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Guest host Vivien Langford interviews songwriter David Rovics about his latest: “116 Degrees in Portland Town”. From 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne Australia, Vivien talks with Alex Smith about record Canadian heat. With readings from Kim Stanley Robinson‘s recent climate book: “The Ministry for the Future”.

Here is real radio from station 3CR Australia.

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You are listening to guest host Vivien Langford, from her weekly program on 3CR Community Radio, Melbourne.

Vivien Langford on 3CR Community Radio, Melbourne

Australian green radio host Vivien Langford

Viven Langford reaches out with reporting, art, and heart on “The Climate Action Show”, 3CR 855 AM Melbourne. Listen at Please support your local non-profit community radio station. We need these voices now more than ever.

I’m Alex Smith. Thank you for listening and please join us again next week on Radio Ecoshock.