MUSIC CREDITS: (in order they appear)(all are sample clips except final MJ song)


"Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)" - Guy Lombardo (Canadian 1950)

"Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)" - The Specials (UK live)


"Coal Tattoo" - Kathy Mattea (Album: "Coal" 2008)

“Working in a Coal Mine”  Lee Dorsey


"Like A Refugee" Tom Petty

"I Won't Back Down" Tom Petty


"Enjoy Yourself"  Michael Jackson


SPEAKERS: in order they appear…


James Lovelock with David Frost 090410

Derrick Jensen (can't remember source)


John Holdren, Obama science advisor, on radio show "Living on Earth" 090619

(with news clips from MSNBC News 090623 on heat wave)


Lord Chris Smith, head of UK Environment Agency (posted on their web site in June 2009) or


James Lovelock on "The Hour" with host George Stroumboulopoulos.

on CBC Canada TV.

For full shows:


Tom Petty quotes from


James Lovelock Radio Adelaide 070707

#1 Conversation with Tim Radford: min)

#2 Speech to Festival of Ideas (18 min)


James Hansen 20 Year Retrospective with Diane Rehm on NPR 080623


James Hansen on Democracy Now


Michael Oppenheimer (can't remember which speech)


Kathy Mattea (country music star) Living on Earth radio show 070527


Don Blankenship quick clip from youtube video.


Raw audio of arrest of Dr. James Hansen and Hollywood star Daryl Hannah from West Virginia Public Broadcasting 090623


George Soros from Fortune's "Green Business" program 090612

(if that link doesn’t work for you, Google “Soros Slams Instruments of Destruction” and

(scroll down the page for the embedded video “Soros Comes Clean on Coal”)





2 quick clips from trailer for new "Freejack" movie.

quote from blog

Climate Radio for carbon reduction figures (thanks Phil England)

Winston Churchill "We Shall Never Surrender" from