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Climate Change Action One of the most useful climate blogs on the net…

Extreme Rainfall: UK Floods 14 min

Extreme Heat: E. Europe 7 min

Extreme Drought: U.S. South West 19 min with J. Overpeck, U of Arizona

Alexander Cockburn, Climate Denier, R.I.P. Lefty icon falls in with bad company. 22 MB 23 min

Warming Brings Hard Rain Dr. Noah Diffenbaugh climate modeller Purdue 13 min

Katherine Ellison: How to cope with climate worry. 14 min

Climate Historian Spencer Weart We compare “Nuclear Fear” to fear of climate. 21 min

Mark Lynas British author/activist on new climate book: “6 Degrees” 23 min

Stormy Future Cross continental storms warn of climate change 12 MB 13 min

MONBIOT – A Man for All Climates George outlines new book “Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning” 25 Mb 26 min

CLIMATE SCAMS 7 Roads to Hell on Earth (Ecoshock special) 37 MB 40 min

Climate: Canada Gives Up Baird’s new plan “complete fraud” says Al Gore. Kyoto dead, democracy bypassed, CO2 to rise.

Carbon Offsets: Fix or Fake? 26 min

German Brown Coal climate pollution 7 min

Military and Climate Wars 6 min

Climate Wars Jeff Sachs 7 min

Climate Refugees CBC 22 MB 24 min

BBC Warming Winters 28 min

TXU Goes Nuclear 6 min

Bill Clinton on new energy system 6 min

Elizabeth Kolbert on climate, ocean acidification 16 MB 18 min

Greenest Cars (Union of Concerned Scientists) 7 min

Supreme Court on CO2 Regs 6 min

Debunking Lindzen scientist denier 11 min

Exxpose Exxon 8 min

Big Dams Make Greenhouse Gases 7 min

Top Climate Radio

New James Lovelock A Change of the Living Earth To Royal Academy, UK Oct 29 2007. Definitely one of most important climate speeches of the year. Our future described. 56 MB 1 hour.

Australia Drying Out Dire update from Phillip Adams, radio host and famous Aussie. Climate change threatens cities without water. Scramble to find water. Yet Australia world’s largest coal exporter. Export $$ to burn the country? 6 min.

New JAMES HANSEN SPEECH Mind-blowing, must-listen speech in Texas, on the new hot-state planet. Part 1 27 MB 30 min Part 2 27 MB 30 min Courtesy TUC Radio, San Franscisco. Part 3 Questions and Answers 30 min

CLIMATE and CAPITALISM speech by Ian Angus Nov 15, Langara College 29 min. Can Capitalism respond to climate change? Or Ecosocialism?

BURNING DOWN THE WEST Wildfires stoke the carbon load. Ecoshock Show 071116 (1 hr) Interview: Dr. Tom Gower, fires in N. Canada positive feedback; Rainforest activist Pas Rasumussen – why she is now a climate activist as well. Adrien Rheimer of the Wilderness Committee. New research on the Rockies drying by Lara Kueppers: were California fires climate change? Plus George Monbiot.

Boreal Forest Now A Carbon Source Ecoshock interview with Dr. Tom Gower, article published in ‘Nature’ Nov.1st 07 10 min

Climate Impact on Greenland Aboriginal Inuit person tells what it’s like. TUC Radio 54 MB 29 min

Why Forest Activists Are Climate Activists from speech by Pat Rasmussen, Temperate Rainforest Network, Vancouver Aug 07. 7 min

Sir David King Britain’s Chief Scientist warns 5 years to act – or try survival on a hot planet. Scary, important source. Podcast from Robyn Williams “Conversations” on ABC National, Australia. 14 MB 15 min

RAN COAL CALL Action against Citi Group and Bank of America for financing new coal plants in U.S. Climate critical info. With Bill McKibben and more. 20 MB 21 min

Worldwatch: Window Closing to Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change. Erik Assadourian 13 MB 15 min

World Without Us author Alan Weisman on climate, population. Radio Ecoshock interview. 11 MB 13 min

PLANKTOS: ALGAE SEEDING FOR CARBON CREDITS Company plans to create plankton blooms to capture CO2. Who are they, and will it work? Part 1: Radio Ecoshock full-show interview with Planktos CEO Russell George (56 MB 1 hr); Part 2: “The Intervention” 3 critics respond + Alex Smith’s take. (Ecoshock show – 56 MB 1 hr) Greenpeace (9 min)Science Unit, ETC Group (9 min), and David Baines (16 min)(newspaper business columnist.)

Biofuel Options (Lord Oxbury) Science Show 8 MB 4 min

Chris Rapley on human-induced climate. How do we know humans changed climate? Electric Politics podcast, scary but critical info 68 MB 1 hr 12 min

Aviation: Planning Disaster Friends of Earth 29 min

Fund Raising for New Coal in China. Living on Earth 6 MB 3 min

Wetlands Caused Katrina Wreckage 8 MB

Arctic Cold Rush Oil companies profit from global warming. L. Lopate 65 MB 35 min.

Palm Oil “Arnie” the Utan- short, funny 1 min

Drought in American South West threatens cities 8 min

Terry Tamminen on Calif fight with EPA over Greenhouse gases 6 min

Hot Profits from Warming Who makes money from climate change? 15 min

Warming Impacts on Alaska 27 min

Canada’s Weak Climate Plan 22 min

RAN COAL CAMPAIGN Bill Barclay on financing CO2 14 MB 15 min

Ice Melt and Rapid Climate Change 6 min

Australian Super-Drought CBC w Tim Flannery 23 MB 25 min

AAAS Pres John Holgren on Climate Change American Association for the Advancement of Science 2007 6 MB 7 min

Abrupt Climate Change Awakening the Giant podcast Part One 27 min; Part Two 28 min

Hell and Highwater Joseph Romm 13 min

Accelerating Climate Change 45 MB 49 min Australian Science show.

Climate: Siberia Research Worry if permafrost melts 7 min


Antarctic Ice Research 5 MB 6 min

Antarctic Waves Gobble Up CO2 new research 8 min

Solar Inventor Leaves Australia discouraged or digusted? 11 min

Ice Shelf Collapse Canadian Arctic 7 min

Threat of Global Dimming 45 MB 48 min (big but scary great)

China Struggles w Climate Change 13 MB 14 min

Exxon Fudges On Climate 26 min

EPA and Big Car Companies 49 min


Will Montreal Talks Save the World From Climate Catastrophe? Alternative Views 8 min 8 MB

MONTREAL: Reducing Carbon by 100% – Guy Duancey, author of Stormy Weather, 101 Solutions to Climate Change. 18 min 17.4 MB

MONTREAL: Gender and Climate Change – 12 min, 11 MB

MONTREAL: Climate and Biodiversity – Dr. Manuel Guarigiata 13 min 12 MB

MONTREAL: Adapting to Climate – Animals and Plants 14 min 13 MB

JAMES LOVELOCK (we’re doomed to a new hot state planet) #1 Conversation with Tim Radford (Radio Adelaide July 07, 45 min); #2 Speech to Festival of Ideas, Adelaide (18 min)

High and Dry Australian gov’t insider Guy Pearse tells all about climate inaction, fossil lobby. Sounds just like Canada’s Harper and US Bush. 17 MB 29 min

JAMES HANSEN – CLIMATE CALL Speech to Zero Emissions Conf, Melbourne June 30, 2007 answers critics, lays out need for rapid response 53 MB 56 min

BBC Special on Australia Drought listen to the future 25 MB 27 min

Climate Change or Peak Oil? Which will get us first..? Julian Darley interviews Dr. Jeremy Leggett 11 min

Extreme Drought in U.S. South West climate science speech by Prof J Overpeck, U of Arizona 061024 60 MB 65 min

IPCC Reports

IPCC WGIII Solutions Report
Press Briefing 070504 (38 min),
Press Q and A (25 min)
Summary for Policy Makers (.pdf 15 pages)

IPCC WG2 Impacts Martin Parry Press Conf 22 min

IPCC Scientist’s Final Summary WG2 (15 page PDF document – before the government hacks censored it…)

IPCC: Climate Impacts on North America Working Group 2 Summary (Scientists’ version) 37 pages plus notes as PDF file.

IPCC: Climate Impacts on South America Working Group 2 Summary (Scientists’ version) as PDF file.

IPCC WG2 Counts Climate Impacts on North America (Ecoshock review) 13 min

IPCC WGIII Solutions: WWF take 6 min

Joseph Romm on IPCC WGIII 10 min

Schnieder on IPCC WGIII long-time climate scientist 8 min

Arnold Schwarzenegger at Georgetown U California solutions – speech at climate meet 070411 19 MB 21 min

IPCC Censorship and Apollo Gaia project to replace it? Ecoshock 20 min

Ross Gelbspan on IPCC WG2 Impacts report 15 MB 17 min

Dr. Andrew Weaver, IPCC author on future. Ecoshock interview 11 MB 11 min

IPCC Media Reports (set to music) 8 min

IPCC Report Review: Steve Sawyer of Greenpeace 7 min

Hansen: IPCC Missed Ice Melt 8 min

Eco Talk IPCC Feb Review 11 min

TERRY TAMMINEN Gov Schwarzenegger’s top climate advisor reveals lies, corruption, and death from our oil addiction in this “Lives Per Gallon” speech (1 hr) Vancouver April 4th. And here is the lively half hour Q and A that followed.

Travel Industry and Climate 7 min

Snow Sports and Warming 5 min

New Climates Forming BBC 6 min

Censorship of Climate Scientists Democracy Now 15 min

Waxman on Supression of Science in America 6 min

Grifo on Supression of Science in America 19 min

EPA Corruption Scandal 6 MB 7 min

Hansen “Different Planet” CSPAN 7 min

James Hansen 10 Years to Act speech Feb 20, 2007 New York 32 MB 34 min; Digest of clips from speech (w music) 9 MB 9 min

NASA’s James Hansen Speaks Out interview by TUC 30 min

Rising Seas, Sinking Britain 16 min

Cosmic Ray Warming Theory Debated BBC 17 MB 9 min

State of the Media and Climate Change Mar 6, 2007 Vancouver. Panel w Ross Gelbspan, Chris Mooney, James Hogan, Hadi Dowlatabadi and Kirk LePoint. From UBC and
Panel speeches (48 MB, 51 min)
Panel discussion (17 MB, 18 min)
Public Q and A (36 Mb, 39 min)

Al Gore Film in UK Schools 6 MB 7 min

Studying Past Climate 6 min

2007 to be Hottest Ever 6 min

Everything Cool new move, from California 12 min

Climate Talks Bonn Germany 7 min

Crazy Warm Spring in Europe 7 min

Bali Climate Conference Fails Audio reaction from around the world, including Greens. Plus: update on Planktos algae seeding demise; Polar Cities (Taiwan calling); Uranium protester Donna Dillman; world food crisis – jam-packed show. Ecoshock 071221 1 hour 56 MB CD Quality. Or LoFi 10 MB

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