at what really works? Dr. Jaccard of Simon Fraser U was B.C. Utilities Commissioner, advisor to China and Canada, member of IPCC, author of “Sustainable Fossil Fuels” and “Hot Air.” Speech Mar 4 2008 in Vancouver for VTACC. 57 min CD Quality 54 MB or Lo-Fi 13 MB

North America’s First Carbon Tax Revenue neutral tax in British Columbia, Canada begins carbon pricing. 16 min CD Quality 15 MB

CODE RED The Case for a Sustainable Emergency Jason Bradford of TV show “The Reality Report” with Philip Sutton. 47 min interview 080220 22 MB courtesy

New Great Transformation Paul Hawken to Long Now Fdn. sees new wave of green consciousness. Finally, some real hope. Speech (42 MB 46 min) Q and A (24 MB 26 min)

Evo Morales, Pres of Bolivia, address to world leaders at UN, on climate, Sept 2007 6 MB 6 min (in English)

Wind Turbine Industry Booming 12 MB 14 min

BBC Bright Ideas on Climate 20 MB 12 min

What I Am Doing About Climate street quotes 1 MB 1 min

World Future Council 6 MB 6 min

WWF says Renewables Save Climate 5 min

Mayor Orders Hybrids Toronto Canada Clinton plan 10 min

Tidal Power NYC 7 min

Climate Control adapting to warming 7 min

Energy Conservation 6 min

Citizen Made Energy Handbook 45 MB 50 min

Adapting to Global Warming Terra Verde 27 min

Sustainable New York City 10 min

Wind Power in Germany 7 min

IPCC Solutions from Bangkok Meet 20 min

Bill McKibben: Deep Economy TUC Radio Part One (26 MB 28 min); Part Two (26 min)

Greenpeace: Stop Global Warming 11 min

Rating Green Cities 7 min

US: Fossil Free by ’33 27 min

Eat Local Food for One Year 10 min

Wave Power in Scotland 8 min

Driving a Solar-Powered Car – 15 MB 16 min

Sir David King UK Chief Scientist “Climate Change: Global Solutions for an International Problem” November 20th, 2006 Part One 31 min Part Two 37 min

Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning Monbiot in Vancouver Nov 15 43 MB 47 min

Amory Lovins: Tech Solutions 38 min

Bill McKibben: Step It Up new climate campaign 9 min

Greening This Old House 8 min

McKibben’s Step It Up update 9 min

Climate Shift: Local Solutions 11 min

Geo-Engineering Extreme climate solutions 28 min

Avoiding Climate Catastrophe Joseph Romm 27 MB 28 min

Hunter Lovins Natural Capitalism 5 min

Can Organic Farming Save the Climate? (Two Degrees Show) Organic specialist says yes. But another scientist questions organic impact on climate. Each show 30 min.

Carbon Off-Sets Do they work, or just fool us? 26 min

Bill McKibben: Step It Up! 19 min

USCAP – Big U.S. Corporations demand carbon limits! 11 min

Europe Takes Climate Action 8 min


Climate Solutions Ecoshock review of top 5 climate speeches of 2006 31 MB 33 min

Al Gore: Solving the Climate Crisis
NSU Sept 16 2006
Part One (update of Inconvient Truth) 29 min
Part Two (he has a plan) 27 min

Plan B: Rescuing the Planet
Lester Brown (excellent general overview)
Part 1 18 MB 19 min Part 2 19 MB 20 min

MONBIOT – A Man for All Climates George outlines new book “Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning” 25 Mb 26 min

Ross Gelbspan Climate Criminals and Solutions 31 min

Grow Local – Eat Local World of Possibilities Part 1 28 min Part 2 28 min

Climate Change Despair and Empowerment Roadshow speech by Kelly Tudhope 070815 in Vancouver 47 MB 50 min

HOW TO CUT EMISSIONS BY 75% (using existing tech) Prof. William Moomaw, Tufts U and IPCC lead author (40 min)

New Green tech…but too late? Emotional speech by billionaire venture capitalist John Doerr at TED 2007 conference.

A Sustainable Future: Jonathon Porritt, founder of UK Green movement, ex-Director of Friends of Earth, Chair of UK Sustainable Development Commission speech at Vancouver May 2, 2007 (58 min); followed by round-table Q and A, Part One (48 min), Part Two (49 min)

Carbon Capture in UK 3 min

The Costs of Combatting Climate Change 10 min

George Monbiot “Heat” interview with Real News 22 min

Climate Cafe w Mark Jaccard climate economist looks to future 39 MB 40 min

Deserts Into Solar Farms 26 min

Aussie Coal Miners Back Kyoto 8 min

Bio Ethanol in Europe 6 min

Les Brown: Ethanol Not the Answer 12 min

New Zealand Goes Carbon Neutral 7 min

Exploring Tech Solutions to Warming 26 MB 28 min

We Need Bright Ideas Now! Panel at Ridge Theatre, Vancouver Feb 12 07. Full Program (62 minutes, big file) or Phil Austin, scientist “Climate Challenge”; Bill Rees inventor of “Eco-footprint” on “Climate and Government”; Graham Kissack of Catalyst Paper on “Climate and Industry”; Ian Bruce, Suzuki Foundation, “Solutions for BC”; Dan Rogers of SPEC “What You Can Do” (Each speech 12 minutes)

4 Western States Carbon Cap states act where Feds fail 6 min

From Solutions to Survivalism digest of Ross Gelbspan speech, author of “Boiling Point” 20 MB 22 min

Estimating Climate Costs UK expert Adair Turner explains and defends Stern Report. Speech Feb 7, 07. Ecoshock quick summary 20 MB 21 min, Turner Speech Part One (Costs of Reducing Change)(easy) 29 min Part Two (Costs of Doing Nothing)(some economic jargon) 34 min

Climate Economics of Acting/Not Acting Sir Nicholas Stern testimony to US Senate Feb 13, 2007 (also China and carbon capture) 28 MB 30 min

Kiliwatt Ours US carbon reduction plan 12 min

Geothermal Energy in America 7 min

Hillman on Carbon Rationing UK expert on how it could work. 29 min

Solar Water Purifier works anywhere, cheap 11 min

Dirty Business: Quest for Clean Coal Part One 29 min Part Two 25 min

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