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COPENHAGEN: Hope and Despair A wide range of reactions to the “Danish Accord”, to Obama, to our prospects for climate change now. Clip extravaganza with summary wrap-up. Has politics failed? Is the U.N still alive? You be the judge. Ecoshock 091225 1 hour CD Quality 55 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Song: “It’s Up To Us” by California’s Spring Lundberg.

UNCIVILIZED The Copenhagen mess. Guest Paul Kingsnorth says our whole civilization IS climate change. Plus the best alternative reports from Copenhagen. Our focus: America, wealthiest polluter, versus Africa, poorest victims. Courtesy of and Democracy Now! Ecoshock 091218 1 hour CD Quality 55 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Separately: Paul Kingsnorth interview 27:42 or Copenhagen Digest 29:30

BULLDOZE SUBURBIA Is it foolish to hope for eco-cities, while tax revenues collapse? Dean of green Richard Register says it’s late, but world-wide cities, rich and poor, are finding solutions. Because they must. Speech to Resilient Cities conference. Then two interviews: Elizabeth Grossman on “Chasing Molecules” – the toxins in our homes and blood; plus Prashant Vaze, “The Economical Environmentalist” – his venture to slash personal emissions, depite job, family and all that. Ecoshock 091211 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB.

SCIENCE OR CONSPIRACY? Testimony to House Select Committee on Climate Change 091202 John Holdren, Obama’s science advisor, and Jane Lubchenco Director of NOAA, answer denial and “climategate” leaked emails. Then some fun: UK broadcaster and author Hugh Warwick on hedgehogs, the most important animal in the universe. Ecoshock 091204 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB.

DEEP TROUBLE – OUR OCEANS Is it the end of fish? Dr. Daniel Pauly says it is. Interviews: Dr. Jennifer Jacquet, Sea Around Us on fish to pigs and chickens. Catherine Stewart, Living Oceans Society, on perils of fish-farming. Quotes from Daniel Pauly. All ocean call for action. Ecoshock 091127 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Credit “End of Fish” The New Republic.

DINOSAURS WILL DIE Consumer suburbia is dead. Two interviews: UK Gov’t advisor Tim Jackson on book “Prosperity Without Growth” (time for big changes); ASPO Peak Oil analyst Dave Cohen on dying American Empire, Now what? Plus Canada’s risky real estate while Australia slowly cooks. Ecoshock 091120 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

GREENING PORTLAND Your City How To. Why is Portland such a livable city? What can your city learn from these green leaders? From the Resilient Cities conference, Mayor Sam Adams plus sustainability directors Susan Anderson and Erin Flynn. What works, and what doesn’t. Plus Sarah Severn on Nike and climate change. Nike “Air” was actually a global warming gas. Ecoshock 091113 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

THE FUTURE: DARK OR RESILIENT? Interview with Peak Oil expert Richard Heinberg on his new book “Coal, Climate Change, and the Last Energy Crisis”. Then speech by Paul Hawken, author of “The Ecology of Commerce” and now “Blessed Unrest”. Keynote at “Resilient Cities” conference, Vancouver 091020 on a resilient future. Ecoshock 091106 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB music “What You Don’t Know” by Million Dollar Nile.

SMART DECLINE Bill Rees, originator of the ecological footprint, says we are already into overshoot. We can plan to reduce our resources, or plunge through a series of disasters. Full keynote speech from “Resilient Cities” 091021 plus Q and A with Warren Karlenzig on Post Carbon Cities, including China’s “eco-cities”. Breakthrough information. Ecoshock 091030 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB Song clip: Mavis Staples “99 and a Half Won’t Do”

RESILIENT CITIES for Transition Times #1 Hot from the combined gatherings of Peak Oil, Climate, and new planning experts in Vancouver in October. Two speakers: California green guru Warren Karlenzig on post carbon cities; former Shell Exec now anti-corporate activist Anita Burke. Bright minds in panic but determination, planning for the Long Emergency. Ecoshock 091023 1 hr CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB Music: “Power From Above” by Dan Berggren.

KILLER NATURE: The Medea Hypothesis Scientist Peter Ward on past extinctions and the next one. Against James Lovelock’s friendly “Gaia” – Ward says life may be ecocidal. Plus Alex interviewed on the darkening future. Music: celebrity “Beds Are Burning” (Tcktcktck); “Fear Itself” Loudon Wainwright III. Ecoshock 091016 1 hr CD Quality (56 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB)

BEYOND 4 DEGREES We are heading past the two degree warming safety mark. Scientists ask “Now What?” and “How Bad Can It Get?” Digest of Prof John Schellnhuber to Oxford “4 Degrees and Beyond” Conf 090928. Plus geologist/solar activist Jeremy Leggett from the UK. Ecoshock 091009 1 hr CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Music “Radio, Radio” Elvis Costello, “Don’t Killowatt” by Million Dollar Nile.

HOW COMMUNITIES SURVIVE DISASTER Storms, floods, earthquake, attack, or employers closing – what are the tools to cope and recover? Author/activist Riki Ott on lessons learned from Valdez spill. Then economist John Helliwell speech comparing disaster response around the world. (Full 1 hr speech here) It takes more than money -don’t wait to be saved. Ecoshock 091002 1 hr CD Quality or Lo-Fi

GEOENGINEERING SPECIAL Bye Bye Blue Skies. Worried scientists look at “Plan B” – human control of the climate. Big fossil fuel companies and deniers suddenly jump on board. Like Bjorn Lomborg. Just keep on polluting! Real scientist Alan Robock talks risks. Diana Bronson from the ETC group with the big ugly picture. Mr. Burns. Music by Neko Chase and Shane Philip Ecoshock 090925 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

Gas Pump Blues – for 100,000 years. How high before economy collapses, again? Forbes writer Christopher Steiner author of “Twenty Dollars per Gallon: How the inevitable rise in the price of gasoline will change our lives – for the better.” Former CIBC analyst Jeff Rubin agrees. Then climate scientist David Archer, author of “The Long Thaw” – humans changed climate for next 100,000 years. Important new climate science. Ecoshock 090918 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

ECOCIDE OR ACTIVISM? Phil England, UK radio host of the 300-350 Show reports on Climate Camps, and Copenhagen. Plus gonzo “redneck” Joe Bageant wonders if our brains can handle it. With quotes from Bill McKibben speech announcing and October 24th, climate action day. Who will win the human race, apathy or action? Ecoshock 090911 1 hour CD Quality (56 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB) Songs: “London Calling” by The Clash (1979) and “Get Off Your Ass” by Gene Burnett (youtube).

WHEN THE GREAT CORRECTION COMES Start of new season! Jan Lundberg, former oil analyst. Peak Oil, the coming energy shock, climate disruption, and the economic hit. Jan goes positive, with ways to get out and up. His blog Ecoshock 090904 1 hr. CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Music “The Great Correction” by Eliza Gilkyson

BURNED OUT: Crops and Climate Change Under “business as usual” top scientists predict 40% crop loss by 2100. Some regions already damaged. California and Canada next? Speaker 1: Dr. Geoffrey Heal, Columbia U at LSE “Controversies in the Economics of Climate Change”. Speaker 2: Author/food activist Wayne Roberts “Food and Climate Change“. What can we expect – other than mass starvation and sky high food prices? Also, is U.S. Waxman Markey legislation a sell out? Ecoshock 090703 1 hr CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

ENJOY YOURSELF (It’s Later Than You Think) Authorities are saying climate change is unstopable now. Should we just give up and party like there’s no tomorrow? Scientist James Lovelock, inventor of Gaia, says yes. NASA scientist James Hansen says no. Loaded with clips including Obama’s science man John Holdren, deep greener Derrick Jensen, country singer Katty Mattea, rocker Tom Petty, new Lovelock on “Vanishing Gaia” and Hansen arrest audio (with Daryl Hannah). Radio Ecoshock 090626 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Program Notes: full list of credits and links to video here. It’s click heaven.

AMERICAN CLIMATE CHANGE Special coverage of new report “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States” White House briefing. Contains: a) clip from Dr. Jane Lubechenco (b) full presentation of Dr. Thomas Karl (outlining terrible impacts for the U.S.) (c) analysis interview with Joe Romm, from (d) full presentation by Dr. Jerry Melillo (more terrible impacts) Plus a special interview with Dr. Anthony Barnosky on his new book “Heatstroke, Nature in an Age of Global Warming” Radio Ecoshock 090619 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Video and slides

CLIMATE CATASTROPHE Can the Economic Depression Save Us? Carbon emissions falling, as global industry and transportation decline. Will it give us a chance to convert, before the big climate shift? The Horrible Climate News, Thomas Homer-Dixon‘s presentation to UK Parliament Group on Peak Oil and Gas. Phil England’s “Climate Radio” interviews Tim Helweg-Larsen about planned economic contraction – to stop climate disaster. Ecoshock 090612 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Links to full Homer-Dixon speech, Q and A plus PowerPoint at

BE THE CHANGE Climate Conversion Will you be a spectator or activist? Forest Ethics Exec Dir Tzeporah Berman explains new climate activism with Power Up. Arran Stephens, CEO of Nature’s Path. Pastor Bruce Sanguin on his conversion to green religion. All from Be The Change Circles Un-Conference, Vancouver May 23rd, 2009. Another theme: climate wrecking forests. Research links here. Ecoshock Show 090605 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

YOUR FOOD SECURITY As oil depletes, climate disrupts agriculture, and the economy spins out – expect more problems getting basic food. Robin Wheeler from Her new book “Food Security for the Faint of Heart, Keeping Your Larder Full in Lean Times.” Ecoshock 090529 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB Music:”There’s A Fork in the Road Ahead” new rabble-rousing song from Neil Young.

DEAD MALLS, GLOBESITY AND SIMPLICITY (1.) Interview: retail expert Howard Davidowitz says American consumerism is never coming back. 200,000 stores will close. (2.) Interview: Michelle Holdsworth co-author of new book “Globesity, A Planet Out of Control?” Overweight humans add greenhouse gases. (3.) Speech excerpt: Cecile Andrews on the new Simplicity Movement (perfect for tough times). (4.) Alex’s “Beginning Canning” How to eat better and cheaper by storing the harvest. Ecoshock Show 090522 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB.

OFF THE CLIMATE CLIFF? OR GREENER CITIES? Climate scientist Bill Hare says we can only burn fossil fuels for 20 years before wrecking climate. Author of new paper in journal “Nature”. Then Green Mayor Sam Adams of Portland. What makes a sustainable city – good ideas for your local action. Speech April 24th. Ecoshock 090515 1 hour CD Quality (56 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB). Song “The Night Patrol” by The Robert Cray Band (on homeless).

HEALING THE EARTH, HEALING OURSELVES Two Green radio hosts meet. Alex from Ecoshock and Matt from Healing the Earth. Non-violence has failed, is it time for Derrick Jensen? We talk youth, new back-to-the-land movement. Alex’s rationale for hope, despite climate catastrophe. Then 15 key minutes of new Testimony from Al Gore, April 24th 2009 to the House Energy Subcommittee. New info on extreme rainfall events. Radio Ecoshock Show 090508 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

ASTEROID STRIKES and INVISIBLE WOMEN Top Australian climate scientist Andrew Glikson says we are in a great extinction. Is it too late for carbon controls? He lays out the history of Earth changes and rapidly shifting future. Then Allart investigates the new female homeless from the Middle Class face stark challenges. All women fear it. Ecoshock 090501 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Music “Where We Gonna Go” by Ellis Music Productions.

URBAN MELTDOWN II People fleeing malfunctioning cities – not just New Orleans, but Detroit, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and more. Clive Doucet, Councilor of Ottawa City and author of “Urban Meltdown”. Guest host Allart interviews Harold C. Joe, producer of homeless film “Broken Down“. Plus world news and zany clips, including preview from “Detroit Ground Zero” from You tube’s george4title. Ecoshock 090424 1 hour CD Quality 56 MM or Lo-Fi 14 MB

ROTTING FROM THE TOP Will big American banks tumble? Interview w blogger Danniel Schechter. Clips from inside government revolutionary/mom Elizabeth Warren. Clips Merideth Whitney: don’t count on your credit card/line – it may disappear. Bear Ian Gordon sees Dow at 1200. Interview mystery finance blogger “Ilargi” of The Automatic Earth. Be your own bank. Ecoshock 090417 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB Lo-Fi 14 MB. Music: “Happy Days Are Here Again” Ben Selvin and the Crooners 1930 (no copyright). “Bear Attack” 4 financial doomers on Canada’s BNN.

TROUBLE DOWN BELOW Benefits of mass protest (with The Stimulator); Oceans going acidinterview with NOAA scientist Dr. Richard A. Feely; speech by author/activist Rex WeylerFinance Crisis and Eco-Collapse” courtesy of Maggie Hughes of CFMU. Music “Dirty Town” by Mother Mother (Canadian) and clip from Live Earth Black Eyed Peas. Ecoshock 090410 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

THE GREEN SIDE OF DOWN Will the economic downturn delay warming – as production and oil use drop? Speech excerpts Lord Anthony Giddens. Interview w. author Stephan Faris, clips from James Hansen, Monbiot, Max Keiser, etc. Radio Ecoshock Show 090403 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. “Melting Ice” by Lil Peppi and “Morbid Magazines” by Bill Dyszel

VOICES FROM BELOW Economic damage report. Treasury madness, empty factories. Interview “Will Work for Food”, CKUT report on Nashville tent city, George from California on car living, plus Four Solid Tips for Surviving the Crash. Radio Ecoshock 090327 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Songs “Everything Has A Price” by Remo Cino, unemployed steel worker. “Hey Paul Krugman” by Jonathan Mann at, bits of “Gamma Ray” by Beck, clip from The Wayne Madsen Report.

PROGRESS AND DENIAL Climate change is not about politics or negotiations, but inevitable physics and science. Latest speeches by Bill McKibben and Van Jones. Plus twisted climate deniers John Coleman and Michael Savage. Interview with indy enviro journalist Stephan Leahy. Humour from Craig Mayhem. Radio Ecoshock 090320 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

WILL THERE BE RIOTS? Big name experts predict “blood in the streets” as the economy unwinds. Guest Prof. Michael T. Klare agrees. Radio host and pioneer Jason Bradford talks solutions with localization, and currency based on money. In Beans We Trust. More horrible climate news and music by Joel Plaskett. Ecoshock 090313 CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Song: “Through and Through and Through” by Joel Plaskett

TROUBLE AND VISION Thrashing through distopia and the rebuild. Mike Whitney on the economic crash. Alex on “Global Grand Bargain” (or new New World Order?) intelligence. A chat with a California listener on elites, Copenhagen, Obama, the whole ball of wax. New hope rap from K’Naan. Ecoshock 090306 1 hr. CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Song “Dreamer” by Canadian artist K’Naan.

LIFE AFTER THE CRASH As the economy and climate unravel – should you homestead where you are? Or become an early eco migrant? Plus Alex’s tips on food storage – and surviving the broken economy. Interview with Dr. Norman Myers (12 min 11 MB), Oxford, pioneer in eco-migration. Ecoshock 090227 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

THE CLIMATE HAS ALREADY TIPPED New science from the American Academy is frightening. Carbon emissions way up. Horrible climate news from around the world. Plus: scientist V. Ramanathan says Earth has already warmed 2.4 degrees – but it’s hidden by atmospheric smog. Will an industrial shut-down bring on a sudden heat wave? Radio Ecoshock 090220 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Music: “Don’t Let the World Swallow You” by Canadian Andre Ethier.

CLIMATE BURN The Australian wildfires – a warning to the world? Interview w. Dr. Barry Brook climatologist from Adelaide. Then a music collage of world deserts expanding. Second half: guest host KMO (host of C-Realm Podcast) interviews Thomas Homer-Dixon, author of “The Upside of Down” and now “Carbon Shift“. How Nature handles collapse – is there a message for Wall Street? Ecoshock 090213 1 hour CD Quality (56 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB). Background music “Strategy” by Paul Dickow. Songs “Making Deserts In a Day” by The Henry Gorman Band and “Infant King” by Andre Ethier (Canadian).

TIDAL POWER Is it real? Review of world projects and speech by Martin Burger, CEO of Blue Energy. Subtext: do we need a wave of mass conciousness to bring carbonless energy? Burger also touches on “lost” technology. Original recording at SFU Vancouver 090126 presented by New Energy Movement Canada. Ecoshock Show 090206 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

BANKRUPTCY OF THE ATMOSPHERE Digest of testimony by Al Gore to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Jan 28th. Plus interview with Pieter Tans, Chief Scientist at Earth System Lab of NOAA – on carbon tracking. Do we know what’s up there? Is it really ours – and the chances of disaster. Ecoshock Show 090130 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

TRIPLE THREAT Final admission by Int Energy Agency: oil is running out and climate change is real. Speech by Fatih Birol at Council of Foreign Relations. Interview with Christine MacDonald on book “Green Inc” claiming big enviro groups greenwashing. Testimony to Congress by Van Jones on Green Jobs to rebuild minorities. Plus my climate and dire economic news. Radio Ecoshock Show 090123 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

RESILIENT CITIES Responding to Peak Oil and Climate Change. Kick-off book lecture by Australian expert Dr. Peter Newman. As oil declines and climate goes weird, he acknowledges possibility of “Mad Max” social chaos, or armed eco-barracks for the rich. Newman sees way to make sustainable cities. Realistic but hopeful speech at SFU Vancouver 090109 Ecoshock Show 090116 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

CLIMATE PANIC AND BIOFUEL SCAMS Scientists call for geoengineering to save the Earth’s climate. Then 3 pieces on biofuels. Dr. Ted Padzek of Berkeley; Dr. David Pimentel of Cornell (courtesy of Unwelcome Guests); National Film Board of Canada podcast CitizenShift on global south impacts. Ecoshock 090109 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB.

CLIMATE CODE RED: SCIENCE AND PROSPECTS Interviews: from Australia, David Spratt, co-author of Climate Code Red. Latest science is very scary. Joseph Romm, former Clinton admin energy expert and climate super-blogger at Alex Smith on “Tools for Tough Times” – simple gear for an emergency, Depression or system breakdown. Ecoshock Show 090102 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

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