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Bob Ward – Unburnable. Report to investors warnings fossil fuel companies are over-valued because they can never burn all the reserves they claim. Interview with lead author from Grantham Institute of London School of Economics. Their new report here. From Radio Ecoshock 130515 24 minutes CD Quality or Lo-Fi

John Connor – Coal Crash Australia CEO of Climate Institute, Sydney explains bloated balance sheets of Aussie coal companies create real financial risk. They may rush to export even more to Asia, before climate controls come in. Their report here. From Radio Ecoshock 150515 19 minutes in CD Quality or Lo-Fi

Paul Beckwith – Arctic Changes Our Weather University of Ottawa scientist explains how loss of summer sea ice can change weather throughout the Northern Hemisphere, and even in the global south. Excellent update on new science. 28 minutes from Radio Ecoshock 130524 CD Quality or Lo-Fi

John Bolenbaugh – Anti-Pipeline Warrior Whistle-blower on big Kalamazoo, Michigan oil spill by Enbride, John counsels pipeline victims from Keytone in Nebraska to Arkansas Exxon/Mobil spill. From Radio Ecoshock 130524 27 minutes in CD Quality or Lo-Fi

Rosemary Randall – Coping with Climate Change How can we face the unbearable weight of knowing we did it, forever in human terms. From the UK, founder of “Carbon Conversations“, and psychotherapist Rosemary Randall. 29 minutes from Radio Ecoshock 130417 CD Quality.

John Betts WSCA on new age of super fires. Causes and what communities and individuals can do to reduce the risk of unstoppable fires in the age of global warming. From Radio Ecoshock Show 130501 25 min in CD Quality or Lo-Fi – or watch this Youtube video version.

Rose M. Cory Arctic researcher finds new process pumping up greenhouse gas emissions from melting permafrost. From Radio Ecoshock 130227 17 min CD Quality 15 MB or Lo-Fi 4 MB

Andrew Freedman How the Arctic melt drives whacky weather in the Northern Hemisphere. Senior Scientists at Climate Central explains. From Radio Ecoshock 130202 20 min CD Quality 18 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

Mark Hertsgaard Environmental journalist found in The Nation, Newsweek, and more talks about climate parenting, our precarious future, and his book “Hot: Living the Next 50 Years on Earth. His web site. Interview from Radio Ecoshock 130109 22 min CD Quality or Lo-Fi.

Robert M. Hirsch Senior flood expert from U.S. Geological Survey explains many causes and patterns of flooding in U.S. – other than climate change. Educational. From Radio Ecoshock 130109 22 minutes in CD Quality or Lo-Fi

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