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BRAD BURKHARTMEYER SOLAR ELECTRICIAN The do’s and don’ts of solar installation explained in this bonus 18 minute interview with founder of Sun’s Eye Solar in Washington State. From Mother Earth News Fair June 2, 2013, in CD Quality or Lo-Fi.

SOLAR: ELECTRICITY OR WATER HEATING? DAN CHIRAS Thirty-year veteran of alternative energy, author of 30 books, Dan Chiras talks with Alex at the Mother Earth News Fair. Is solar finally cost effective? From Radio Ecoshock 130619 27 minutes CD Quality or Lo-Fi.

FRACKING DRAINS THE WEST 4 interviews. Robert LeResche from Power River Basin and WORC, 13 min CD Quality; Bob Arrington from W. Colorado 16 min CD Quality; Pat Wilson, rancher from Montana 12 min. CD Quality; Theodora Bird Bear from Fort Berthold Reservation, North Dakota 13 min CD Quality.

Powering the Future. Stanford Prof. and Nobel Laureate Robert B. Laughlin interview on options from solar to nuclear, despite economic or climate collapse. 38 min from Radio Ecoshock 130227 CD Quality 34 MB or Lo-Fi 9 MB

Alternative Energy Success in Germany From Berlin, Daphne Wysham with expert Hans Verholme: the fantastic growth of renewable energy in Germany. From Radio Ecoshock 121128 18 min CD Quality 17 MB or Lo-Fi 4 MB

Oil Crime & Justice in Nigeria Ecoshock D.C. correspondent Gerri Williams interviews attorney Jonathan Kaufman from Earthrights International. Shell Oil and other multinationals literally get away with murder, as pollution soaks the Niger Delta. The unreported news. From Radio Ecoshock 121128 Interview 24 min CD Quality 21 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB.

Pipelines & Fracking Threaten Canadian Native Life Talk by dynamic Athabascan film-maker Caleb Behn at October 25, 2012 anti-pipeline meeting, Burnaby, B.C. Recorded by Alex Smith. Very moving. From Ecoshock 121121 10 minutes CD Quality 9 MB or Lo-Fi 3 MB

Maude Barlow on Tar Sands Speech recorded 121025 by Alex Smith at Burnaby, B.C. anti-pipeline meeting. Contains chilling look at Canadian sell-out to multinational corporations. By founder of Council of Canadians, co-founder of the world water rights group Blue Planet Project. 19 min CD Quality 17 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

Robert Rapier reports on biofuels business & prospects for alternative energy in the coming “climate hurricane”. 22 minutes from Ecoshock 120509 CD quality or Lo-Fi.

Coal to Gas 8 min

Debate: Is Solar Ready? – Eco Talk 19 min

Low Carb Fuels 3 min

Solar Chill safe refrigeration using solar power (with Janos Mate) 9 min

Controlling U.S. Coal Rush 7 MB 7 min

Oil Payoffs to Congress 10 min

Renewable Energy in Hawaii 7 min

Pedal Power – Using cycles for energy and tools 24 min

FRACKING GAS = CLIMATE CRASH Shale gas emissions as bad as coal. New science from Cornell University Professor Robert Howarth and team: a speech at Peak Oil and Gas conference (ASPO) in Washington; plus a follow-up interview with Howarth by Alex Smith. Then the billion dollar climate gas fraud. Samuel Labudde of the Environmental Investigation Agency says Europeans blackmailed by China and India – for nothing. Radio Ecoshock 111123 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB Song “My Water’s On Fire Tonight” by Holmes, Bean and Bekker from Whole Lotta Frackin’ Going On. ASPO speech recording by Carl Etnier of Equal Time Radio. Ecoshock show blog.

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. ON KILLER COAL RFK delivers blockbuster speech to Commonwealth Club of California June 2011. Coal has poisoned all Americans all all fish. Kennedy offers a vision of renewable power and new energy grid. His bitter assessment of corporate rule and corporate-controlled media. Courtesy of Climate One project of Commonwealth Club with host Greg Dalton. From Radio Ecoshock Show 110921 44 minutes CD Quality or Lo-Fi

GREEDY LYING BASTARDS Filmmaker Craig Rosebraugh on new film on Big Oil around the world. In more than 12 countries, victims of oil spills, pollution, and poisoning. From BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf to Uganda and beyond. Disturbing corporate behavior unveiled. From Radio Ecoshock Show 111012 21 minutes CD Quality 10 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

ARCTIC METHANE FLARES Emergency research ship to Eastern Arctic in Sept 2011 to check methane “torches” coming from seabed into the atmosphere. Could herald extreme climate change (as happened 56 million years ago, when 90% of all species went extinct). News reported only in Russian media. From Radio Ecoshock 111012 5 minutes CD Quality 3 MB or Lo-Fi 2 MB

Ted Nace, author of “Climate Hope: On the Front Lines of the Fight Against Coal” – how 90 coal plants were stopped. Find coal fight Wiki here. Great grassroots activism in the USA. 23 min 5 MB.

WHY “BIOFUELS” CAN NEVER WORK Not for climate, not for food, not for energy indepencence. 3 speakers from “Confronting the Triple Crisis Conference” Wash DC Sept 08 Cornell’s Dr. David Pimentel (4 MB 15 min) says agrifuels net energy loser. Dr. Tad Padzek (5 MB 23 min) energy analyst has amazing overview. Lucia Ortiz (4 MB 19 min) of Friends of the Earth, blows up the Brazil biofuel success story myth. All courtesy of Unwelcome Guest radio broadcast #443.

The Dark Side of the Tar Sands Social and eco impacts plus genocide of First Nations Jessie Kalman (Polaris Institute) 12 min 3 MB Mike Mercredi (must-hear!) Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation 10 min 3 MB Will Horter of Dogwood Initiative on pipelines and coastal impact of tankers. Kitimat elders on their destruction by industry 14 min 3 MB

Replacements for Oil Nobel scientist Dr. Steven Chu 12 min – newly appointed to Obama administration!

New Energy Sue Supriano 27 min

PEAK OIL/CLIMATE PANEL followed Escape from Suburbia, Vancouver 070817. Ecoshock Show 070831 1 hr. Conrad Schmidt, Founder of the Work Less Party, and the World Naked Bike Ride. Greenpeace founder/historian Rex Wyler, a Director of the BC Sustainable Energy Assoc., a city planner and more. How will we get out of this mess?

Escape From Suburbia Director Gregory Greene interview, on Peak Oil, Climate and future economy. 25 MB 27 min

Urban Self-Sufficiency the example of Cuba 24 min

Energy and Agriculture Climate Radio Colin Campbell 24 min

Wave Power 7 min

Dangers of LNG Terminals Liquid Natural Gas 26 min

Agriculture and Peak Oil Climate Radio Richard Heinberg 24 min

Latest in Power Tech 5 min

Who Killed the Electric Car? 5 min

Green Energy Alternatives 5 min

Wind to Hydrogen Denmark 7 min

Chasing the Sun author Neville Williams on solar power 5.5 min

Corp’s Grab Sustainable Energy in BC Hydro and wind energy give-away in Canada. Prof. John Calvert 33 MB 36 min

Sakhalin Energy Fight Russian Shell project on hold for enviro problems 18 min

Other Arrangements James Kuntsler speech May 2006 63 MB! broadband only. Life after oil and climate crashes.

Is Hydrogen a Green Solution? – Pro and con plus Tim Flannery 27 min

After Oil: Relocalize Richard Heinberg in Perth 14 min

Amory Lovins Oil Endgame
Part One 12 min
Part Two 13 min

Canada’s Carbon Denial 3 min

Sustainable Fossil Fuels? Dr. Mark Jaccard on real energy future and carbon capture. Ecoshock feature version. 28 MB, 29 min

Sustainable Fossil Fuels? Speech by Prof Mark Jaccard at Vancouver Institute (capturing carbon emissions) 1 hr 55 MB

Photo-Voltaics Now 8 min

Canada’s Hydrogen Highway – Olympic Plan in British Columbia 24 min

New Solar Tech Breakthrough – CBC Quirks and Quarks 7 MB 7 min

Powering the Planet 1 – Prof Nate Lewis 29 min
Powering the Planet 2 – Prof Nate Lewis 32 min

Energy Alternatives to Nukes 7 min


Ethanol from Food GLRC 16 min

Challenge of BioFuels Living on Earth 6 min

Biofuels and World Hunger Redeye 12 min

Bio Fuels Boom (Terra Verde) 17 MB 28 min

Brazil Biofuels (RedEye) 9 MB 9 min

Bio Fuels (Toronto Radio) 8 MB 9 min

Helios Bio Fuels Alternative Tech 4 MB 5 min

Ethanol or Food? 6 min

BioEthanol in Europe – Deutche Welle 5 MB 5 min

Canada’s Tar Sands

TAR SANDS: CANADA’S DIRTY SECRET Campaigner MacDonald Stainsby ( speech 080114 Vancouver. Amazing horrible facts of world’s most ecologically destructive mega-project. Huge climate wrecker. 29 min CD Quality 27 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

Oil Sands Major CO2 Producer 17 min

Speech by Elizabeth May leader of Canada’s Green Party 060606
Part One: Carbon Canada: Vision and Failure 29 min
Part Two: Tar Sands – Crud to Crude 33 min

CANADA’S TAR BABY Oil sands suck up cleaner fuels to power America & climate change. Fun, fast-moving feature from Radio Ecoshock 11 min.

Fuelling Fortress America (tar sands) 25 min

Tar Sands Pollution Are Foundations quieting Greens? Redeye Collective 13 min

Home Energy

Energy Retrofit Old House 28 min


The Monster House Craze – Living on Earth 7.5 MB 7.5 min

California’s Million Solar Homes – 10 min

Easy Home Energy-Saving Tips – 6 min

On Demand Heaters Save Fuel – EcoTalk 7 MB 7 min

Living Off the Grid
Part One 24 min
Part Two 25 min


Europe’s Dirty 30 Coal Plants – Deutche Welle 6 MB 6 min

Clean Coal Technology? – NRDC EcoTalk 8 MB 8 min

Exxon vs Climate Change – Between the Lines with Sierra Club 8 MB 8 min

Huge Risks of Liquid Natural Gas – KBOO Andrew Geller 26 MB 27 min

Big Coal w Jeff Goodell
Part One 27 min
Part Two 14 min

Sierra Club Coal Fact Sheet 14 min

Giant New Coal Plants Texas 16 min


Peak Oil – Social Effects Peak Moment TV 27 MB 28 min

Richard Heinberg: Power Down 11 min

OIL CRASH Matt Savinar 24 min

Mike Ruppert: Oil Collapse – Sue Supriano show 12 MB

WINNING THE OIL ENDGAME – Amory Lovins 24 min

Post Carbon with Julian Darley – Sue Supriano show 13 MB 27 min

New Zealand Greens on Peak Oil – 6.5 MB 6.5 min

Peak Oil Expert Q and A – Ken Deffeyes 32 MB 34 min

Life After Oil Matt Savinar speech June 2005 28 min

OIL, RITA, AND FUTURE – Jim Kuntsler 10 min

Hydrogen Power in Iceland – Living on Earth 29 MB 30 min

Hydrogen Power in America – Living on Earth 16 MB 17 min

Wood Pellet Heat Germany – Deutche Welle 8 MB 8 min

Grass Power Instead of Coal – ABC Australia 6 MB 6 min

Carbon Disclosure Project – ABC Australia 5.5 MB 5.5 min – $21 trillion moves on climate

Heinberg on Alternative Fuels – KBOO Per Fagering 6 MB 6 min

Wind Energy Gaining in Europe – Deutche Welle 6 MB 6 min

Shell’s Clean Diesel Malaysia – Common Ground 9 MB 9 min

Driving Habits Save Fuel – Living on Earth 6 MB 6 min

Big Oil vs. Clean Air 7 min

Building a Low Carbon Economy – Michael Grubb of UK Carbon Trust – from UNFCCC in Montreal 25 MB

Environmental Impact of Renewable Energy – Sierra Club 43 MB (big file!)

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