Dec. 27, 2009: “We Are Climate Change Iconoclastic UK green Paul Kingsnorth says warming is inevitable. Our society is built on oil, so get ready to adapt (and weep?) No station ID. No music.

Dec. 20, 2009: “Copenhagen: America vs. Africa Independent radio journalists, led by Phil England of, report from the Copenhagen climate talks. What Obama can do, with or without Congress. Why an agreement of 2 degrees average global warming will make much of Africa uninhabitable. Voices from America, Nigeria, London, Sudan. A letter to Obama, from his people in Africa. No station IDs. Music: “Talking Timbuktu” Ali Farka TourĂ© with Ry Cooder.

Dec. 13, 2009: “Hedgehogs, Masters of the Universe British broadcaster & author Hugh Warwick is renowned for his knowledge of hedgehogs, now celebrating their 70 millionth birthday. Hugh was chosen to represent the threatened European hedgehog – now he must get the art tattoo. Fun, yet serious, about endangered species, and our lost connection to Nature. Green 960 Station ID at 14:29. No copyright music.

Dec. 6, 2009: “Science or Conspiracy? Obama’s science adviser John Holdren, and NOAA Director Jane Lubchenco testify to Congressional Committee on climate science. Just in time for the Copenhagen climate conference, the “November surprise” of hacked emails lets Republicans question all climate science, again. Digest of the battle, recorded Dec 2, 2009. Green 960 ID at 10:56. No copyright music.

Nov. 29, 2009: “Draining Our Oceans for Factory Farms Dr. Jenifer Jacquet of “Sea Around Us” institute says consumer choice not enough to save world fisheries. 36% of catch goes to agribusiness, pigs, chickens and salmon. New science on disappearing fisheries. Music: “Earth” by Imogen Heap. No station ID’s.

Nov. 22, 2009: “Prosperity Without Growth The business idea of growing forever, on a limited planet, is broken. Now what? Prof. Tim Jackson is a top sustainability advisor to the British government. He’s just released a new book, “Prosperity without Growth – Economics for a Finite Planet,” on how to re-design our economy. Can we lead good lives, without using up more and more resources? Song clip: “Hard Times” by Loudon Wainwright III. No Station IDs.

Nov. 15, 2009: “Blackout – Coal and Climate with Richard Heinberg Interview with Peak Oil expert Richard Heinberg on his new book “Blackout: Coal, Climate Change, and the Last Energy Crisis” Electricity blackouts hit Brazil, South Africa and California. Will coal bail us out, run out, or kill the climate first? Music clips: Kathy Mattea “Dark As A Dungeon” and The Administrators “Stuck In Our Ways” Green 960 ID at 12:52

Nov. 8, 2009: “Can Corporate Culture Be Sustainable? Anita Burke was a high-level advisor to Shell International on sustainability. In this powerful speech to the Resilient Cities conference in Vancouver, Burke calls for radical changes – a kind of “truth and reconciliation” for the fossil fuel age. Green 960 ID at 12:06. No copyright music.

Nov. 1, 2009: “Consuming the World – Dr. Bill Rees Bill Rees is the Canadian scientist who co-invented the eco-footprint. Now he’s warning we’re consuming our way into catastrophe. Recorded at the “Post Carbon Cities” event October 20th. Green 960 IDs at 12:52 and 23:50 No copyright music.

Oct. 25, 2009: “Post Carbon Cities – Warren Karlenzig Big cities talk green, but Warren Karlenzig warns most North Americans live in the suburbs, completely dependent on car culture. Karlenzig wrote “How Green is Your City? The SustainLane US City Rankings.” He advised San Francisco and L.A. – plus the United Nations, governments, and major corporations – on how to steer green, in a post-oil world. Green 960 Station ID at 11:26

Oct. 18, 2009: “The Medea Hypothesis Can we count on “Gaia” to rebalance our pollution? Scientist Peter Ward says Mother Nature has a long history of mass murder. Are we in danger of another mass extinction? Should humans take control, with geoengineering? A new controversial view of nature. Green 960 ID 11:48

Oct. 11, 2009: “Beyond 4 Degrees If we keep burning fossil fuels, the climate goes beyond the 2 degree C (3.4 F) safe point. Then what? Could there be a runaway effect, all the way to Venus-like heat? Latest science from speech at Oxford “Beyond 4 Degrees” conference Sept. 28th. Prof. John Schellnhuber of the Potsdam Institute. Green 960 ID at 10:07 & 22:23 Music: “Don’t Kilowatt” by Seattle band Million Dollar Nile.

Oct 4, 2009: “How Communities Survive Disaster The hit could be anything from closing factories to fire, flood or storms. Why do some communities rebuild, while others wait for help that never comes? How can you prepare your community for the worst of times. Dr. Riki Ott is THE expert on the Exxon-Valdez disaster, and her book “Not One Drop” describes how to organize under stress – anywhere in the world. We talk tips you can use. No copyright music. Green 960 ID at 15:54

Sept. 27, 2009: “Geoengineering – Science to Save the World? Once a fringe idea, geoengineering research is being pushed by the American Meteorological Society and the Royal Society. Top climate scientist Alan Robock explains some of the risks of “geoengineering” – where humans attempt to cool the planet. Can we stop global warming? Green 960 ID at 11:06, Music: “See You In The Sun” by Shane Philip

Sept. 20, 2009: “The Long Thaw Carbon from each gallon of gas lasts much longer than we thought. So does the warming. Dr. David Archer explains “How Humans Are Changing the Next 100,000 Years of Earth’s Climate.” Have we averted the next Ice Age? This generation may be re-shaping the climate for all future civilizations. Plus new looks from UK columnist George Monbiot, and the American release of a new climate film: “The Age of Stupid.” Green 960 ID at 16:33. No copyright music.

Sept. 13, 2009: Joe Bageant – “Ecocide & Poverty of Mind After being strip-mined by advertising and brain-free TV, do we have enough mental power left to understand what we’re doing to this planet? Famous for his book “Deer Hunting With Jesus, Dispatches from America’s Class War,” Joe Bageant is a gonzo truthseeker. In one of my favorite interviews, Joe plows through our over-populated, midget-minded plunge into a damaged world. Is he right? Is climate change irreversible? Are we past the age of rational thought? No copyright music. Green 960 ID at 00:49, 15:47 and 23:26.

Sept. 6, 2009: “When the Great Correction Comes” – Part 2 Guest Jan Lundberg continues to take us past oil worries and climate fear, into transitional solutions. Many good ideas from his blog If bad times seem inevitable, so are good people with the right ways to live. Music clip: “The Great Correction” by Eliza Gilkyson (from the album “Beautiful World”) Green 960 Station ID at 00:49, 2:06, 15:36, 16:40, 23:07

August 30, 2009: “When the Great Correction Comes” – Part 1 Former oil and gas analyst Jan Lundberg says declining energy and climate ends globalization. It’s time to launch the lifeboats of localization and sustainable energy. Why big government can’t fix it – and why do we need big government at all? Lundberg sees an inevitable rebuild from his blog First of a two part interview on the big picture. Music clip: “The Great Correction” by Eliza Gilkyson from the album “Beautiful World.” Green 960 Station IDs at 11:10 and 23:13

August 23, 2009: “Beyond the Peak Guest Dr. Jeremy Leggett was a well-paid geologist for Shell and BP. So why did he quit to work for Greenpeace? Now CEO of one of Britain’s leading solar energy companies, Solarcentury, and founder of the non-profit SolarAid. Leggett’s book “Half Empty” explained Peak Oil for the public, and he’s now a commentator for CNN, the Guardian newspaper and Sublime magazine. I ask whether Peak Oil, or the economic downturn, could stave off the fires and storms of climate disruption. And should people leave States dependent on coal power? Green 960 Station ID at 00:13; 14:17; 22:52 Music clip: “Blue Skies” (Irving Berlin) sung by Jim Reeves.

August 16, 2009: “Gas Pump Blues Think gas prices are high now? You ain’t seen nothing yet according to Christopher Steiner. He’s the author of the new book “Twenty Dollars per Gallon: How the inevitable rise in the price of gasoline will change our lives – for the better.” Steiner is senior staff writer at Forbes, “the Capitalist magazine.” But Chris thinks we’ve already passed Peak Oil, the era of cheap energy prices. As people around the world buy into the oil culture, there’s less to go around. Steiner predicts tough times, with some suburban property crashing in price, while the old city centers rebuild. Higher pump prices could also reduce American obesity, and build more community. Music: “Gas Pump Blues” by Frank Ace. Green 960 station ID at 31 sec; 12:21; and 22:48

August 9, 2009: “Dying Oceans Two scientists explain increasing dead zones and disappearing species in the sea. Alex interviews Dr. Nancy Knowlton of the Smithsonian Institute, and Dr. Ben Halpern from the National Center for Ecological Analysis. Halpern’s team released a map in 2008 showing human impacts in every region of the world’s oceans. In some places, including off the West Coast, ocean life is dying. Find out why. No music. Green 960 ID at 13:09

August 2, 2009: “The Cost of Climate Change Columbia economist Geoffrey Heal explains the economic impact of climate change: the cost of prevention versus adaptation. First, Heal tells his British audience at the London School of Economics – why America has been so resistant to climate action. Surprisingly, the U.S. is a “petro nation” – the world’s 3rd largest oil producer, and second largest for natural gas. The fossil fuel lobby has been part of American government and culture. Can that change? Music clip: “Deserts In A Day” by Henry Gorman, Green 960 ID at 14:24

July 26, 2009: “Climate: Can the Economic Depression Save Us? Carbon emissions are falling, as global industry and transportation decline. Will it give us a chance to convert, before the big climate shift? Phil England’s “Climate Radio” at interviews Tim Helweg-Larsen of the Potsdam Institute – about planned economic contraction, to stop climate disaster. Music Clip: “Does Anything Matter” by David Rovics. Green 960 ID at 14:02

July 19, 2009: “Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think) Is it too late to stop climate change? Top Obama advisor John Holdren says “yes” – but we can slow it down. Scientist James Lovelock says we should prepare for mass migration toward the poles. NASA’s James Hansen prefers activism – getting arrested at a West Virginia mountain top removal coal operation. Should we party like there’s no tomorrow? Or fight to save the Earth? Music clips: “Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)” by Guy Lomardo & orchestra (1950); “Like A Refugee” Tom Petty; “Enjoy Yourself” Michael Jackson. Green 960 Station ID at 8:43

July 12, 2009: “Robert Kunzig: The Drying of the West People have flocked to the American West – just as vegetation and water sources are drying up. Author Robert Kunzig shows how global warming brings more fires, drought and and pressure on species of the South West, in this 2008 Ecoshock interview. Followed by clips from climate scientist Jonathan Overpeck from U of A. He sees big changes coming for the West, and everyone living there. Green 960 ID at 19:36 No copyright music.

July 5, 2009: “Tzeporah Berman – Why I Switched to Climate Activism Tzeporah Berman is famous as a forest campaigner. She hit TV screens at Clayoquot Sound in Canada, and helped make a deal to save the Great Bear Rain Forest. Berman co-founded Forest Ethics – but now she’s fighting climate change – the force that could destroy more trees than logging. Lively speech from May 23, 2009. Green 960 Station ID’s at 12:46 & 23:27 Song clip: “Beds Are Burning” by Midnight Oil

June 28, 2009: “Heatstroke: Nature in an Age of Global Warming Author Anthony Barnosky’s new book “Heatstroke” examines past climate shifts – and how animals coped. Dr. Barnosky is a scientist at University of California Berkeley who recognized global warming in the early 80’s – and spent almost 30 years studying fossil records in the West. He predicts many species will go extinct, already unable to adapt to changing climate signals – because our current move toward a hot-house planet is faster than ever before. No copyright music. No station ID.

June 21, 2009: “American Climate Change After years of denial, the American government announces climate change is real, human-made, and appearing now across the country. Scientists at the White House Press Conference June 16th, release a new report: “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States.” Clips from NOAA’s Dr. Jane Lubechenco and Dr. Thomas Karl. Plus analysis from energy expert Joe Romm, top climate blogger at, and author of “Hell and High Water.” Green 960 Station ID at 14:03 No copyright music.

June 14, 2009: “Carbon Shift Author and professor Thomas Homer-Dixon compares Peak Oil and Climate Change for a sub-committee of the British Parliament. From a recording in London, May 6th, 2009 – this Radio Ecoshock digest with tips and clips. Will peak oil drive the world back into coal – crushing our climate? New models to understand what is happening. With latest science updates. Our opening clip came from Val Kilmer’s new movie “Steam Bath.” Peabody coal facts from Making Contact, at Wrap up music by David Rovics. Green 960 station ID at 16:32 & 20:55. Full speech at

June 7, 2009: “Globesity: Fat & Climate Change Around the world, in rich countries and poor, humans are becoming overweight to obese. In addition to scary health problems, globesity is adding to climate change in many ways, from gas guzzlers to industrial agriculture. Our guest is Michelle Holdsworth, co-author of the new book “Globesity, A Planet Out of Control?” Followed by Alex’s quick introduction to canning. No copyright music. Green 960 Station ID at the start, and at 18:07.

May 31, 2009: “How Much Can We Burn? From Germany, scientist Bill Hare explains the limits to fossil fuel use, before we drive the climate off a cliff. Bill is co-author of a new paper in the Journal “Nature” warning the “safe” limit of 2 degrees Celsius could be reached by 2020, at current consumption of oil, gas, and coal. After that, we can’t burn any, without tipping our climate into the extinction zone. That’s why immediate cut-backs are so critical. Bill Hare is with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. Also in this program: the “Auto-holic” speaks. Music: a clip from Andre Ethier “Don’t Let This Mean Old World Swallow You Whole.” Green 960 Station ID at 19:40 and 23 min.

May 24, 2009: “Green Portland – Mayor Sam Adams Why is Portland such a livable city? Green Mayor Sam Adams explains the 20 minute city, street car revival, and safe biking. Adams won’t force people to leave cars – the city just makes it so easy and attractive to use transit instead. Speech recorded in Vancouver, Canada April 24, 2009. Find the full 53 minute Q and A with Mayor Adams on the “Cities” page at Green 960 Station ID’s at 10:54 & 23:27. No copyright music.

May 17, 2009: “Deep Green Two green broadcasters on the Deep Green movement, the new back-to-the-land dream, and coping with the knowledge of extreme climate change. Alex of Radio Ecoshock confesses his lame hope to Matt, host of Healing The Earth <> radio. If non-violence has failed, is it time for Derrick Jensen? What if GM had listened to SUV protesters like Jeff Luers and Rainforest Action Network? Maybe the car companies – and the atmosphere – wouldn’t be bankrupt. No copyright music, no time limitation. Green 960 AM station ID at 10:43

May 10, 2009: “A Warning from the Past Australian scientist Dr. Andrew Glikson specialized in deep time, old life and asteroid strikes. The five mass extinctions were just a puzzle – until Glikson realized we are heading into a new greenhouse world. That changed climate, he warns, is not suitable for large mammals like ourselves. We also get a first hand report on Australia getting pounded by drought, fire and floods – the unstable climate expected for America as well. Green 960 Station ID at 10:37

May 3, 2009: “Urban Meltdown Why are cities from Detroit to Phoenix bleeding citizens and red ink? Canadian city councillor Clive Doucet says many North American cities have reached the point of meltdown – with people fleeing decay and debt. He’s the author of “Urban Meltdown,” and our guest on Radio Ecoshock. A year ago I didn’t believe him. Now the evidence is clear. Car-based growth doesn’t work. Can we make livable urban landscapes? Green 960 Station ID at 12:02 and 25:23

April 26, 2009: “Jail Out Not a Bailout Emmy award winning TV producer, author and blogger Danny Schechter unveils the Big Bail Out for ordinary people. Following his book and film “In Debt We Trust,” Schechter published his new book “Plunder” just as the Lehman shock hit. Always ahead of the curve, this “News Dissector” from joins Alex in a salty cruise through government give-aways for the wealthy – and tent cities for all the unlucky customers at the bottom. The awful truth for scary economic times. Green 960 Station ID at 12:05

April 19, 2009: “Eco Collapse & Finance Crisis Rex Weyler is a founder of Greenpeace, author, and journalist. Speaking at McMaster University, Weyler explains how peak resources aided the crash of the consumer culture – and what we can do about it. Green 960 ID at 10:56. Recorded by Maggie Hughes of

April 12, 2009: “Why Don’t We Save the Climate? Clips from Dr. James Hansen at protests in England and Washington D.C., excerpt from a speech by Lord Anthony Giddens, leading sociologist, on why humans don’t act to save the climate. Song “Melting Ice” by Lil Peppi.

April 5, 2009: “Tips for Hard Times How can we cope with the economic crisis? George from California (george4title on YouTube) reports unemployed middle class people are spending days in the parks, often living in their cars. Guest Valerie Gates from barters her city skills for country food. Alex gives “Four Solid Tips for Hard Times.” Our feature song “Everything Comes at a Price” is by Remo Cino, an unemployed steel worker. The opening music is from Beck’s “Gamma Ray”. There is a Green 960 Station ID at 18:11

Mar. 29, 2009: “Progress & Denial – Van Jones Scientists say sea level rise threatens California. Recent state reports agree. Should we build anything near the ocean? Then we hear a powerful speech by Oakland’s Van Jones to Power Shift 09 in Washington. Talk show host Michael Savage calls him “a thug.” President Obama calls Van Jones “Special Advisor on Green Jobs.” Green 960 AM station ID at 10:16. No copyright music (background music with permission.)

Mar. 22, 2009: “In Beans We Trust Our guest is Jason Bradford, radio journalist and alternative economics pioneer from Mendocino Country. He describes a currency backed by food, and other solutions for a nation facing seriously hard times. The music is a new song by Joel Plaskett: “Through & Through & Through” plus a comedy clip “Gaming the Apocalypse” from There is a Green 960 Station ID and re-intro at 14:60

Mar. 15, 2009: “Trouble and Vision Alex thrashes out the “triple threat” with a listener from California. We talk the economic crisis, militarism, and the environment – especially new developments in climate change. How will Americans adjust not only to losing jobs and homes – but also their “first place” in the world? Green 960 Station ID at the start of the program, and again at 15:53. No copyright music this show.

Mar. 8, 2009: “Food Survival Threats to our food system, partly due to climate change, including California – then an audio blog of my experiences storing food for the long term. There are two brief song clips. One from “Beachcombing” by Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris. The other a YouTube creation “The Market Crash” with lyrics by Martin Eiger. A Green 960 Station ID appears at the start of the show, and at 17:50.

Feb. 28, 2009: “Has the Climate Already Tipped? Various climate news from around the world indicating the climate has already tipped. There is one copyright song: “Don’t Let This Mean Old World Swallow You Whole” by Andre Ethier, plus a five second clip from David Rovics “What If You Knew?” The Green 960 Station ID comes at 12:40

Feb. 21, 2009: Thomas Homer-Dixon Interview This week we have a guest host named KMO interviewing scientist and author Thomas Homer-Dixon for Radio Ecoshock. Homer-Dixon is the author of “The Upside of Down” and “Carbon Shift.” The topic is our economic collapse, compared to the way natural systems handle severe stress.

Feb. 14, 2009: Climatologist Dr. Barry Brook The main speaker is Dr. Barry Brook, climatologist in Australia, on the recent mass fire deaths, changes in the Australian climate, and what that might mean for the American West. There are Green 960 station ID’s at 14:19 and 23:22 Three songs require credits: “Strategy” by Paul Dickow and “Making Deserts In A Day” by the Henry Gorman Band. Also “Infant King” by Andre Ethier (Canadian content).

Feb. 7, 2009: NOAA’s Pieter Tans Interview It’s an interview with carbon tracker Pieter Tans, Chief Scientist at the Earth Systems Research Lab of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). He is the top American scientist tracking carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. He’s worried the climate may spin out of control – and explains how we really know that humans are upsetting the greenhouse balance. This interview is not time-limited, and can be re-run later any time you need it. The show opens with a Green 960 ID, another one at 12:11 and ends with green 960 ID plus web address for the station. No copyright music.

Jan. 31, 2009: The Latest Al Gore Testimony It’s hot off the press, the latest Al Gore from testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today (Wed. Jan. 28, 2009.) There is a Green 960 Station ID (with web site as well) at 11:08. No copyright music for this show.

Jan. 24, 2009: “Resilient Cities These are excerpts from a speech by Australian expert Peter Newman, on the book launch in Vancouver for: “Resilient Cities – Responding to Peak Oil and Climate Change.” There are no time limits on when it can be run. The Green 960 station ID, with your web address is at 17:45

Jan. 17, 2009: “Biofuels The subject is biofuels, the two speakers are Dr. Ted Padzek from Berkeley, and Dr. David Pimentel from Cornell. There is a Green 960 AM station ID at 18:49 followed by a very brief re-intro. No copyright music.

Jan. 9, 2009: Joseph Romm Interview Climate news plus a discussion of Obama climate-friendly appointments. Green 960 is mentioned at 32 seconds, and there is a Green 960 Station ID, plus re-intro of guest and topic, at 16 min. Our guest this week is Joseph Romm, a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. During the Clinton Administration, Mr. Romm was acting assistant secretary of energy, responsible for energy efficiency and renewable energy. His blog, is one of the most influential on the Net.

Jan. 2, 2009: “Climate Code Red The guest is David Spratt co-author of “Climate Code Red – The Case for Emergency Action” I interviewed him from Australia. The book comes out in North America in January. He goes over the latest science. At the end there is a frightening clip from Sir James Lovelock, from his speech to the Royal Society in November 2007.

Dec. 26, 2008, “Music for the Season This program is all music (with my intro’s and links to artists’ web sites…)

Play list:

“Endless Summer” – Ghostly Penguin Display
“Runaway Train” – Eliza Gilkyson
“Alternative Energy” – Combat Wombat
“Mother Earth” – Shane Philip
“What If You Knew” – David Rovics
“Power From Above” – Dan Berggren

Dec. 19, 2008, “The Auto Bailout It’s exactly 24 minutes. There is a Green 960 Station ID at the 10 minute mark. No copyright song this week. This week’s show has two pieces: 1. Testimony about the auto bailout (versus green transpo) from the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming on December 9th. Part 2. Contains some twisted Christmas carols (like “Frosty the Coal Man”) from the coal industry, mixed with my own composition on radiation emitted by coal plants. Some good Christmas fun.

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