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Climate Change Action One of the most useful climate blogs on the net…

Mark Lynas British author/activist on new climate book: “6 Degrees” 23 min

Stormy Future Cross continental storms warn of climate change 12 MB 13 min

Heat Is On Ross Gelbspan 21 min

MONBIOT – A Man for All Climates George outlines new book “Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning” 25 Mb 26 min

Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning Monbiot in Vancouver Nov 15 43 MB 47 min

Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning George Monbiot talk London Nov 9 50 MB 53 min

NAIROBI Climate talks fail, it’s up to us. 13 min

Al Gore: Solving the Climate Crisis
NSU Sept 16 2006
Part One (update from Inconvient Truth) 29 min
Part Two (he has a plan) 27 min

Africa Eats Our Exhaust Our pollution wrecking African economy and ecology. w hot music.18 min.

The Nairobi Mess Climate talks fail. Up to us. 13 min

Methane Primer What you need to know about this climate killer. 15 MB 15 min

The Methane Fix America’s alternative to carbon control. Will it work? 14 MB 15 min.

Smog and Climate Interview w cloud specialist Dr. Phil Austin 17 min

Climate vs. Human Nature Bill Rees psychology of denial 33 min

New Al Gore Interview Guardian 32 min

Eco Talk Lovelock Interview 20 min

Branson/Virgin $3 billion profits to new energy 6 min

Geo-Engineering Extreme climate solutions 28 min

Forecast: Plants and Animals in 2100 7 min

Tuvalu Going Under 6 min

Climate Poll: Americans Worried (Zogby) 11 min

Living a Low Carbon Life 12 min

Toward a Carbonless Economy Guy Dauncey Eshock interview 21 min

Big Brown Cloud: Global Dimming 19 min

Gaia, Lovelock, and Extreme Climate 20 min

Coming Climate Catastrophe
Eliz. Kolbert on Against the Grain
Part 1 25 min
Part 2 27 min

Al Gore – audio from climate presentation
Part One 32 min 30 MB
Part Two 39 min

Elizabeth Kolbert Climate Warning
In Boston, great speech
Part One 22 min Part Two 25 min

The Weather Makers – Tim Flannery. 25 min

UK Climate Scene, Sir David King 10 min

Revenge of Gaia – Lovelock says it may be too late. 9 min

More on Climate Change

Randy Hayes: Climate U Turn – Guns ‘n Butter 10.5 MB 10.5 min

Evangelicals vs. Climate Change – Living on Earth 6 MB 7 min

US Regions Act to Curb Carbon – Living on Earth 8.5 min

Greenland Ice Melting Impacts – Living on Earth 6 MB 6.5 min

UN Predicts Hellish Future – Per Fagering KBOO 6.5 min

Climate and Mass Extinction – Quirks and Quarks 8 MB 9 min

Climate and Ocean Currents – Quirks and Quarks 7 min

CO2 and Ocean Acidification – Quirks and Quarks 8 min

Mythl Bromide Punching Ozone – Eco Talk 10 MB 10 min

From Summer Climate Campaign Conf:
MP Michael Meecher on Climate 10 min
C. Campaign Leader Phil Thornhill 4 min
Architecture for a New Climate 24 min
Air Conditioning = Bad Design 22 min
more info:

Union Talks Climate
Cliff Walker, BCGEU Union (excerpts) 5 min
Unions and Climate Change (full speech) Part One (28 min) Part Two (29 min) Sept 19, 06

Avoiding Climate Catastrophe Joseph Romm 27 MB 28 min


Will Montreal Talks Save the World From Climate Catastrophe? Alternative Views 8 min 8 MB

MONTREAL: Reducing Carbon by 100% – Guy Duancey, author of Stormy Weather, 101 Solutions to Climate Change. 18 min 17.4 MB

MONTREAL: Gender and Climate Change – 12 min, 11 MB

MONTREAL: Climate and Biodiversity – Dr. Manuel Guarigiata 13 min 12 MB

MONTREAL: Adapting to Climate – Animals and Plants 14 min 13 MB

Global Warming Causes Fires 3 min

Bruce Sterling on Climate and Junk 15 min

Waxman’s Safe Climate Act 11 min

CLIMATE: WHAT WE KNOW … and Don’t Know. Briefing to Congressional Staff by Dr. David Rhind. Part 1 (40 min) Part 2 (35 min)

Latest Climate Science
Dr P deMenocal climate paleontologist
speech Nov with Overview of What We Know
Part 1 mp3 39 min 36 MB
Part 2 mp3 19 min 17 MB

Academy Climate Science Update Feb 06. 9 MB 9 min

Why New Orleans Cannot Be Rebuilt 6 min

IPPC Plans to Capture and Store CO2 Press Conference selections and comments re:environmental risks. 19 min, 18 MB.

Liquid Natural Gas Makes Tons of CO2 11.5 min

Climate Shift: Local Solutions 11 min

Climate: How Bad Will It Be? 8 min

NASA’s Hansen Warns On Climate 14 min

Global Warming Impact on Pacific Northwest 7.5 min

Dennis Hayes: Climate Signals 7 min

Warmer Seas Affect Plankton 8 min

Greenland Ice Cover Is Melting 5 min

Polar Bears Suffer Change 8 min

Scary Carbon Loss from Soil – ABC Science 6 MB 6 min

Measure Your Eco Footprint – ABC National 7 MB 7 min

Carbon Disclosure Project – ABC National 6 MB 6 min

Hadley Center Climate Scenario – BBC4 8 MB 8.5 min

Climate Change Species Change – BBC4 9 MB 9 min

Thermageddon – Greenpeace Founder Robert Hunter says we have 25 years to avoid Hell.

Big Changes Ahead – Climate Watch 5.5 MB 5.5 min

Oprah Winfrey Surprise!

Climate and Watersheds – Climate Watch 5 min

Global Warming and Plants – BBC4 5 MB 5 min

The Himalayas Are Melting – Real World 4.5 MB 4.5 min

Chicago Climate Exchange – UNFCC Nathan Clarke 13 min

Europe’s Cities Getting Hotter – WWF 5 MB 5.5 min

Heat and BioDiversity – Climate Watch 7 MB

50 Million Starve Global Warming – ABC Science 8.5 MB 8.5 min

Earth to America TV Review – Top stars on Climate Change 15 min 14 MB

EU: Is 3 Degree Change Survivable? – 5 min

The Late Tropical Glaciers 8 min

Early Spring Kills Birds 4 min

Elizabeth Kolbert on Climate 33 min

Climate Change Hits Pacific 13 min

Berkeley Climate Science Forum
Inez Fung “I’m worried” 19 min
John Harte “We should be scared” 23 min

Global Dust and Snow Melt 8 min

Big Freeze – Gulf Stream Shift? 4.5 min

** New Speech by Elizabeth May **
Part One: Carbon Canada: Vision and Failure 29 min
Part Two: Tar Sands – Crud to Crude 33 min

Oil Sands Big CO2 Producer 17 min

Cement and Aviation Big CO2 Makers 23 min

The Myth of Green Nuclear Power John Bennett, Sierra Club 14 min

Nukes No Answer to Climate NRDC 15 min

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